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We at Round World Immigration Pvt. Ltd. are a reliable and fast-growing Immigration Consultancy Service in Delhi, India.


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In One Line We Are Best immigration Consultant in Delhi

We at Round World Immigration Pvt. Ltd. are a reliable and fast-growing Immigration Consultancy Service in Delhi, India.

We are fully focused and dedicated to serving our clients, who could be interested to present visa-petitions and immigration applications for Permanent Resident PR Visas and Temporary Resident Visas via Skilled, Self-employed, Family, Business, Investor, Student & State Sponsorship classes for various Immigration destinations like Canada, Australia, UK, USA, etc. We also duly assist our clients in preparing visa petitions for Business Visit Permits & Tourist Visit Permits for every well-known overseas hotspot throughout the world, such as the US, UK, Canada, Australia, etc.

Why Choose Round World Immigration?

We offer the world’s best immigration services and yet very affordable in terms of service cost. Round World Immigration is a registered migration agent, hence our clients are covered by travels regulatory and consumer protection acts. Our work is underpinned by our guiding principal of Complete Customer Satisfaction for immigration and overseas settlement services to Australia, Canada, Denmark, NZ, US, and the UK. We help skilled professionals migrate to different destinations across the globe.

We are committed to having well trained and supportive staff in legal immigration matters and to developing and maintaining an open and accountable culture within the ambit of permanent Immigration and settlement related client services that are fair, reasonable, and professional in dealing with its Immigration clients from across various cities in India to Canada, Australia, That is why Round world Immigration, New Delhi can easily be placed among the best immigration and settlement service provider consultants in Delhi, India. Entry to Australia, Canada, USA, United Kingdom, New Zealand, and many more countries is a privilege, not a right. If you want to visit your family members, Live, Work, Study or Do Business in these countries, Denmark, UK, and USA.

What do We do?

You must meet the necessary Immigration requirements and you may need a Permanent Resident Visa also known as a green card visa under the skilled immigration category or a Temporary Resident Visa also known as a nonimmigrant visa like Tourist Visa, Student Visa, Work Permit e.g. H-1B work permit Visa to USA. Round World Immigration may help you prepare the visa petition for Permanent Resident Visa under various categories like Skilled Immigration Visa to Australia, Skilled Immigration to Canada, Business Immigration Visa to North America, Family Immigration Visa to any country across the world, Business Immigration Visa to Australia, Investor Immigration Category Visa also popularly known as EB-5 Category Visa to the United States of America, Company Transfer Visa famously known as L-1 Visa to USA or Business entrepreneur Immigration Visa to New Zealand and the United Kingdom to name a few from a whole range of other visa sub-classes.

Round World Immigration came into existence to address the great need to have a transparent and trustworthy immigration company that would not mislead or cheat people wanting to emigrate to other countries from India. Round Word Immigration operates on the values of honesty, transparency, and ethical conduct. This is why we enjoy consistently high ratings from our clients and have a formidable reputation in the industry for being forthright and honest. We believe in two things: ethical conduct, and speed. In the immigration business, these two principles enable us to keep your best interests and visa success in mind. And this is why Round World Immigration is different from anyone else in the industry. Immigration ServicesPermanent ResidencyFamily Based Immigrant VisaWork Permit VisaVisitor VisaBusiness VisaStudent VisaDependent VisaInvestor/Entrepreneur VisaHow we can Help? Immigration is the first step to resettle in a new country. A procedure that demands professional handling of all immigration matters and other complications. Round World Immigration along with its associates in different countries play a very significant role in the success of our clients. We would help you realize your aspirations through our extensive experience and professionally managed & integrated pre-flight to post-landing services, right from the start till the time you completely settle in the country of your choice. These services would help you in settling and finding placement quickly and easily. We and Our Associates provide the following services: Assisting the client in preparation of the case for immigration. Reviewing and identify for submission of all the required documents and supporting evidence. Submitting the complete case with supporting documentation and evidence. Assisting the client in the preparation for the interview at Visa Processing Post through various counseling sessions. Multi-stage counseling of the client when they receive File #, Interview, Medical, Landing Papers and on other immigration matters, as and when required.Keeping in touch with the Visa Office and handling all visa correspondence with the Visa Office, about the client’s case. Monitoring the client’s case throughout the processing, to ensure the issuance of the visa in a timely fashion. Affecting all additional, written, and/or verbal representations to the Processing Visa Office and related authorities and other agencies, as deemed necessary by the company. Faithfully advising the client about the mandatory requirements by the Visa Office for the client’s case. Adopting ways to save time and finances by taking pre-emptive measures for possible problem areas. Assisting clients in assessment/evaluation of their qualifications from the professional bodies and/or educational institutions in the country of immigration. Connect With Us:

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Round World Immigration Pvt. Ltd. is a premium and registered immigration consultant company in Delhi. We offer advisory services on immigration options. We are not part of any government and department immigration. We don’t provide any type of job immigration of any destination.

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