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Canada Provincial Nominee Program

Canada is divided into many different provinces and most of them have their own Provincial Nominee Program called the PNP Programs (Provincial Nominee Programs). It is useful for a candidate aspiring to relocate to Canada to have in-depth knowledge of these PNP programs so as to prepare their Express Entry profiles and be able to take vital decisions for their Canadian immigration journey.

Canada Provincial Nominee Program Canada is a country with a rich cultural heritage and an exponential financial growth rate. These factors have the major contribution to Canada’s ever-growing popularity as an ideal destination for relocation among foreign nationals from around the globe.

In this article today, we shall be discussing the PNP programs in detail. Please read till the end to gain complete information and if you still have any doubts, the courteous and helpful immigration advisers from our side is available at your service, feel free to get in touch with us. 

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What is Canada Provincial Nominee Program?

Each Canadian province aims to improve its local economy and drive it towards growth. In order to do so, the province requires qualified and accomplished executives who can meet its demands of capable candidates who will work for the overall development and progress of the province.

Such Canadian provinces are in search of candidates who not only meet their skill set demands but are also willing to settle in the province for their entire duration of stay in Canada. All these provinces have their own unique pre-requisites and their own Point Calculators that can help an individual to evaluate his Eligibility for Immigration to a Particular Province.

The Canadian provinces via their PNP programs, not only target the candidates looking for employment offers to fulfill its labour market needs but also seek students with the desired academic qualification and even entrepreneurs willing to invest in new ventures in the province itself.

Once a province shortlists a candidate, it nominates the candidate and his/her profile in the Express Entry Program and this Provincial Nomination helps the candidate to get selected in the next Express Entry draw thus speeding up their immigration process. Hence, getting selected in a PNP program is a stepping stone for a candidate’s immigration journey to Canada.

Popular Canada Provincial Nominee Program:

All Canadian provinces get into an agreement with IRCC (Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada) that facilitates the province to nominate a capable candidate in the Express Entry Program. Such candidates are then allowed to apply for a Canadian PR visa.

Note: Except for Quebec Province, all other Canadian provinces have their own Provincial Nominee Programs.



What is the PNP Program Application Processing Time?

To apply to a Canada Provincial Nominee Program, the candidates must create their Express Entry profiles and showcase a keen interest in emigrating to a particular Canadian province.

Choosing a PNP program and then getting a nomination certificate from that Canadian province helps the candidate to score 600 additional points in the Express Entry CRS score tally which is a massive boost and benefit to his/her selection to the Express Entry Pool of eligible candidates who then receive an ITA from IRCC.

As opposed to the traditional methods of immigration to Canada that took over 24 months to process a candidate’s application, Express Entry program is a much quicker and efficient method that processes all applications in a maximum time period of 6 months.

An important point to note is that merely being nominated by a province does not grant a candidate the permission to work in that province. The candidate must still possess a valid Canadian work permit or a legal working status from IRCC before working with any Canadian employer.

Easiest way to migrate through PNP Program?

There are some provinces that have slightly relaxed immigration rules and pre-requisites as compared to the other Canadian provinces. As you know that a valid IELTS score is a mandatory requirement for candidates who select English as their first official language for Canadian immigration, a few provinces, namely – Manitoba, Quebec, and Saskatchewan have lower IELTS score requirements that most other Canadian Provinces.

For your information, immigration process to Quebec, or to Manitoba via MPNP, or to Saskatchewan via SINP, requires a CLB score of 4 for IELTS examination which is lower than the general requirement of a CLB score of 7 for eligibility in the Express Entry Program. Thus, these are undoubtedly the three provinces with the easiest candidate eligibility requirements.

Canada Provincial Nominee Program Without a Job offer Letter:

All provinces that have their own PNP programs to meet their local labour market needs are required to follow the guidelines of NOC (National Occupations Classification). A PNP program can only nominate a candidate who has an exceptionally high skill set and is being recruited under skilled occupations as pointed out in the opposition list of NOC.

There is another constraint, there should be an extremely high demand for the candidate’s skill set in the same Canadian province that the candidate has chosen for his/her immigration to Canada. Although being nominated does not guarantee the candidate’s selection in the Express Entry program, it definitely increases his/her chances of selection by multi-fold.

There are however two provincial nominee programs that do not require the candidate to have a job offer from a Canadian employer in the province – Nova Scotia Provincial Nominee Program and Saskatchewan Provincial Nominee Program. Other than these, the candidate may even be selected for the Quebec Skilled Worker Program without an employment offer by a Canadian employer.

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How an immigration consultant Help You?

We are here to be the catalyst in your Canadian immigration journey. The Canadian Express Entry Program and the Canada Provincial Nominee Program of the various Canadian provinces keep updating their rules and processes and it can be really tiring for an aspirant like you to stay updated with all these details.

This is what we are here for, our trained and experienced staff does all the hard work for you and you can blindly trust us with the most genuine immigration advice. We create your online profile, pay the necessary application fee on your behalf, help you collect all the required documents, and do all the necessary correspondence with the immigration authorities of Canada.

This way you can prepare for your relocation to Canada while we handle all the formalities with precision.

What is your Next stop Now?

Now that you have learned about the various PNP programs and their processing times in the write-up above, it is time to take a decision for yourself. Which province requires candidates with the same skill set as yours? Which is the ideal province for relocation to Canada? Which will be the best province as per your requirements and choices?

We know and understand that it is not an easy task to take such huge life decisions without any guidance. We at Round World Immigration are all ears to your doubts and have pledged to help you with the best immigration advice and support. Easing your immigration journey and removing all hurdles from your path, we create a satisfactory and successful experience for you.

Reach out to us for complete guidance at all stages of your Canadian Immigration application process. We foresee even the most unexpected situations and prepare well to handle them in a timely fashion, thus promising a stress-free and seamless handling of your application. Contact us today!

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