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Australia PR Visa

Do you have plans of settling in Australia? It's actually a fantastic idea. Are you struggling to obtain Australia PR visa? You can get the permanent residency Australia, which allows migrants to permanently stay in Australia by applying and obtaining the Australia PR Visa.  Many of the Australia PR Visa obviously includes the family application visas and skilled work visas.

Let's learn what PR Visa Australia is and how to migrate to Australia?

What is the Australia Permanent Resident (PR) Visa?

The PR visa for Australia provides for more than 5 years of employment and settlement. After three years of formal work in Australia, you can change your status as a resident. You will travel with your family to Australia using the Australia PR visa.

How to get Australia   PR Visa from India?

Let us learn how to get the Australia PR Visa from India and Australia PR Process and the necessary Australia PR points.

Step 1: You need to select the occupation from SOL i.e. Skilled Occupation List

The long term and medium Strategic Skills List i.e. MTSSL

The short term SOL i.e. Skilled Occupation List

CSOL i.e. Consolidated Sponsored Occupation List

Step 2: Submit to the Australia Calculator and qualify with Australia immigration points.  At least 65 points have to be scored under the point calculator. These are based on different factors related to age, schooling, qualifications, language skills etc.

Step 3: Visit the Australian Official Capability website and pick skills for Expression of Interest (EOI). Submit the request by completing all the information required.

Step 4: You will be eligible to apply to Australia PR if your application has met every condition successfully.

Step 5: You need to submit all your medical clearance and police clearance certificates.

Step 6: The last step is to grant your Visa.

What are the benefits of having an Australia permanent resident card? 

• In every part of Australia you can work openly and settle down.

• You can officially be accompanied by members of your family

• The country provides free training for the children up to a certain age level.

• You are also entitled to sponsor your family for PR in Australia if you have a permanent visa for Australia.

• Australia will also provide you and your family with health insurance and job opportunities.

What are the Australia PR eligibility requirements and the Australian PR Process for travelling to Australia?

You need to satisfy the following conditions to clarify the Australia PR Process to you in order to apply for the Australia PR visa:

• You must score at least 65 points for the point's grid to qualify.

• You must be less than 45 years of age when contemplating an age requirement.

• Your language skills must be outstanding.

• The safest way will be to recommend you for a career in Australia’s list of professional employees.

• The Australian authorities should evaluate the skills in conjunction with your job and schooling.

• You need a strong and a healthy character.

What is the Australian Permanent Resident Visa Fees requirement?

Below are the Australia PR visa prices. Would you look at them?

• The Australian PR visa fee shall be Rs. 1, 95,000 for the main applicant.

• Australia PR visa fees are Rs. 95,180 for dependents, i.e. the partner.

• Australian visa fees are Rs. 48,000 for dependents, i.e. children.

What is the processing time for Australia Permanent Residency visa?

The precision processing time for PR requests can be measured in various stages. Any other level of production has a different time structure. This is the timely basis for the general movement of professional workers:

• Ability evaluation: during this process, you need to evaluate education and work experience. This needs to be done through a recognized body to assess skills. The outcome would be better if all the papers were furnished. Usually, the average time is 45 days to 60 days.

• EOI –You have to show interest in Australia. This is done on the official website of Australia – select skills. At this point, much depends on the score for eligibility. The better the score, the better the opportunity to apply to the PR. The time to wait or process for such a stage is therefore entirely dependent on results.

• Visa application submission: when ITA is issued, you must submit a DIBP visa application. DIBP stands for the Department of Immigration and Grenzschutz. This must be achieved within 60 days of the invitation.

The phase time depends on points a candidate will receive depending on the qualifying factors such as age, employment, job, language skills. It also relies on respective reviewing officials where they request additional documents during the review of the application. To get a Permanent Residency, one can take around six months to 1 year for completing the application process.

Why should you apply for an Australia   PR Visa from Round world immigration?

We at Round World Immigration have years of experience in helping people in getting the Australia   PR Visa and Australia migration or to any other Foreign Countries across the world along with Provincial nominee program. If you are planning to study, work, visit, or hire the workers in Hong Kong. Our team of experts would surely help you with the one to one information, advice, and representation whenever you apply for the PR in Australia. If you want to know more about the Australia PR Visa laws, Express Entry program and the visa applications, and then do contact us. 

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