Yukon immigration Canada (All Option)

Yukon immigration Canada (All Option)

Yukon immigration Canada is the great Option for migrate in Canada. There is four way to migrate in Yukon Province of Canada. Here is the Complete Information about the each Process with Up to Date Rules and Regulation. Immigration program for the Yukon Province is run by the Yukon Government in assistance with the Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC) under the “Agreement of Canada-Yukon Cooperation or Immigration.”You can read about the Yukon PNP Program Canada here.

Yukon immigration Canada PNP Program:

There are 4 immigration programs under the Yukon immigration Canada Province:

  1. Yukon Express Entry.
  2. Skilled Worker.
  3. Critical Impact Worker.
  4. Business Nominee.

Now Lets Discuss About all this Immigration Programs one by one and step by step. Just follow the Guide.

1. Yukon Express Entry:

Applicants who fulfill the eligibility criteria to enter the Express Entry Pool and those who are willing to live and work in the Yukon province of Canada are eligible to apply for permanent residency through the Yukon Express Entry (YEE) Program.

We had already published the article on this topic. You can read the all details about Yukon Express Entry here.

2. Skilled Worker:

Under Yukon immigration Canada category of the Yukon Canada PNP Program, the Yukon employers themselves select and nominate foreign professionals working in skilled occupations.

These international residents are then invited to apply for permanent citizenship of Canada.

Eligibility Requirements:

=Minimum Eligibility Requirements for Foreign Nationals:

Here is the Minimum Eligibility Requirements for Foreign Nationals which includes specific rules of eligibility, and the applicant must meet the following criteria :

  1. Own education degree and work experience that satisfies the job requirements as per the conditions mentioned in the National Occupational Classification (NOC). (NOTE: High school diploma is the minimum acceptable level of education).
  2. Showcase at least a year of relevant work experience for the vacant position being filled. Work experience outside Yukon is also satisfactory.
  3.  If the candidate is in Canada at the time of application, he/she must possess a valid work permit throughout the YNP application and assessment process.
  4.  If the applicant is in Canada on an education permit, h/she must be able to provide proof of:
    o One year of education for a certificate program,
    o Two years of school for a diploma or a Bachelor degree program, or
    o Completion of minimum level eight of English as a Second Language (ESL) program for ESL students at             Yukon College.

Minimum Eligibility Requirements for Employers:

There are also requirements for the employers who offer a job to foreign nationals under the skilled worker category of the Yukon Canada PNP Program.

The employer must :

  1. Be a Canadian citizen or must have obtained the Canadian Permanent Residency.
  2. Be registered and running his/her own business in Yukon for a minimum of one year, or must be an approved government body in Yukon.
  3. Meet the minimum territorial labour standards.
  4. Share a valid copy of the business license and be registered in Yukon’s corporate registry.
  5. Offer to nominees, free of cost, health insurance that gives similar coverage to what a resident of Yukon would receive until the nominee becomes eligible for government health benefits.
  6. Make an employment offer with a wage equal to or exceeding prevailing median salary of occupation in Yukon.
  7. Pay the nominee’s travel cost to Yukon from his/her country of residence, if not already residing in Yukon.
  8. Employers are not needed to pay the travel costs of the nominee’s dependents.
  9. Compensate for return travel costs if the nominee does not obtain permanent citizenship of Canada.
  10. Make arrangements for a screening interview with a Yukon Government Immigration officer if the foreign national is already in Yukon.
  11. Both the international applicant and the Yukon employer must be present for the interview.
  12. Crosscheck previous work experience and education details of the foreign worker before applying.
  13. Share the employment offer information and make a payment for the compliance fee of $230 using the IRCC Employer Portal before the applicant applies for an employer-specific work permit if the candidate is exempt from the Labour Market Impact Assessment (LMIA) process; and
  14. Continue to advertise the job opening for a minimum of four weeks before applying the YNP.
  15. The advertisement must remain posted to proactively seek qualified Canadians and permanent residents until the date that the YNP issues a decision.
  16. The employer requires at least two local and one national recruitment efforts.

3. Business Nominee:

This program Yukon immigration Canada of the Yukon Canada PNP Program allows for easy immigration of the candidates with proven business capabilities and entrepreneurial skills.

Those candidates who wish to establish a new business or take over an existing one in Yukon are eligible for immigration under this category.

The Yukon Government is actively looking for candidates who are willing to contribute to the Yukon Province’s Business Community and shall be able to expand and diversify Yukon’s economy.

If the applicant gets approved, he/she then becomes a nominee and is eligible to receive support for a two-year work permit from IRCC.

This work permit allows the candidate to establish himself/herself, family and business in Yukon. At the end of this two-year period, all candidates who meet the eligibility criteria are offered support by the territory for the immigration application.

Eligibility Requirements:

Minimum Eligibility Requirements for Applicants:

For a candidate to be eligible under the Yukon Business Nominee Program, he/she must:

  1. Score a minimum score of 65 points on the Nominee Assessment Grid (including the minimum 10 points for language ability).
  2. Score a minimum of either:
    Level 6 in (IELTS)
    o Level 4 in (TEF)
  3. Possess a minimum of three years of entrepreneurial or business management experience.
  4. Have a minimum of five years of relevant experience related to the proposed business entity.
  5. Possess a minimum net worth of CAD 500,000, verified by any Yukon accounting firm.
  6. Possess at least CAD 300,000 in liquid assets (cash, bonds, cash derivatives etc.), confirmed by any Yukon accounting firm.
  7. Provide valid proof that the claimed net worth and liquid assets have been obtained through legal means only.
  8. Share and submit a Resettlement Plan showcasing their intent to establish Yukon residency; and
  9. Show intention to settle permanently in Yukon and actively run the business in the territory.

Business Plan:

The applicant is supposed to submit the business plan for their future venture in Yukon once they have received a necessary approval on eligibility grounds.

The business plan must include a detailed note about the methods of the applicant to establish and maintain a successful venture in either of the businesses listed in the strategic sector list.

The candidate must be able to demonstrate a bare minimum CAD 300,000 investment in the venture with at least 33.33 percent (one-third) ownership. Also, the applicant must showcase the active and continuous management of the business.

Requirements For First Year in Yukon as a Nominee:

Once the candidate arrives in the Yukon province, they must meet the YBNP personnel. If there is any delay in the meeting, he/she must inform the YBNO representative.

Also, the nominees business venture and residency process must begin immediately. Any legal documents supporting the business or residential activity must be provided to the YBNP. The detailed documentation must show proof of business operations and is needed throughout the year.

All candidates must meet with YBNP staff or be visited on-site at work or home premises on a quarterly basis.

Requirements for Second Year in Yukon as a Nominee:

Nominees must ensure that they have their business venture operational and also all family members are residing year-round in Yukon by their second year in the territory.

During the second year, the nominees are also required to produce necessary documentation to support their application for Permanent Residence of Canada.

This documentation includes the following:

  1. Personal utility receipts,
  2. Business utility receipts,
  3. Year-End Financial Statements (Notice to Reader),
  4. Person residence rent receipts and mortgage statements,
  5. Business rent receipts and mortgage payments,
  6. Details of business customers and suppliers
  7. Other documents required by the YBNP.

Last but not least, all candidates will be subject to the final on-site visit. This visit may be at their home or workplace. Final Approval For Support Of Permanent Residence.

For YBNP to support your application for permanent citizenship at the IRCC, all nominees must fulfil the mandatory requirements during their two year work period.

He/she must apply for permanent residency in three months of receiving the final approval letter from IRCC.

The nominee must ensure he/she has a valid work permit till the time they receive the permanent residency approval from IRCC.

For an individual to be even considered for nomination to IRCC, he/she must be able to provide the proof of the following :

• He/she resides in Yukon;
• His/her business in Yukon is operational;
• He/she has met the investment requirements; and
• He/she has reached the meeting requirements.

Strategic Sectors List:

There is a pre-defined list of businesses and industries that are eligible under the Yukon Business Nominee Program.

If a particular company is not listed below, the candidate can not apply for immigration to Yukon province of Canada by that business :

• Information Technology (IT)
• Any Manufacturing
• Agriculture and Forestry
• Travel and Tourism Products, Attractions, Services and Other Facilities
• Energy Sector
• Mineral development or Mining
• Cultural Industries
• Film and video production
• Value-added processing

Also, there are a few businesses that are debarred, and please check the list below :

• Many professional services
• Accounts and Financial services
• Retail, wholesale or distribution operations
• Passive investment Scheme Businesses
• Restaurants or any Eating Outlets
• Business, consultation and any other personal services
• Real estate industry
• Gas stations
• Holding companies



So this is all about the Yukon immigration Canada Province. I hope you will get the complete idea about the process. you can also read the other article on Yukon pnp program.  In this article we had include Yukon immigration Canada All Four Option.



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