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Australia Skilled Immigration

Australia Skilled Immigration visa is a great chance for the skilled workers to move to Australia. These skilled immigration visas allow them to live and work in Australia. Since Australia is a country rich in resources, Australian skilled immigration provides best opportunities to individuals for their career growth. Skilled Immigration is basically one type of Australian Immigration.

The general Australian skilled immigration program allows the eligible candidates to use their skills, talent, knowledge, qualifications, and work experience to boost their career. The skilled immigration requirements consider these inputs to decide the eligibility of a prospective candidate. The visas also allow them a permanent citizenship of Australia.

For the individuals who are willing to start their career in a developed foreign country, immigration to Australia provides them with the best of opportunities. In order to apply for skilled Australian immigration, the candidates have to check their eligibility on points based system. This Australian immigration points calculator system assess the visa application on the basis of a few parameters. These include candidate’s age, academic qualifications, work experience and English language proficiency level etc.

Australia immigration points calculator:

Generally, the Australian immigration points calculator gives you a green signal if:

  • You are under 45 years of age
  • You can speak at least vocational level English
  • You are ready to invest in some part of Australia or you have certain business skills
  • You are willing to live in a particular region of Australia
  • You are well qualified in one of the many high priority trending professions and trades.

Australia skilled immigration New Rules and Plan In 2019

Australia has a strong economy and the country is willing to adjust as many skilled workers as they can to keep their economy flourishing. They do offer a student visa program for those who want to go abroad for further studies.

The Australian skilled immigration program facilitates numerous skilled occupations. The requirements are flexible and encourage a variety of individuals. Candidates having different backgrounds, age group, academic qualifications and work needs are considered by this program. It has made immigration to Australia possible for a large number of people worldwide.

If you are interested in immigration to Australia, aim your goal and the circumstances that best suits you. Skilled Australian immigration surely has a route for you.

Australian skilled migration program focuses on accommodating and attracting more and more people who can contribute to the economy of the country. There are various skilled visa categories offered by this program. Most popular visa categories among these are given below:

Australia Skilled Immigration Category:

Australia Skilled Immigration is divided into Many Classes. Here is the Some of the Important class which you should know about:

Subclass 189 – Skilled Visa Category

Subclass 189 is an independent skilled visa. It allows an individual to live and work in Australia. If you have a skill listed on Skilled Occupation List (SOL), you can apply for this visa category.

A subclass 189 visa holder is allowed to live and work anywhere within Australia. The family members of the candidate can also be sponsored by the candidate.

Subclass 190 – Skilled Visa Category

A subclass 190 visa requires you to choose a skill either from SOL or CSOL. It is a sponsored Australian skilled immigration visa category. The candidate must be sponsored by a state or territory to have successful immigration to Australia under this category.

Subclass 489 – Skilled Visa Category

The regional skilled visa category, subclass 489 is further divided into two sub-categories. This visa in general, requires the candidate to live and work in a specific region of Australia. The candidate is not allowed to switch to another place outside the region to live or work before a four years predefined duration.

The first subcategory, Invited Pathway allows you to select an occupation of your own choice for any specified region you want to work at.

Extended Stay Pathway, the second visa subcategory bounds a candidate to apply for the skilled renewal regional visa. The state or territory will invite you first, and then you can move to Australia.

Subclass 489 visa category requires a candidate to be sponsored either by a family member or an Australian state or territory.

Subclass 485 – Skilled Visa Category

Subclass 485 is a graduate skilled visa category. This visa category is designed to facilitate the international students who are not eligible under the general Australian skilled immigration program.

Subclass 485 visa permits an international student, studying in Australia, to extend their stay up to 18 months. In this duration, the candidate must gain skilled work experience or improve their English language skills.

This visa also allows a candidate to apply for permanent citizenship in Australia. But the candidate must acquire the minimum marks on Australian immigration points calculator.

Candidates who successfully fulfill the minimum immigration criteria are eligible to apply for skilled migration program.

Other Australian Visa Categories – Australian Skilled Immigration

Apart from skilled immigration, candidates can also apply through Australian Business Immigration visa program. Investors willing to start a business in Australia can apply under this visa category.

The candidates interested in having their higher studies at a university in Australia can apply for various visa programs under the Australian student visa category.

The Family Stream Migration Program allows a candidate to apply for Australian visa provided one is nominated or sponsored by a family member already residing in Australia.

Important Link for Australia Skilled Immigration:

The Australian government is keen to encourage the best talent to live and work in Australia. The various skilled visa categories mentioned earlier allow an individual to not only live and work in Australia but also, the eligible candidate can have permanent residency in Australia. A few conditions are predefined in this regard. You can have guidance on this matter through an Round World Immigration.

These skilled visa categories also encourage the visa holders to pursue further studies in Australia. A number of diploma certifications, graduate, and post graduate programs intake these visa holders every year.

If you are interested in any of these visa categories, you can consult our immigration consultants

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