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Frequently Asked Questions

Why should I choose Round World Immigration?

Round World Immigration has a unique approach of providing best in class services to all its clientele.

We have been a leader in the service Industry and our expertise to be able to answer and provide solution to any queries related to Overseas Careers (Education/Work/Immigration) has given us the advantage to cater and provide our services to wide range of audience.

When you choose us, you get:

  • Trustworthy Partner – To help you with your Education/Work/Immigration Application
  • Knowledge – Our expertise increase your success.
  • Mutual Benefit – Creates a win-win situation for both, applicant and Global Tree and gives a long term relationship.

Is it possible to get a work permit / permanent visa for another country while I am in India?

Yes, It is possible to apply for a work permit / permanent resident visa from within India.

Work Permit or Permanent Resident visa is a need of a country to employ skilled professionals to fulfil the demand of labour shortage in their respective countries. Indian’s are a preferred choice as skilled professionals in many developed countries across the globe, which include the USA, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, the U.K etc.

Many developed and developing countries provide this facility and we at Round World Immigration help people who are keen in relocating abroad. You can check out our immigration services page for more details. If you want a detailed evaluation of your profile and opportunities please call, sms, enquire online or visit any of our offices.

If I live in a city where Round World Immigration does not have an office how do I avail of any of the services

One can avail our services irrespective of their geographical location. We try to help people with their dream of overseas careers and are flexible in expansion to new territories. We have a history of helping people from across the globe and have been a partner through their journey.

Please call, sms or send us an enquiry online and we will reach out to you.

I would like to settle abroad, what is preferable study overseas or permanent resident visa?

  • The aim of achieving quality & qualified education is to settle in a good career with a country providing maximum benefits.
  • If you already have credentials which entail you to apply for a direct work permit or migration option from your home country, it is always preferable to relocate overseas on a permanent resident visa as you get maximum benefits while getting a local status.
  • Education is a primary route which later opens your doors to settle on a Permanent resident visa.
  • If you are eligible why wait and take a long route when you can settle soon and take up your dream job.
  • For more details, please call, sms or send us an enquiry online and we will reach out to you.

I have completed my education through distance education, will it be recognized?

  • It depends upon the country and the university or institution where you have attained these qualifications.
  • Most of the government/private universities or institution of higher learning from India are recognized and even a distance education attained at these grants is recognized for the purpose of higher education or Immigration.

For more details, please call, sms or send us an enquiry online and we will reach out to you.

Should I get a job first or should I apply for my work permit / permanent resident visa first?

  • Applying for a work permit directly from your home country and being sponsored by a foreign employer is a less appropriate option as it requires so many legal aspirations to be me for both employer and employee of foreign origin.
  • <liHence, countries with a shortage of young skilled professionals have opened their doors to foreign skilled professionals to apply for a permanent resident visa which gives them a local status and improve their chances of landing in the right job without the need of employer to sponsor and carrying out these legal procedures which is otherwise mandate and cost.>

Moreover, work permit is only a contractual obligation and is valid for a limited period while the PR visa gives you maximum returns and valid for a long duration which than leads to naturalization.

Is it true that healthcare costs are very high abroad?

Yes, it’s true and is all depending upon the countries average earning per person capacity. Most of the developed countries have a very high healthcare cost the only reason that the citizens and locals their have enough earnings to be able to meet those costs.

In case if a citizen is unable to bare such expenses, their government provide subsidies and other medical benefits which covers these costs.

So it’s recommended that you must buy a health insurance if you are planning for a long term settlement option in any good country abroad.

For more details, please call, sms or send us an enquiry online and we will reach out to you.

I am not very rich, how much funds are required for studying abroad?

Gone are the days, where overseas education was only limited to rich class society or upper middle class.

There are many good countries abroad which offers quality education at an affordable cost along with providing many scholarship options.

One can also look for government grants, exchange programs and many other options to afford your higher education from the best Universities in different parts of the globe.

For more details, please call, sms or send us an enquiry online and we will reach out to you

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