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British Columbia province in Canada is dependent on having substantial expert and talented personnel who meets the employee market necessities.

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The overall growth of British Columbia province in Canada is dependent on having substantial expert and talented personnel who meets the employee market necessities. The British Columbia PNP i.e. British Columbia Provincial Nominee Program is a methodology and program by which foreign workers and proficient businessmen gain permanent residency in British Columbia.

Following are the British Columbia PNP Avenues:

  • Skills immigration – It is for skilled and semi skilled workers for jobs in British Columbia. It uses a points based invitation system. Skilled workers can have work experience from outside Canada. Semi skilled and entry level workers need British Columbia work experience.
  • Express Entry BC – It is a rapid mean for qualified skilled workers to immigrate to British Columbia. An immigrant also must be eligible for a federal economic immigration program. In it, you should have prior work experience, proper education, and suitable language proficiency.
  • Entrepreneur immigration – A person who has good investment capacity and who can invest in British Columbia to start a business comes under this category.

Proper Documentation is necessitated for British Columbia PNP Processing.

The highest scoring applicants on the basis of points are invited to apply to BRITISH COLUMBIA PNP. Then the successful applicants are nominated to apply to Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC) for settlement in Canada permanently.

Registrants under the following categories are invited:

  1. Skills immigration – Skilled worker;
  2. Skills immigration – Graduate from abroad;
  3. Skills immigration – semi skilled and entry level;
  4. Express entry BC – Skilled worker;
  5. Express entry BC – Graduate from abroad; and
  6. Entrepreneur immigration.

The expected processing time from date of submission of completed applications under BCPNP is two to three months. Post-nomination requests are processed within three months of the date of submission of request.

Role of Employer in support of applicants British Columbia PNP application:

The employer of the immigrant must take some ownership to support the applicant’s British Columbia PNP application.

  1.  The employer must be suitably recognized in British Columbia.
  2.  It should have provided full-time permanent employment to the employee.
  3.  The employer has a congenial work environment and does not indulge in unethical business practices.
  4.  The employer might be asked to sign an employer declaration.
  5.  The employer meets local economic market recruitment requirements
  6.  He provides the applicant full time; an offer of employment & offer is up to perpetuity till the employee’s retirement.
  7.  The employer is providing the employee with the salary in accordance with the industry standards.
  8.  The employer should provide a written offer of employment.
  9.  In the application form, there are employer sections which should be filled.
  10.  The employer, if finds any changes in job status of employees brings this to the notice of the British Columbia PNP authorities.
  • Language Proficiency Test:

The applicants have to score a competitive Band score through an English language proficiency test. Applicant appears in International English Language Testing System (IELTS) examinations, which examine the English listening, English writing, English reading and English speaking skills of the applicants. The band score is between 0 to 9. An applicant with higher band score yields more points. This IELTS examination is nearly held three million times throughout the world in a year.

  • Educational Credential Assessments:

The Educational Credential Assessment criteria demand the foreign diploma, degree, post-graduation certificates etc., to be verified, assessed and authorized by an agency or institution which is internationally recognized and this authentication of the certificates are done by the World Education Services.

  • Documentation while processing:

The address proof, identity proof, the notarized copy of all educational certificates, work experience certificates, declaration of net worth and its supporting documents, IELTS passed certificate in original and all the documents of the dependent spouse, children, grand children, common law partner needs to attached with the application form when applying for the British Columbia PNP program.

  • The Representative of Applicant:

A helping hand might be found to be necessary for understanding British Columbia PNP processes. Hence, an immigration consultant or a lawyer might be nominated as a representative by an immigration consultant. A representative is authorized to act on the applicant’s behalf.

Before moving to British Columbia, what are the things that need attention?

Finally, we come to discuss the various aspects which need the attention of the immigrants before they proceed to the province of British Columbia: –

British Columbia is located between the Rocky Mountains and the Pacific Ocean and is the westernmost province of Canada. Its population is 4.8 million and thus it is the province with the third highest population in Canada. The major part of the Gross Domestic Products (GDP) in British Columbia is because of the service industries.

Before moving to a city in British Columbia, for example, if one move to Vancouver, then he should not go for direct permanent accommodation but rather he should opt for a temporary accommodation first and stay in that temporary room for two to three days and make a survey about the rooms from locals, newspapers, libraries, and websites. After they choose their permanent apartment then they should enter there and again at the end of the month can move to buy their own furniture’s if necessary. Your can also read more about other province PNP program Here Alberta PNP  Ontario PNP  Manitoba PNP  Quebec PNP  Saskatchewan PNP


Thus, the British Columbia PNP is a fast-paced speedy program which paves easy entry to British Columbia in a right process. What do you think about PNP Program ? Do you have any question in your mind? please comment below and let us know.

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