IELTS Band Required for Canada Immigration

IELTS Band Required for Canada Immigration

If anyone wants to migrate Canada then there is the first question in mind is How Many IELTS Band Required for Canada Immigration? Canada immigration is a highly organized system which offers more than 60 programs aiming at nominating potential immigrants who are skilled and qualified and are able to contribute to the economy of Canada.

how many band required for Canada PR ?

Applicants wishing to apply through Express Entry must have a CLB 7 or an IELTS score of 6.0 at each section in order to be considered for permanent residency.

Can a Canadian student visa be obtained after completing the 12th grade?

 IELTS band score of 6.0 is required for entry into Canadian undergraduate programs after the 12th grade. 

 A minimum combined IELTS score of 6.5 bands is required for a postgraduate student visa from Canada.With the above-mentioned score, the candidate is eligible for a 2022 Canada Student Visa based on the IELTS band requirements. All that's left is to ensure that the rest of their requirements are in order.

  Canada Immigration is the Step By Step Process and You will be required to fulfill the requirements in order to immigrate to Canada successfully.

Canada Immigration is the Point Based System which is called as CRS.An increased CRS score will also increase an Express entry candidate's chances of getting an ITA with a high IELTS band.

There is a high level of organization and systematicity involved in the immigration process in Canada. There are numerous requirements which makes the candidates to be eligible for the programs offered by the immigration authority.

Documents Required for Canada Permanent Residency Visa:

A person will require a set of documents, funds language proficiency requirements (IELTS band requirements) and others specifications for international graduates, workers, and immigrants. The best way is to consult a IELTS and Immigration consultant to understand the details.

Some predefined eligibility criterion must be met by every candidate must meet in order to acquire a Canada PR visa for successful immigration. As a proof, you must prepare basic documents which can be explained as follow:

Language Proficiency Criteria: Language requirement is the most important part of Canada visa. The entrants are required to show their language efficiency through language exams like IELTS to show your language proficiency. You must score at least 6 bands in IELTS to be eligible for Canada PR card

Educational Credentials: They are the most basic which are required by Canadian government from the applicant. An applicant must provide an ECA (Educational Credential Assessment) report as a proof of your stated qualifications.

This report will not only authenticate that the candidates’ degree certificates are valid and but also make sure that it should be an equivalent to a Canadian one. Applicants with a Canadian degree does not need to provide an ECA.


Skills Assessment Examination: Skills assessment report is made by a valid assessing authority and is a proof of the candidate’s working experience. It is essential that the work experience should be related to the educational qualifications of the candidate and the skill related to the work must be in the Canadian province’s labor demands

Health and Character Certificates: A positive health and character certificate have to be provided to the federal government. There should be no communicable & threatening disease (such as hepatitis A) and criminal offense related to you and your family. The health and character clearance should be certified by a certified doctor and the local police respectively.

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Funds Proof: An applicant must provide a proof of funds enough to support themselves and their family after immigrating to Canada. If an applicant has a valid job offer from a Canadian employer, then they will not be required to show any proof of funds.

Official papers: All applications are assessed on the basis of factors such as age, qualifications, skills, language, marital status etc. Consequently, a candidate must keep all the basic documents stating your age proof, marital proof, personal identification etc.

PNP Programs for the Canada PR visa that are important: PNP PROGRAM , Ontario PNP , Alberta PNP ,  British Columbia PNP , Manitoba PNP , Quebec PNP , Saskatchewan PNP , Nova Scotia PNP , New Brunswick PNP , Yukon PNP , Prince Edward Island PNP , Newfoundland PNPNT PNP

Canada Immigration New Rules 2022:

Clearing Language proficiency exam is imperative to gain a Canada PR visa as per the requirements stated by IRCC.

Age :
Until the most recent update to the policies, the eligible age to apply for immigration to Canada was between 21-65 years.

Work Experience :
Work Experience is an important parameter in the CRS score for the candidate’s express entry profile for immigration to Canada.

Language Ability :
Before moving to any country, it is vital to learn the nation’s primary language so as to be able to communicate with peers and be a part of the community. Know more about IELTS Exam.

IELTS Band Requirements:

The minimum IELTS band requirements for a candidate who is applying for Canada Permanent Residency is as follow:

  • Express Entry –  6 bands in each part (Listening, Reading, Writing, and Speaking)
  • PNP – 6 bands in each part (Listening, Reading, Writing, and Speaking)
  • SINP – Occupation in-demand stream- 4.5 bands in each module (listening, Reading, writing, and Speaking)

NOTE: If the candidate is applying for Canada Permanent Resident visa with a job offer, then there is no need to show any funds.

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