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Canada is the dreamland. Canada is heaven on Earth. Most aspirants, irrespective of their academic and professional background dream of moving to Canada. 

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Canada Express Entry System

Canada is the dreamland. Canada is heaven on Earth. Most aspirants, irrespective of their academic and professional background dream of moving to Canada. They make regular stringent efforts to get selected and be awarded the Canadian PR. With such intense competition to emigrate to Canada and the requirement for quicker application processing times, Canada understood the fierce need for a new and improved immigration program to replace its existing immigration policies. This was also intended to quickly fulfill Canada’s labour market shortage of capable candidates.

Launched on January 1, 2015, the Express Entry Program is the heart of the Canadian Immigration process that allows skilled individuals to emigrate to Canada and apply for Permanent Residency. Though this program was introduced to enable Canada to meet its labour market shortages, it has been applauded worldwide for its capabilities of allowing the qualified and trained personnel to enjoy a luxurious living standard by working at good salary packages with the Canadian employers.


It is an electronic system and all immigration applications are processed online with utmost transparency. Managed together by the Canadian Federal Government, the Canadian provincial governments and the Canadian employers, it is an efficient and proven mechanism to filter the most capable candidates for immigration to Canada who are then selected and invited to apply for Permanent Residency (PR).

Following are the multiple schemes under the Express Entry Program for Canadian Immigration:

  • Federal Skilled Workers Program – Undoubtedly the most popular immigration scheme, this is suitable for skilled and experienced candidates only. This program ranks all applicants on the basis of their age, education, experience, language proficiency, possession of funds, and the ability to settle in Canada. An eligible candidate is the one who has work experience in any job profile as mentioned in the Federal Skilled Workers Program’s Occupation List.
  • Federal Skilled Trades Program – This scheme caters to the candidates who have trade skills to cover up for their low educational qualifications. This visa program allows candidates with job offers and/or relevant certifications to work in high-demand sectors like construction, industrial, electrical, agriculture, maintenance, and few other technical jobs. Even this scheme is in high demand as the pay packages offered are far better than those in India. Many applicants apply for immigration via the Federal Skilled Trades Program too.
  • Canadian Experienced Class – This program is applicable for candidates who have prior experience of working in Canada and understand everything about its society and environment. As these candidates have already worked in Canada, they are familiar with most aspects of relocating to Canada. To be eligible, the candidate must also be fluent in English and have a minimum experience of 1-year with an authorized Canadian employer in any occupation that is mention in the CEC occupation list.
  • Provincial Nominee Programs – If a candidate decides to live and work in a given Canadian province, he or she is welcome to apply to that Province’s PNP program. Once the candidate receives a nomination certificate from that province, he/she gains 600 additional points for their Express Entry Immigration profile. These 600 points offer ease of selection to the candidates. There are many PNP programs, the most popular ones are – New Brunswick PNPBritish Columbia PNP, and Newfoundland and Labrador PNP.

Express Entry Immigration Program Steps

Step 1 : Eligibility Assessment

For a candidate to be eligible to apply for the Express Entry Immigration Program, he/she shall score a minimum of 67 points based on his/her profile details like age, language capability, education, and job experience. It is also vital to have a minimum of 1-year work experience, other than being proficient in English or French, and being below 50 years of age.

For the multitude of PNP programs, each province has its own set of rules and eligibility criteria and a candidate must cross-check these rules online before applying for a PNP program. If the candidate meets all the given pre-requisites and stands high on the eligibility criteria, he/she must proceed to the second step and create his/her online Express Entry profile.

Step 2 : Online Application Submission

The Express Entry form is to be filled online and requires the candidates to mention accurate personal and professional details. This electronic form requires age proof, academic qualification documents, additional certifications if any, work experience documents, IELTS scorecard for English language proficiency, and a few additional documents that vary depending upon the client’s individual profile and details.

Once the candidate successfully fills this form with all relevant details and uploads the desired documents, he/she must wait for an intimation by the Canadian Immigration authorities.

Step 3 : Comprehensive Ranking System (CRS)

After the candidate submits his/her profile, his/her eligibility is cross-checked and documents are verified. Once all these are found to be valid, the candidate is granted a CRS (Comprehensive Ranking System) Score on the basis of his profile details. A candidate can earn additional points if he/she is proficient in both English and French, or if he/she possesses a valid job letter from a Canadian employer or is he/she has a PNP nomination from a Canadian Province.

All candidates who have filled the Express Entry forms and created their online profiles are made to compete against the other candidates on the basis of their CRS scores. Only the candidates with the highest scores hold a chance to proceed further in the application process.

Step 4 : Receiving an ITA

From the list of eligible candidates in the Express Entry Program, Citizenship and Immigration Canada (CIC) filters out the most capable candidates from the pool and conducts a draw. The applicants who are selected in the draw and then sent an ITA. ITA refers to the Invitation to Apply for Immigration and Permanent Residency of Canada.

Draws are conducted approximately twice every month. For each draw, the Canadian immigration authorities, declare the following details :

  • Date of draw
  • Number of candidates who shall be sent the ITA
  • The minimum CRS score for eligibility

Once a candidate receives an ITA, he has 60 days to gather all required documents and submit his application for Permanent Residency of Canada.

The Application processing time of Express Entry Program

All applications are processed under 6 months from when the candidates complete and submit their Express Entry Profiles.

A candidate may remain in the pool of eligible candidates for 12 months. If the candidate does not still receive the ITA, his/her profile is disabled and deleted. However, the candidate may re-create the Express Entry Profile and re-compete with the other candidates. Sooner or later, there are definite chances of selection for all candidates either by the Express Entry Program or by a PNP program.


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