New Brunswick PNP Categories

New Brunswick PNP Categories

There are Four Category in New Brunswick PNP Categories. The New Brunswick province of Canada has defined its own rules for the skilled executives to apply for a quick and smooth immigration process.

New Brunswick PNP Categories Having the four Category and in this artilce we are discussed all of them.

Any entrepreneur or a salaried professional who lives and works in New Brunswick has a high probability of clearance and must check to confirm his/her eligibility to apply for permanent citizenship of Canada via New Brunswick Provincial Nominee Program (NBPNP).

The program has clearly defined the classification of working professionals applying for immigration. There are four primary categories under NB PNP.

New Brunswick PNP Categories and Process:

There are Four New Brunswick PNP Categories. Let us explore the eligibility criteria, application process, guidelines and other details of each one of them below :

1. Express Entry Labor Market Stream.

2. Business Applicants.

3. Skilled Workers with Family Support.

4. Skilled Workers with Employer Support.

Now we Discuss all of these four New Brunswick PNP Categories in details step by step here.

1. Express Entry Labor Market Stream:

This is the newest category of the New Brunswick Canada PNP Program. This is the First New Brunswick PNP Categories. In this category, the PNP uses the federal government’s Express Entry Program for electronic application submission and final selection of eligible candidates.

For the prospective immigrants to apply, they must submit an EOI, i.e. expression of interest to the NB PNP. The PNP accept EOI request only from 1st to 15th of each month.

All applicants are given numerical scores based on the details they fill in the EOI, and they are then ranked on its basis. Ranking Criteria

i)   Score
ii) The probability of contributing to the local economy of New Brunswick
iii) The proved capability of permanent settlement in New Brunswick
iv) Valid proof of experience and skills in high priority labor market sectors as indicated by the

Government of New Brunswick:

After processing each application and ranking them on the above basis, the eligible candidates are informed about their status by the New Brunswick Provincial Nominee Program. These candidates are then invited to apply for NB PNP.

Once the applicant gets nominated, he/she is processed through the Express Entry immigration management system. This is a speedy and painless process; the applicant is likely to finish all formalities and legalities in under six months from the date of application.

Eligibility norms for NBPNP / EELMS:

A candidate must :

i) Offer a signed agreement to live and work in the New Brunswick Province.

ii) Must be between age 22 and 55 years of age, and must successfully meet all provincial criteria like language ability, adaptability, points assessment grid score, and NOC skill level of occupation.

iii) Must also meet all selection factors for the Canada Skilled Worker Program (scoring at least 67 / 100 points)

If you are applying for the New Brunswick Provincial Nominee Program but have completed your education outside of Canada, you must also have an Educational Credential Assessment, i.e. ECA.

You can read the Full article on New Brunswick Provincial Nominee Program (NBPNP) Here.

Additionally, you are also required to have a test score that mentions you as qualified in the either of the official languages of Canada. For all applicants, it is mandatory to possess work experience documents to support the professional career details they mention in the application.

New Brunswick PNP Categories:

All applicants of NB PNP are classified into three categories. Top priority, second priority, third priority.

1. The top priority applicants are those who have prior experience of working in New Brunswick for at least 12 months in the last five years’ period.

2. The second priority candidates are those who have participated in the NB PNP information session or recruitment event in the past 24 months.

3. The lowest priority, i.e. the third priority candidates are those who neither have a connection to New Brunswick nor have attended any NB PNP information seminar.

If the NB PNP receives too many applications in top and second priority, it may sometimes restrict any new uses in the third priority.

Occupations like bookkeepers, electricians, mechanics, etc. may apply from third priority if they do not fulfill the eligibility criteria for the other two priorities.

Apart from this, candidates who are fluent in French are always preferred over their counterparts in NB PNP.

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2. Business Applicants:

In the New Brunswick PNP Categories this is on the Second Spot. In this category of the New Brunswick Provincial Nominee Program for Business Applicants is not for the salaried professionals but for those entrepreneurs who want to contribute to the growth and development of the New Brunswick province of Canada.

The foreign nationals who either have a business idea, or some management experience or are willing to invest in the NB province have a likelihood of being offered the permanent citizenship through the business applicants category of the New Brunswick Canada PNP Program.

For candidates filling their application under this category to be eligible, they may either purchase an existing business entity in NB, may get into a partnership with an NB entrepreneur or may even start their own new business in NB. By doing either of this, the applicant may apply for immigration via the business class and qualify easily.

Checklist of the basic requirements for Eligibility:

Following is a brief checklist of the basic requirements for eligibility under this category of New Brunswick Provincial Nominee Program. The applicant must :

i) Intend to live in New Brunswick
ii) Intend to operate a business in New Brunswick
iii) Have at least a high school education
iv) Be between 22 and 55 years old
v) Make a deposit of $75,000 that is conditionally refundable
vi) Have a personal net worth greater than $300,000
vii) Visit New Brunswick for at least five full business days to research the business environment
viii) Speak enough English or French to be able to manage a business in the province actively
ix) Score at least 50 points on selection grid
x) Have gained relevant management experience in 3 of the last five years
xi) Provide a business plan that demonstrates how the enterprise will benefit New Brunswick

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3. Skilled Workers with Family Support:

Under the New Brunswick PNP Categories this comes under three. In this category of New Brunswick Provincial Nominee Program, a candidate whose family becomes a sponsor for him/her in NB, Canada becomes eligible to apply.

The individual expecting hassle-free immigration in the “Skilled Workers Family Support” category does not require to possess any job letter.

It is a suitable category for people who own some skill or have undergone some training by which they can contribute to the economy of NB after being sponsored by someone from the family.

For a candidate to be eligible under the family support category, he/she must :

i) Be 22-50 years of age
ii) Have sufficient language ability in English or French to fulfill the duties of the intended job and settle in the province (French or English language test scores must be shown)
iii) Be a close relative of your Family Supporter
iv) Have the license, certification, qualification, or education to perform the job duties of your intended occupation
v) Show an intention to live and work in the province
vi) Have enough money to immigrate to New Brunswick: a minimum of $10,000 plus an extra $2,000 for each additional family member accompanying you
vii) Intend to work a job that is represented by National Occupation Classification (NOC) skill level A, B, O, C – category 1,3,7,8,9, or D – category 1,3,7,8,9

Guidelines for the family member:

There are also rules and guidelines for the family member who is about to sponsor an eligible candidate. The family member must :

i) Be Canadian citizenship or permanent resident that lives full-time in New Brunswick
ii) be financially self-supportive
iii) Support only a single applicant at once
iv) Assist the candidate with his or her settlement plan
v) Be a close relative of the applicant, such as a non-dependent brother, sister, niece, nephew, child, grandchild, or their spouse or common-law partner
vi) Have been working or operating a business in New Brunswick for a minimum of 12 months before submission of the NB PNP application

4. Skilled Workers with Employer Support:

Any experienced professional who receives a full-time job offer letter from an employer in New Brunswick is eligible to apply for permanent citizenship under the “Skilled Workers with Employer Support Category” of the New Brunswick Canada PNP Program through New Brunswick PNP Categories. Such candidates must have the full-time employment offer in the NB Province of Canada only.

Below mentioned is the eligibility criteria for candidates to apply under this category. The applicant must:

i) Have the qualifications, education, certifications, or licenses required to perform the job

ii) Have a high school diploma or above

iii) Demonstrate an intention to settle in New Brunswick

iv) Have sufficient language abilities in English or French to perform job duties. Applicants in low-skilled or semi-skilled occupations must undergo mandatory testing to show a basic level of language proficiency.

v) Be between 22 years of age and 55 years of age

vi) Score at least 50 points on the NBPNP selection grid

vii) Attain a legitimate full-time, permanent employment offer from an employer that has been operating in New Brunswick for at least 12 months

viii) If your qualified job offer is a C or D level occupation, you must have already been working for the employer issuing the offer of employment for a minimum of one year before PNP application

There are also some pre-requisites for the employer, he/she must :

i) Demonstrate that they were not able to recruit a citizen or permanent resident of Canada for the position offered.

ii) Comply with all employment standards and provincial wage requirements.

Any applicant applying by the employer support option must score a minimum of 50 points in the eligibility test for NB PNP 2018.

There are many factors like – age, language proficiency, education levels, work experience, the family residing at New Brunswick and your duration of living and working in NB that helps calculate a total score of the candidate.

If you are a college graduate without any work experience and are not much fluent in English/French, or have recently got employment in NB, then we will suggest you work in NB for a few months and spend time in the province before applying for immigration via NB PNP.

This will enhance your chances of selection as you become more eligible for NB PNP by staying and working for longer duration in NB, Canada.

So, This is all type of the New Brunswick PNP Categories. Now we are discuss some of the other expect of the New Brunswick Apart form the New Brunswick PNP Categories which you help you there.

Tips To Settle In New Brunswick After Immigration:

New Brunswick is a maritime location and an ideal place to set up your new home in Canada. Once you complete all formalities and receive the Canadian PR, its time to settle in your new area!

We are here to share some essential tips and tricks to make it effortless for you to start a new life in the new city! There are many different cities in NB, and each offers a varied living experience.

If you are new to the province and have not explored many places around, we suggest you avoid the hassle of buying a new home.

Instead, go and rent a house at the moment and understand where you would like to live in the future.

Evaluate the accessibility of all services around and figure out your ideal location to live before you buy your new home in NB.

For renting a home, you are required to pay monthly charges apart from the security deposits. There generally is a rental agreement that you and the owner of the house that you are renting, agree to and sign. This agreement mentions the exact amount, expenses and the date.

If you intend to buy a home and have decided upon the area, you must contact the real estate agents of that area and simultaneously do some online research.

The agent will show you the available properties and also help you with the legal paperwork. There are many mortgage services and insurance companies, banks in NB that can help you with the loan formalities as well.

For your kids, the education is free and compulsory from kinder-garden till high school, and there are 14 school districts in NB. After you decide which school to get your child’s admission to, you can visit the local school district office to follow the procedures.

Once your child completes his high school, he/she can also avail the student loan, tuition rebates and apprenticeships for further studies. Many programs also offer paid on-job training.

For healthcare facilities, all candidates of New Brunswick must register themselves with the health care system. After registration, they become eligible for free healthcare as offered by the government.

You may even apply online for a New Brunswick Medicare Card and avail free health check-up services.

Now that you have a clear understanding of the four categories through which you can apply for Canadian PR in NB, evaluate your age, education, language proficiency, work experience and other parameters like family support, employer support etc to decide upon the category through which you would like to file an application for quick clearance in immigration.

Wrap It Up:

New Brunswick is the Good option for the Canada immigrants and this is the all about the New Brunswick PNP Categories. The Canadian government is processing all requests at the earliest, send complete applications with proper documents, and you shall have the PR in less than six months!


so this is all about the New Brunswick PNP Categories and we cover the detail information about this in the article. still you feel there is something missing or you have a doubt you can as me in the contact form below.




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