Canada PR Process in 2023

Canada PR Process in 2023

Complete Guide for Canada PR Process

Canada is a land of opportunities. It provides the security of a high standard of living and professional growth. This makes Canada the best place for Indians to migrate and settle down. Having a Canadian permanent residency is a set of careful steps that can carry you to Canada PR (Permanent Residency) line afterward. Immigration Refugee and Citizenship Canada (IRCC) set the requirements for immigration to Canada.

Below are some necessary fundamental things to qualify for a Canada PR Process:

  • Passport having proper validity
  • Valid Identity Proof
  • Your educational qualifications. WES or any other accredited online agencies evaluate your educational requirements.
  • Recent passport size photographs
  • Prior work experience if any
  • IELTS score
  • Job offer which you hold from the Canadian employer

Of all the stuff, the IELTS result is a crucial need to apply for Canadian PR from India. You need to have a total for six bands irrespective of the category under which you apply.

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In addition to this simple checklist, it is necessary to check which category one applies for. The procedure for immigration is divided into many different categories:

  1. The Express Entry program
  2. The Provincial Nominee Program
  3. The Quebec Skilled worker Program
  4. Any Family sponsorship

There are various ways in which the Canadian PR is accessed under these terms. But the main difference in terms of the Express Entry and Provincial Nominee Program is that the Express Entry program. It allows an applicant to settle anywhere in Canada, and the Provincial Nominee Program allows to settle in one province.

Requirements for Applicants to apply for a PR program in Canada

1) Assessment of the educational credentials-This is the most crucial thing to apply for the Express Entry PR system. The World Education Services (WES) does online testing. Canadian education also checks your educational qualifications.

2) Result of your IELTS exam- IELTS is an English language test. It is the most crucial test for Canada PR Process. Although immigration measures on a point system. The IELTS score will get you good points if the IELTS scores are above six bands.

3) Submission of the application- After the certification test, the IELTS review is being approved. The next step is to create an online profile. Followed by picking the category you are applying for your PR. Next, you need to submit the completed application in an online mode.

4) The Comprehensive Ranking System- Upon applying online, CRS decides whether you qualify for immigration. It depends on your age, income, IELTS ranking, etc. In case you don’t pass, you need to boost your CRS Score. It can be accomplished by getting a better score in IELTS. Enhancing your educational skills or gaining more work experience is also helpful. All this will allow you to learn more immigration points. But, you will get into the Express Entry Draw program every 15 days if you apply for immigration.

5) Invitation to apply- Once you’ve completed the draw and received an application letter, you’ll get a few days to apply for PR, and you’ll eventually get the visa for Canada PR process.

Canada PR Process from last couple of years become very simple. Still many of the reader confuse with the process. here is the step by step process to get your Canada PR process.

Living in the 21st-century one has a vast amount of opportunities to discover their skills and opt for the best-suited career which can serve their interest and also help them earn their living. And the brightest part is, we need not stick to one place to discover our interest and our goals.

What is the Canada PR Process?

In this age of computers, one can easily apply for Visa online. Every country has its own rules and regulations for providing a visa to its citizens.

Talking about Canada, in particular, any of its residents can apply for a visa through the online application.

This registration is considered as an application by the resident to obtain their visa. On should fill in the details accurately, and then put his/her signature on the form.


Step By Step Process of Canada PR Visa:

When it comes to Canada PR Visa, Express Entry System is one of the best Canada PR Process.

IRCC introduces this program; this system is giving the vast opportunity to the skilled and deserving candidate to immigrate through a point based Comprehensive Ranking System (CRS).

So here we are giving you the Step by Step Process Which Need to follow for getting your Canada pr visa:

1. Technical Assessment:

To Avoid the Rejection of your visa process The first step is Technical Assessment. In this First Step, We evaluate your Profile and revert you with the best possible & well-matched Canadian visa options for you.

Apply for: Technical Assessment

Your profile estimates by your Age, Qualification, Experience, Language proficiency, and several other factors. You have to score to at least 67(it may vary time to time) out of 100 to become eligible for the Canada PR Process. Apply for Technical Assessment.

2. Selection of the NOC Code:

Canada National Occupational Classification (NOC) system to classify your profile and give you the job option available in the country. will send you NOC code according to current job responsibilities.

3. Verification of the Documents:

You need to submit your document, and this is an essential part of your immigration process Because your application may be on hold or rejected if, you are providing any incorrect information or all reports are not submitted in any of your document.

4. Language Ability Test:

For each of the nonspeaking English people, this is mandatory to give the IELTS Exam.

French proficiency may also assist you in gaining some extra points through the TEF test. You have to appear for the IELTS (General) test to check your ability of the English.

 5. Create the Expression of the Interest Profile:

When you Get Your WES(World Education Services) report and IELTS scorecard and if you found eligible and full fill the all creatural of the Canada Immigration Process, you can opt for the next step.

Now in the Canadian Immigration portal, you need to create an express entry profile and then submit your skills, Experience, language skill, Highest Education and other remaining details.

Your Details, Skill, Experience, Age and some other factor become a basis of your CRS Score. High CRS Score Predict High Chance of Canada PR Visa. Your CRS Score is Calculated by the Canadian Government.

Based on your CRS Rank you will be placed in a pool, when you are in the Express Entry pool, you can jump for the job search. Here You can opt for JOb and find suitable NOC Code for your Available Job Opportunity.

When you are in Express entry Pool you Standout with you CRS Rank. Your profile Validity is 12 months in the Express Entry pool. Candidates having the highest scores will be invited to apply by the immigration authority.

6. Creating the Job Bank Profile:

After the creation of the EOI profile, we will create your profile in the Job Bank.

If the Canadian employer thinks your profile is suitable, then they will send the LMIA approved offer letter which will increase your CRS Score up to 50 points.

7. Acceptance of the ITA & Visa Filling for the Canada PR:

Mostly every month IRCC issued the Cut off and If you CRS score under the cut off issued by the IRCC, you require to accept the Invitation to apply.

After accepting the Invitation to apply you require to submit the necessary documents such as a Medical report, PCC, Bank Letter, Reference letter and many more documents.

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8. Grant of the Visa:

This is the final Step. They will give you the Canada pr visa and you can apply for the citizenship of Canada after living the 5 or more years in Canada.

Last Word for Canada PR Process:

There are many opportunities in Canada. High living standards and professional development are guaranteed. Indians are more likely to settle in Canada due to this reason. You must follow certain steps if you wish to obtain Canadian permanent residency. Following this, you will be able to apply for Canada PR (Permanent Residency) afterward. A requirement for immigration to Canada is set by Immigration Refugee and Citizenship Canada (IRCC). 



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