How to Get Canada PR Visa Complete Guide

How to Get Canada PR Visa Complete Guide

Many of our user ask me where should i find the complete information regarding the Canada immigration program, Now You can Download Complete eBook on “How to Get Canada PR Visa Complete Guide“.

How to Get Canada PR Visa Complete Guide:

Generally in one post there are many hyperlink are associated which is sometime very confusion to follow in sequential manner. Here on How to Get Canada PR Visa Complete Guide you will get over with this problem we are cover almost everything in this eBook PDF and this is very useful to any one who wants to immigration Canada.

Topic Included in the eBook:

  1. Why Canada Visa? & Benefits of Canada Visa?
  2. Why Choose Canada?
  3.  Frequently Asked Question About Canada Visa.
  4.  Document Required for Canada Visa.
  5.  Different Canada Visa Categories.
  6.  Express Entry System in Canada.
  7.  Step by Step Process for Express Entry Program.
  8. Frequently Asked Question about Express Entry System.
  9.  Comprehensive Ranking System.
  10.  Provincial Nominee Program (PNP Program).
  11.  Advantages of Applying to a PNP Program.
  12.  International English Language Testing System (IELTS)

Excerpt from the eBook PDF:

Step by Step Process for Express Entry Program

Express Entry System is one of the best ways for Canadian PR Visa. This program introduced by IRCC, this system is giving the vast opportunity to skilled and deserving immigrants through a point based Comprehensive Ranking System.

Here is the Step by Step Process Which Need to follow by Each Immigrants:

1. Step-1 Technical Assessment:
First step and Most important step for Canada express entry is eligibility fill out the free online assessment. We will evaluate your Profile and we revert you with best possible & well-matched Canadian visa options for you.

your profile evaluates on basis of the Age, Qualification, Experience, Language Ability and several other factors. You have to score to at least 67 out of 100 to become eligible for the Canada PR Process.

2. Step-2 Selection of the NOC Code
We will check your profile; will send you noc code according to current job
responsibilities. After your confirmation, we will initiate your Canada PR Process.

3. Step-3 –Verification of the Education Documents
We will send your educational documents to the designated authority for the verification. Purpose of the verification is to check how your Indian degree would be evaluated when you will move abroad.
You need to submit your document online portal and this is an important part of your immigration process Because your application may be on hold or rejected, if all documents are not submitted or any incorrect information is being provided by you in any of your document. Discuss with us in more Details.

4. Step-4 Language Ability Test
You have to appear for the IELTS (General) test to check your ability of the English. If you are proficient in French, you can also appear for the TEF test which helps you in gaining some extra points in the process.

5. Step-5 Creation of the Expression of the Interest Profile
After you had received your WES report and IELTS scorecard, if you are eligible, and have all the Express Entry Canada Obligation, you can opt for the next step.

Now candidates need to create express entry profile online in the Canadian Immigration portal and need to submit your skills, Experience, language skill, Highest Education and other remaining details.
Basis on your details the Canadian Government will calculate Comprehensive Ranking System Score. Based on your CRS Rank (CRS, Details in following Chapter) you will be placed in a pool, when you are in the Express Entry pool, you can jump for the job search. Find the Available Occupation Lint in Canada for you here.

When you are in Express entry Pool you Standout with you CRS Rank. (This is the point system for Canada visa). Your profile Validity is 12 months in the Express Entry pool. Candidates having the highest scores will be invited to apply by the immigration authority.

Few More Points

Note: – Candidates having the highest scores will be invited to apply for permanent residence through online Process.

Once you are invited, you have 90 days to submit your complete electronic application for permanent residence. Score is varying time to time.

6. Step-6 Creating the Job Bank Profile
After the creation of the EOI profile, we will create your profile in the Job bank. If the Canadian employer thinks your profile is suitable, then they will send the LMIA approved offer letter which will increase your CRS Score up to 50 points.

7. Step-7 Acceptance of the ITA & Visa Filling for the Canada PR
If you CRS score under the cut off issued by the IRCC, you require to accept the Invitation to apply.

After accepting the Invitation to apply you require to submit the required documents such as Medical report, PCC, Bank Letter, Reference letter and many more documents.

8. Step-8 Grant of the Visa
If all the required documents are correct, then the Canada Immigration will provide you the grant letter. Then you have to the photographs and grant letter to the respective center for the stamping of the passport.

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how to Get canada pr visa complete guide



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