Complete Guide for South Australia Immigration

Complete Guide for South Australia Immigration

All About South Australia Immigration

South Australia Immigration is an attractive option for skilled workers looking to further their careers while enjoying the excitement of living in a new country. South Australia Immigration is considered one of the world’s most liveable place for its lifestyle, services, and high standard of living. If you have a skill, then competitive wages and conditions make South Australia Immigration is in demand, and you’re considering migrating to the state, we could help you.

Before Applying to South Australia Immigration Process:

Before applying to South Australia Immigration, please review the complete document checklist.

  1. Evidence of tertiary qualification.
  2. Evidence if claiming partner skills points.
  3. A General Skilled Migration skills assessment for your designated occupation.
  4. Copy of the personal details page in your valid passport.
  5. South Australia immigration requires above plus 6 for international graduates.
  6. Details of financial capacity Declaration for international graduates.
  7. Confirmation that your family member is a permanent resident in South Australia, an Australian citizen, or a South Australian state nominated visa holder.
  8. Details of English test results.
  9. Experience, you should also supply letter(s) from employer(s).

10. A copy of a birth certificate, marriage certificate, proof of name change.

Application Requirement for South Australia Immigration:

if you are interested in South Australia Immigration, you need to check the State nomination requirements which include:

  • Commitment to South Australia: State nomination grant based on your genuine interest and commitment to living and working in South Australia with a view to long-term settlement in the state. State nomination is provided to meet the skills needs of this state. It is granted based on the applicant’s genuine interest and commitment to living and working in South Australia with a view to long-term settlement.
    1. For those already living in South Australia, your commitment to South Australia commences from the state-nominated visa grant date.
    2. Your commitment to South Australia starts from the date of arrival for agreement.
    1. You must be under 45 years of age at the time of the nomination decision for South Australia Immigration.
    2. You must factor in Immigration South Australia Immigration processing times as there is no fast-tracking of applications for reasons associated with age.
    1. Provisional 491 visa is Selected occupations are listed, and this condition applies to all applicants regardless of location or situation.
    2. All applicants can apply for occupations listed as Availability on the State Nominated Occupation List.
    3. Each occupation listed has a planning level and should reach.
    4. you must have a rule on our State Nominated Occupation List and meet the eligibility requirements for that occupation.
    1. Skills assessments must have issued within the last three years. The skills assessment must be valid at the time of the nomination decision. the skills assessment is only accurate until that specified date.
    2. You must have General Skilled Migration skills estimation from the relevant skills charging authority for your proposed occupation.
    3. The skills assessment must be in their nominated occupation and field of study in South Australia Immigration for international graduates in South Australia.
    4. A General Skilled Migration skills assessment is required even if the qualification obtained in Australia.
    5. Copies of qualifications or certificates instead of a positive skills assessment will not be accepted.
    1. You need to have a minimum of one year of skilled work experience in the past three years.
    2. In Australia, the position must pay at the appropriate rate for the skill level required. Research work undertaken as part of your Ph.D. will not accept as skilled work experience.
    3. Skilled work experience at least 20 hours per week of paid employment in a skilled occupation on the Lists of State Nominated Occupations.
    4. Skilled work experience being successful after completion of the relevant qualification(s).
    1. Exemptions may apply for international graduates of South Australia, but You must meet the English language level.
    2. Immigration SA accepts the following English language tests:
    3. IELTS (International English Language Test System (Academic or General)), OET (Occupational English Test (For Health Professionals only)), PTE Academic (Pearson Test of English Academic), TOEFL ( Test of English as a Foreign Language) and CAE (Cambridge English).
    4. You must permit Immigration SA to view your PTE Academic test, OET, or CAE results through your online English test account.
    1. Evidence of financial capacity is not required, but You must ensure that you have sufficient funds for settlement when you arrive in South Australia.
    2. It would be best if you had combined cash and assets within the range between have $20,000 in stock, and onshore applicants have $5,000 in cash for settlement.
    1. There must be no inconsistencies between the information provided on your South Australia Immigration online application and the information recorded in your EOI.
    2. Your details in your EOI must be the same as your Immigration SA online application.
    1. If you have an immediate family member permanently residing in South Australia, Chain migration is a state nomination pathway providing access to a broader list of occupations.
    2. If you have high points on the Department of Home Affairs points test, you can gain access to the Supplementary Skilled List (SSL), and occupations on the main list that are special conditions apply.
  10. Lodge an expression of interest (EOI) in SkillSelect,
  11. Choose South Australia as your preferred state in the immigration option and select the relevant subclass.
  12. Once a decision on a nomination application clear, it will reflect on the South Australia Immigration application page. you can track your users online.
  13. Please note that If you have submitted multiple applications for state nomination, these will process in date order.
  14. If you get approved for state nomination, you’ll receive an email from the Department of Home Affairs inviting you to apply for your visa.
  15. Abide your visa application with the Department of Home Affairs Australia.
  • Age Requirement:
  • Occupation: Occupations are available in some circumstances like it must list on the State Nominated Occupation List as possible.

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  • Skills Assessment: General South Australia Skilled Immigration skills assessment from the relevant authority. you have to keep in mind:
  • Work experience: You are an international graduate of South Australia, and you may be able to access a work experience waiver. Some occupations have a higher work experience requirement.

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  • English language: The Immigration SA English requirement for your occupation on the Lists of State Nominated Occupations. Ability to meet South Australia Immigration minimum English language requirement for your occupation.

Few More Points

  • Financial capacity: If you are looking for South Australia Immigration, you need sufficient funds to settle there.
  • SkillSelect Expression of Interest (EOI): For South Australia Immigration in SkillSelect, you need to have an EOI which meets the Department of Home Affairs criteria and Immigration SA requirements.
  • Other Important Factor:

How to Apply for South Australia Immigration?

State Nominated Occupation:

It would be best if you researched your employment opportunities thoroughly. Nomination does not guarantee employment in South Australia, and applicants must compete in the local job market. It is your responsibility to determine if your occupation requires further licensing, residency, training, or if it has registration or other requirements before you can work in South Australia. These occupations are only available if you meet the other requirements listed.

Skilled Visa Option for South Australia Immigration:

South Australia Immigration agency can nominate you for either a provisional or permanent visa to help you start your new life in Australia.

Skilled Nominated permanent subclass 190:

  • Skilled Nominated is a permanent visa that allows you to live and work in South Australia.
  • State nomination from South Australia provides you with five additional points to help you qualify for a visa under the Department of Home Affairs point test.

Skilled Work Regional subclass 491:

  • If you live and work in South Australia for three years on the subclass 491 visa and meet the minimum taxable income level for at least three years.
  • Visa under the Department of Home Affairs you required 15 additional points to help you qualify.


If you are unsure of your visa options, migration agents can assist for a fee. Applicants seeking the assistance of a migration agent advise using one registered with the Australian Government’s Migration Agents Registration Agency (MARA). We are round world immigration will help you with the assistance in South Australia Immigration. You can connect with us. Have any doubt comment below. Cheers.




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