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Ontario PNP Program

Ontario’s active diversified cultures and different scenic beauties are a unique feature and make this place a great province to live and also to visit as a tourist.

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Ontario PNP

Ontario PNP or OINP( Ontario Immigration Nominee Program) is for Immigrate into Ontario Province in Canada. Ontario is Canada’s most populous province and regarded as a very well-liked and favored immigration hotspot of Canada.

Launched in 2007, the Ontario PNP is officially called the Ontario Immigrant Nominee Program (OINP).

 As it first began, the Ontario PNP could only accept nominations for up to 1,000 newcomers. Now that number is closer to 8,000.

It is also home to Canada’s capital city, Ottawa, and its largest city, Toronto. In several ways, Ontario is known as the center of Canada’s economic, social, and political life. Ontario’s Provincial Nominee Program is also known as the Ontario Immigrant Nominee Program (OINP).

The objective of this Program aims at selecting such candidates who are skilled, experienced and are able to contribute to the economy of Canada.

There are numerous paths that offer immigration to Canada which may be aligned with the Federal Express Entry program or PNP. The applicants should be skilled, qualified and experienced in an occupation that is in-demand in the province.

Regarding Ontario Province:

Ontario’s active diversified cultures and different scenic beauties are a unique feature and make this place a great province to live and also to visit as a tourist.

The different beautiful, spectacular structures include the vast, rocky and mineral-rich Canadian Shield, which separates the fertile farmland in the south and the grassy lowlands of the north.

Ontario has more than 250,000 lakes, and this contains about one-fifth of the world’s freshwater. Summer temperatures of Ontario reach a maximum of 30 degrees Celsius whereas the winter temperature falls to a minimum of minus 40 degrees Celsius.

Ontario is famous for agro-based industries, mining minerals, manufacturing automobiles, to designing software.

In Ontario, various festivals are celebrated like Caribbean Carnival, Oktoberfest, and the Canadian Aboriginal Festival.

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Ontario’s economy comprises a mixture of resource, manufacturing expertise, exports and an innovative methodology of economic upliftment.

Ontario attains about 37% of the national Gross Domestic Production and holds approx. 50% of all the employees being in high-tech financial services, as well as, alternative knowledge-intensive sectors.

Ontario lies in the core of the North American Free Trade Area, which includes more than 460 million people and generates a combined gross domestic product of more than $18 trillion.

The common languages spoken in Ontario Province include English, French, Mandarin, Cantonese, Italian, Punjabi, Spanish, Arabic, Filipino, Urdu, Portuguese, German, Persian, Polish, Tamil, Russian, Gujarati, Vietnamese, Korean, and Hindi.

What is the Ontario PNP (OINP) Program?

Any Indian, desiring to settle in the Ontario province of Canada should from beforehand derive an idea about Ontario through various information available in the book, website, magazine, etc. When reaching Ontario, the first thing one is to locate is a temporary accommodation.

One can stay on a day to day basis in a hotel or a motel. The price range will vary according to the choice of the city. One can stay in towns like Toronto, Ottawa, Kingston, and Waterloo.

One can also wait on a bed and breakfast basis that means the person shares a bedroom and gets breakfast in temporary accommodation. One can also temporarily stay at hostels or YMCA.

One also needs to have a social insurance number (SIN) to work, to open a bank account and to apply for social benefits. The immigrant on entering Ontario should always carry two identity cards with himself.

The immigrant on entering Ontario should look for a map of the province and the cities in Ontario which he can get from gas stations and stores selling newspapers and magazines.

The immigrant should also know the local commutation systems from beforehand. After staying temporarily for three to four days, an immigrant can gather total information about the province and then he can lookout for an economical permanent residence.

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Invitation to the Ontario PNP (OINP) Program:

It is an excellent pathway to migrate to the Canadian province, Ontario. Known for its speed and easy to process, an applicant can simply file their application online to get nominated by Ontario to migrate over there with ease.

“Ontario immigration authorities announced that the province’s OINP allocation for 2019 had been increased by 600 to a total of 6,600 nominations for the year”.

Ontario employers will benefit from this program as they will be able to employ qualified applicants straight away and selected candidates will get a nomination certificate from Ontario to apply for Canadian Permanent Residency. Its processing time is way too faster as compared to other PNP programs.

Eligibility and Requirements for Ontario PNP  In 2019:

An applicant should meet with all the following requirements in order to get a Canada permanent resident card

  • Employment offer (in which they have the expertise) from a sanctioned recruiter of Ontario of permanent nature in a profession (NOC List A, B, or 0).
  • Requirement of minimum qualification certificate/diploma/degree which makes them eligible.
  • Experience in their occupational field as per the requirement of the program
  • Intent to live in Ontario.
  • Express Entry score – All applicants must have a score of 400 points or greater in Canada Express Entry Comprehensive Ranking System, and it must remain throughout provincial and federal processing (only for those applicants applying under Ontario Express Entry System).
  • Mandatory to score at least 6/7 or higher in the IELTS language test. One can clear the alternate exam of Canadian Language Benchmark (CLB) with a minimum score of 7 or more.

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What is OINP (Ontario Immigrant Nominee Program)?

Ontario PNP means Ontario Immigrant Nominee Program (OINP). OINP is an economic immigration program constructed to help Ontario fulfill its labor market and economic upliftment prerogatives.

OINP allows Ontario to nominate, for permanent residence, individuals who have the skills and expertise to contribute to Ontario’s economy, and assists employers in recruiting and retaining foreign workers.

The Ontario Immigrant Nominee Program is managed by the Ontario’s province staying in partnership with the federal government through IRCC, i.e., Immigration, Refugees & Citizenship, Canada. The OINP assesses and scrutinizes applications and nominates candidates for permanent residency.

The immigrant applicants nominated by the OINP can then apply for permanent residence through IRCC. IRCC comes to a final decision on an individual application and then issues the permanent resident visas to the respective successful applicants.

The OINP is made up of three categories:

  1. Business,
  2. Employer Job Offer, and
  3. Human Capital.

Each group is comprised of various streams under which applicants may apply.

There is also the provision of Ontario’s Express Entry System. Ontario has created three divisions for skilled workers who want to settle and work permanently in Ontario.

The three divisions are taken out from the structures of the Federal Express Entry Selection System.

Division of OINP Express Entry Program:

The three distinct divisions are as follows:-

  1. Ontario’s Express Entry French-Speaking Worker Team.
  2. Ontario’s Express Entry Human Capital Priorities Stream.
  3. Ontario’s Express Entry Skilled Trades Stream.

This lets OINP, i.e., Ontario Immigrant Nominee Program to choose and nominate individuals that have qualified for Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada’s Express Entry pool and who have the required education, work experience, command over language, and other attributes to help them establish as well as integrate into the labor market and communities of Ontario.

Ontario Immigrant Nominee Program enables employers and recruiters to fulfill their company’s human resource needs for workers as they can recruit overseas workers and overseas students.

The province programs held in Ontario have adopted devised methods for attracting foreign corporations as well as entrepreneurs and also, revolutionary business ideas, and investments to the province.

Under the Ontario Immigrant Nominee Program (OINP), entrepreneurs looking to start or promote a new business idea and essential members of corporations seeking to expand operations in Ontario can be nominated by the Province regarding a permanent residence.

OINP has started accepting applications that come under the EIOs (Corporate Stream & Expression of Interests) in the Entrepreneur Stream.

English Language Tests needed to be passed by the Candidate?

English is the primary language in the Ontario Province of Canada. As can be observed from the fact that the majority of communications, local or official are all in English and hence, the immigrant should have proper English language skills to settle and work in Ontario.

For this purpose, an English Language Test is held worldwide in numerous examination centers across the world. Around three million exams are held every year across the globe.

The name of this exam is IELTS, i.e, International English Language Testing System. The review is conducted to test four different skills. Namely, Reading, Writing, Listening and Speaking. The Band Score given from that test is in the range of 0 to 9. This band score is added to the points for the Visa application.

Ontario PNP Points Calculator and Processing Time:

Your profile will be scored on a point calculator where you will get scored according to your credentials. For each entry, you will get points allocated by the Ontario government.

You have to minimum score 67 points out of 100. If you get this much score only then you can be scored on CRS of minimum 400 score and proceed further. Initial scoring is based on the following pointers:

  • Education (maximum 25 points)
  • English and French language ability (maximum 28 points)
  • Work Experience (maximum 15 points)
  • Age (maximum 12 points)
  • Arranged Employment (maximum 10 points)
  • Adaptability (maximum 10 points)

Ontario immigration authority usually assesses the applications in 6-12 months. To speed up the process it’s better to apply for a complete and clear application to help in fast processing whereas an incomplete profile with a single error will take more time than usual.

You can also seek guidance from the Canada Immigration Experts with us for fast processing.

How to Process Your Ontario PNP PR Visa?

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