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Manitoba PNP Points Calculator 2024

Manitoba PNP Points Calculator has designed the CRS score calculator for all aspiring candidates like you, to get an estimate of your profile strength for the Express Entry Program.

By using the Manitoba PNP Points Calculator 2024, the candidates who desire to move to Canada can get an idea of the probability of their selection for immigration and permanent residency in Canada.

The CRS score for a candidate is calculated on factors that are divided into two segments –Core andAdditional.

The “Core” aspect of the CRS score evaluates the candidates on factors like experience, skills, spouse or common-law partner, language proficiency in English and French, educational degrees or diplomas, and additional skillset.

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What is the process for Manitoba PNP? 

With a high standard of living and improved prospects for career growth, Manitoba is one of the most in-demand provinces in Canada. Manitoba has a program similar to those in other provinces in Canada - the Manitoba Provincial Nominee Program (MPNP), which nominates skilled immigrants to live, work, or settle in the province as permanent residents. The program also uses points. You need to score a certain number of points in order to move to the province. 

 The occupation should fit into the National Occupation Classification (NOC) skills levels O, A, or B.Using MPNP, skilled immigrants are able to enter the province in a steady flow that can help the province grow. For an immigrant to qualify for Manitoba PNP, they need to meet various requirements. 

Criteria of Manitoba PNP Points Calculator:

The CRS score for a candidate is calculated on factors that are divided into two segments –Core and Additional.

The “Core” aspect of the CRS score evaluates the candidates on factors like experience, skills, spouse or common-law partner, language proficiency in English and French, educational degrees or diplomas, and additional skillset.

The CRS system is a dynamic ranking system i.e. a candidate’s CRS score is not a fixed value and it can be improved with time only if the candidate makes efforts to work on it. Here are some of the Criteria where a candidate can work up to improve the CRS score when the Manitoba PNP Points Calculator calculates the score.

  1. Improve online profile:

All candidates must represent their personal and professional details accurately in their respective express entry profiles.

However, the candidate must note and remember that the selection parameters to enter the Express Entry Pool of shortlisted candidates are not the same as those needed to improve their CRS score.

Let us briefly understand the various aspects of the express entry profile that a candidate can work upon to enhance their CRS score.

  1. Language: language is something that any applicant can learn and practice over time to improve the express entry profile and thus the CRS score.
  2. Note: the language skill levels required to make it to the Express Entry Pool of candidates are much lower than the levels required to be awarded the maximum language proficiency points for a candidate’s CRS score. Thus it is a win-win situation for the candidate to improve his language capabilities.
  3. Having a score below 9 in either of the four language capabilities can severely affect the CRS score. Conversely, improving just one of the language aspects can turn out to be much favorable for the candidate.
  4. Education: For the Federal Skilled Worker Class applicant with qualifications outside of Canada, only one ECA is required to enter the Express Entry Pool. For the Federal Skilled Trades Class or the Canadian Experience Class, no ECA is required for the candidate to enter the pool.
  5. Spouse / Partner as a primary applicant: There is a high possibility that the candidate who was initially applying for immigration to Canada has a lower CRS score as compared to his/her partner. In such a situation, it is suggested for the applicant to let her spouse or partner become the primary applicant while they can be the dependents in the immigration application.
  6. Work Experience: Measuring the duties that the candidate has performed in their previous jobs against the duties listed under various occupations can help them improve their profile and thus the CRS score.
  7. Depending upon the candidate’s occupation and the time duration of work experience at a particular job role, points are awarded for full-time or equivalent part-time work experience.
  8. For a candidate applying to the Federal Skilled Worker Class, non-continuous work experience does account for any points in the CRS score tally but the candidate must have a year of continuous skilled work experience to qualify and enter the Express Entry Pool.
  9. Job Offers: Candidates that have valid job offers in an occupation at NOC 0, A, or B  level may earn 50 additional points whereas those with valid job offers in occupations under Major Group 00 Senior Management Occupations may earn up to 200 additional points in the CRS scheme.
  10. Proactively prepare for an ITA or provincial nomination:

This can be a turning stone in a candidate’s immigration journey as Express Entry candidates who have already been nominated for a provincial nominee program receive an additional 600 points towards their CRS score.

Keeping all these points in mind, irrespective of the CRS score, any candidate who wishes to permanently settle in Canada must continue to actively prepare to receive an ITA  or a provincial nomination.

A candidate may have a low CRS score of 229 points but a nomination by a Canadian province can fetch him/her additional 600 points, totaling the tally to 829 points, and guarantee the chances of receiving an ITA in the next round of Express Entry Pool selection.

Once a candidate receives an ITA, he/she has only 60 days to respond. Some provincial nominee programs may offer even less time to reply. Hence, it is always beneficial to prepare all documents beforehand and be ready to respond to the ITA.

Important link for Canada PNP Program:

Manitoba PNP Assessment Point System 2023

Factor 1: Language ProficiencyPoints
CLB 8 or higher / native speaker 20
CLB 7 18
CLB 6 16
CLB 5 14
CLB 4 12
CLB 3 or lower 0
Second language (English or French)  
CLB 5 or higher 5

Factor 2: AgePoints
18 4
19 6
20 8
21 to 45 10
46 8
47 6
48 4
49 2
50 or older 0

Factor 3: Work Experience (in the past five years)Points
Lessthan 1 year 0
1 years 8
2 years 10
3 years 12
4 years or more 15

Factor 4: EducationPoints
Master’s or Doctorate 25
Two post-secondary programs of at least 2 years each 23
One post-secondary program of two years or longer 20
One-year post-secondary program 14
Trade Certificate 14
No formal post-secondary education 0

Factor 5: AdaptabilityPoints
Close relative in Manitoba 20
Invitation to Apply received from MPNP as part of recruitment mission or exploratory visit 20
Previous work experience in Manitoba (at least six months) 12
Completed post-secondary program of two years or more in Manitoba 12
Completed post-secondary program of at least one year in Manitoba 10
Friend or distant relative living in Manitoba 10
Bonus: Intention to reside outside Winnipeg 5

MPNP Skilled Worker Ranking Grid

Factor 1: Language Proficiency

Assessment FactorRanking Points
CLB 8 or higher 25 per band
CLB 7 22 per band
CLB 6 20 per band
CLB 5 17 per band
First Official Language  
CLB 4 12 per band
CLB 3 or lower 0
Second Official Language  
CLB 5 or higher (overall) 25

Factor 2: Age

Maximum Points – Factor 1125
18 20
19 30
20 40
21 to 45 75
46 40
47 30
48 20
49 10
50 or older 0

Factor 3: Work Experience

Maximum Points – Factor 275
Less than 1 year 0
1 year 40
2 years 50
3 years 60
4 years or more 75
Fully recognized by provincial licensing body 100

Factor 4: Education

Maximum Points – Factor 3175
Master’s degree or Doctorate 125
Two post-secondary programs of at least 2 years each 115
One post-secondary program of three years or more 110
One post-secondary program of two years 100
One-year post-secondary program 70
Trade Certificate 70
No formal post-secondary education 0

Factor 5: Adaptability Connection

Maximum Points – Factor 4125
Close relative in Manitoba 200
Previous work experience in Manitoba (6 months or more) 100
Completed post-secondary program in Manitoba (2 years or more) 100
Completed post-secondary program in Manitoba (one year) 50
Close friend or distant relative in Manitoba 50
Manitoba Demand  
Ongoing employment in Manitoba for 6 months or more with long-term job offer from the same employer 500
Invitation to Apply under a Strategic Initiative 500
Regional Development  
Immigration destination in Manitoba is outside of Winnipeg 50

Factor 6: Risk Assessment

Maximum Points – Factor 5125
Close relative in another province and no close relative in MB 0
Work experience in another province -100
Studiesin another province -100
Previousimmigration application to another province 0

Maximum Points – Factor 6

Maximum Overall Points:1000

Examples to understand Manitoba PNP Points Calculator:

Let us understand how the above-explained factors can enhance the CRS score of a candidate and land him/her the opportunity to migrate to Canada by the Express Entry Program

Example 1 – Spouse or Common-Law Partner

Suppose, a candidate is 39 years old, has a bachelor’s degree, is fluent in English, and has been working as a financial analyst for the last 10 years. Also, the candidate’s spouse is 29 years old, has been working as a teacher for the last 3 years, has a bachelor’s degree, and exceptional skills in the English language.

Now, the candidate and the spouse may earn the same points for their work experience, but their age fetches them different points. Thus, the spouse who is 10 years younger earns a much higher CRS score of 443 than the candidate who merely gets a 393 CRS score.

In this scenario, the candidate should apply by making the spouse the primary applicant. The candidate then becomes dependent and this makes the couple enjoy a fair chance of receiving the ITA for immigration to Canada.

Example 2 – Work Experience

Assume a candidate, 35 years of age, has completed his master’s degree and a year of work experience as a software engineer. The candidate is proficient in English but has never worked or studied in Canada. Also, before completing the master’s degree, the candidate has four years of part-time experience as a software salesman.

The candidate only mentioned a year of work experience as a software engineer in his profile as he/she was not aware of the value of the part-time software sales profile towards the CRS score. He earned 423 points as compared to 448 that he could have earned after mentioning his part-time technical sales work experience as it is considered skilled under NOC 6221

As already suggested, mention all personal and professional details accurately as it may help you score high and settle permanently in Canada.

Example 3 – Provincial Nominee Program

Let us believe that a candidate, 35 years old has a bachelor’s degree, English proficiency, and 3 years of experience as an IT manager. Based on these credentials, the candidate’s total CRS score sums up to 408.

However, apart from this work experience, the candidate had also worked as a programmer for 2 years but as with his/her most recent work experience, the candidate has already gained maximum points under the word experience factor for CRS score, he/she did not feel the need to mention about the previous job experience as a programmer.

Had the candidate specified his/her programming experience, the candidate would have qualified for Nova Scotia’s Express Entry Demand Stream and gained an additional 600 points taking the CRS score to 1008.

From all the above examples, we hope that you have understood the need to mention all personal and professional details clearly and accurately in your profile for immigration to Canada. Always strive for ways to improve your profile with relevant details and enhance your CRS score.

Additional Option:

The “Additional” factors include but are not limited to, Canadian diplomas, nomination form from a Canadian province, adaptability of the candidate in Canada, a valid job offer from a Canadian employee, etc. By weighing these factors and using the below given CRS calculator, a candidate can check his/her eligibility and decide the future course of application.

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Your Turn:

We at Round World Immigration offer free profile assessment services where we not only share the weak points of your profile but also help you optimize it for a higher probability of selection.

Our experts are aware and have detailed knowledge about even the minutest aspect of the Express Entry profile and CRS score calculators.

We are here to help candidates relocate to Canada in a hassle-free and stress-free process. Get in touch with us for round-the-clock assistance at all stages of your Canadian immigration process! Now Calculate your CRS through Manitoba PNP Points Calculator.

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