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We at Round World Immigration Pvt. Ltd. are a reliable and fast growing Immigration Consultancy Service in Delhi,

Round World Immigration is Visa Immigration Consultancy, and we are providing the visa assistance to the candidate who wants to migrate forCanada, Australia, USA, etc. for various purposes like permanent residency visa, visitor visa, and all.

The year was 2017, the foundation of Round World Immigration. From there on, the story of our excellent services widely appreciated by our client.

For a very long time, India outsources the best resources like well educated, highly skilled workers, and here we come into the picture to help all those aspirants who want to migrate from India for better opportunity and future.

We provide them with the complete guidance of the visa process for many destinations like Canada,Australia, the USA, the UK, Hongkong, etc. Round World Immigration helps all those who aspire to realize their dreams abroad.

The candidates would often have to waste their precious time in filing the complicated visa process or finding the Right visa consultant we are here with one-stop-shop.

Our success is because of our glassiness, active processing of documents, and clear cut understanding of client requirements.

We do not only provide supports and guidance to the candidate throughout the visa process. We also guide and coaching them for completing the required gateway exams likeIELTSand TOEFL, which will help the candidate visa approval.

Our immigration consultancy includes pre-travel support, visa assistance, air ticketing, and all pre and post landing services by providing accommodation on arrival and transfer from the airport in the target city. We will also offer a foreign exchange facility for the clients.

After the successful one year, we had expanded our visa consultancy service for various destinations apart from Canada and Australia. We offer end to end support to clients who want to work and settle in a new country.

More About Our Services

  1. Round World Immigration has obtained membership and professional certifications from various prestigious foreign associations.
  2. Round World Immigration always goes above and beyond the responsibility of helping clients realize their overseas dreams.
  3. Our hundreds of happy clients widely appreciate our Commitment to them.
  4. Round World Immigration is a one-stop solution for immigration consulting, examination training, career counseling, and visa processing.
  5. Round World Immigration is one of the best and the most reliable consultancy firm based in New Delhi. We are happy to inform you that hundreds of our clients have received Permanent Resident Visa and have settled in the USA,UK, Hongkong, Canada, and Australia.
  6. Our Immigration Consultant will give you an insight and clear understanding of your visa process, Your Eligibility and also will advise you on the possibility of getting a PR visa.
  7. Our Visa Assessment and Counseling of Candidate ensure the success of getting a PR visa for your favorite destination.

Services Provided by Round World Immigration:

  1. Initial Assessment and Profile Evaluation.
  2. Prelanding and Post landing Services.
  3. Canada express entry and PNP, Australia PR Visa.
  4. Post landing services. This includes finding accommodation, opening a bank account, getting social security number / Tax file number(TFN),

Why Choose Round World Immigration?

  1. We are one of the best immigration consultants in terms of visa processing and services.
  2. We provide support for CRS point calculation and initial assessment.
  3. RWI has processed hundreds of visa requests, and our client's presence is across the world.
  4. We have a very high success rate in visa filing.
  5. RWI has an installment option for visa and legal fees.
  6. We carefully scrutinize your profile before filing your papers.


I hope you will get enough information about our services, and you can request your visa assessment. Thank you.

Round World Immigration

We at Round World Immigration Pvt. Ltd. are a reliable and fast growing Immigration Consultancy Service in Delhi, India. We are fully focused and dedicated to serve our clients, who could be interested to present visa-petitions and immigration applications for Permanent Resident PR Visas and Temporary Resident Visas via Skilled, Self-employed, Family, Business, Investor, Student & State Sponsorship classes for various Immigration Destinations like Canada, Australia, UK, USA etc.

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Round World Immigration Pvt. Ltd. is a premium and registered immigration consultant company in Delhi. We offer advisory services on immigration options. We are not part of any government and department immigration. We don’t provide any type of job immigration of any destination.

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