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Brunswick PNP Program

New Brunswick is a maritime province in eastern Canada. It is one of the most beautiful places to live and work in Canada.

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Brunswick PNP Program

NBPNP stands for “New Brunswick Provincial Nominee Program,” and it is the provisional immigration scheme of New Brunswick.

New Brunswick is a maritime province in eastern Canada. It is one of the most beautiful places to live and work in Canada.

Like most other provinces in Canada, this province has its immigration program with pre-defined rules of immigration for eligible candidates based on their age, skillset, and profession. This program is certainly the most hassle-free way to settle permanently in Canada.

Aim of NBPNP:

The New Brunswick, Canada PNP Program, aims to allow skilled foreign professionals, living and working in New Brunswick to apply for painless immigration to Canada.

If you possess any skills to contribute to the local economy of New Brunswick or have any resources that are in high demand in NB, you are eligible for permanent citizenship to Canada under NBPNP.

Hence, this program is of great benefit to either the trained businessmen or to the skilled professionals residing in New Brunswick who contributes to the economic well-being of the province in one way or the other.

New Brunswick Provincial Nominee Program Availability:

This program, made available in agreement with the Canadian Government selects and then nominates eligible applicants from across the world for immigration. Being highly skilled makes your supremely qualified and places you high for your final selection process for migration under the New Brunswick Canada PNP Program.

Why Settle In New Brunswick, Canada?

NB is a very safe and enjoyable place to be your new home. It offers affordable housing and has the abundance of other essential amenities at your disposal.

Here, you can have a peaceful yet fulfilling life and maintain an excellent living standard. People here rejoice a unique mix of urban, rural and seaside lifestyle.Ideal location to settle with your family, you will never regret choosing this place over other provinces in Canada by applying for the New Brunswick PNP Program.

There are Four Categories in New Brunswick PNP you can read here in Details.

It has a current population of 7,50,000 spread across its three major cities. Called “The hub” of the Maritime, Moncton, the largest city of the province has a population of 1,20,000.

Fredericton, the capital city of New Brunswick, is the most astonishing city of Canada with some beautiful parks, trails and a mesmerizing river flowing through the city.

The greater Saint John region is the industrial capital of NB with many oil refineries and other industrial setups.

Due to a majority of the population’s French background, this state is bilingual with English and French as its official languages. Keeping all factors in mind, it will not be biased for us to name New Brunswick as the ideal place to settle in Canada.

If you are skilled, leave no stone unturned to apply for Canadian citizenship under the New Brunswick Canada PNP Program.

Two ways to Apply for NBPNP:

The New Brunswick Provincial Nominee Program is a part of the Express Entry Program for quick immigration to Canada. Express entry is an online process where all eligible candidates’ applications are managed electronically.

It was introduced by “Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC)” and has been designed to fast-track the online processing of all immigration applications.

CRS Minimum Score Drop 441

Under the specific entry program, the NBPNP has planned and inaugurated its “Express Entry Labour Market Stream” (EELMS). This stream now allows the NBPNP to utilize the Express Entry system to meet New Brunswick province’s specific labor market and demographic needs to select eligible candidates for the immigration to Canada.

Eligible candidates must complete an Expression of Interest (EOI) and submit it to NBPNP to receive the certificate. This certificate is mandatory for immigration applications to Canada via New Brunswick Canada PNP Program.

You can follow two different paths to apply for citizenship of Canada under the New Brunswick Canada PNP Program :

Process 1: New Brunswick Provincial Nominee Program:

In this process, you first get the certificate and then fill the online form for Express Entry Program. You must send an expression of interest to Immigration New Brunswick outside of the specific entry program. If the department selects and nominates you, you receive the PNP NB certificate.

Now when you apply electronically for the Express Entry Program, you mention your PNP certificate number there in the online application and get the added benefit of possessing the certificate before applying for Express Entry Program.

Process 2 :New Brunswick Provincial Nominee Program:

In this process, you first fill the online application for Express Entry program and then apply for a PNP NB certificate to the New Brunswick Immigration department.

You must begin by creating your online profile for the express entry program and specifically mention your interest in New Brunswick Canada PNP Program.

The NBPNP then contacts you and invites to apply for the NB immigration program. This process is better than the first one as you can mention your Express Entry Profile ID along with the EOI.

Also, if the NBPNP nominates you, you can say about the nomination certificate in your Express Entry profile and earn 600 credits to your profile.

This process is faster and also enhances your chances of getting the final approval for immigration to Canada.

Eligibility Criteria to Apply for NBPNP:

There is a strict eligibility criterion to even apply for the NBPNP certificate. Please Read the Carefull. If you are fullfil the below condition then only you are eligible tp apply for NBPNP.

1.  Either you must be employed in New Brunswick


    Possess an employment offer (NOC 0, A or B) from a New Brunswick company;


    Have a family member living in New Brunswick (principal applicant or spouse has a child, brother,            sister, parent, grandparent, uncle or aunt, who is at least 18 years old and has lived in New Brunswick      for at least one year as a permanent resident or citizen of Canada);


Showcase French as a first language or a high degree of proficiency, proven by a Test d’évaluation de français (TEF), and with experience in one of the occupations below:


  1.  Information systems analysts and consultants (2171)
  2. Computer network technician (2281)
  3. Software engineers and designers (2173)
  4. Database analysts and data administrators (2172)
  5. Computer programmers and interactive media developers (2174))

Accounting and Finance:

  1. Accounting technicians and bookkeepers (1311)
  2. Financial and investment analysts (1112)


  1. Senior managers – financial, communications and other business services (0013)
  2. Restaurant and food service managers (0631)
  3. Managers in health care (0311)
  4. Retail sales supervisors (6211)
  • Administrative assistants (1241) or Executive assistants (1222)
  • Early childhood educators and assistants (4214)
  • Retail and wholesale buyers (6222) or Purchasing agents and officers (1225)
  • Human resources professionals (1121)
  • Translators, terminologists, and interpreters (5125)
  • Cooks (6322)


If you are highly skilled and capable of offering your share to the development and enlistment of the New Brunswick province, you are highly probable of getting selected. With clear guidelines, the whole process has been simplified for the benefit of the applicants, and you are kept informed at each stage of the application process.

Check all requirements for your eligibility and gather all documents before applying to be nominated and granted the permanent citizenship of Canada.

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