Canada PNP Immigration without Job Offer

Canada PNP Immigration without Job Offer

Canada PNP Immigration without Job Offer is Now Launch by the IRCC. Now you Can Get Canada PR and Migrate to Canada without Job Offer easily.

Various countries around the globe need a mandatory job opportunity to permit immigrants on their land. However, there is one country which stands out as an exception.

Unlike other countries, this country you do not need any job offer to immigrate there. This country happens to be none other than Canada who provide Canada PNP Immigration without Job Offer.

In the Canada Quebec Province With 37% Jump in Job Vacancies Become top Job Provide in Canada.

Canada is one of the various countries which attracts maximum immigrants around the world. This is all done through a very organized system.

As the labor market in Canada is a massive landscape of various fields, right from health and wellness to finance, hence if an immigrant possesses required skills and expertise in any of the multiple areas following the Canadian market, then he holds high chances to Canada PNP Immigration without Job Offer.

How to Apply for Canada PNP Immigration without Job Offer?

Applying to immigrate to Canada without a job offer is not a complicated task if you are a skilled worker. You can directly use as a Federal Skilled Worker.

Then follows your skills assessment which determines whether you will be victorious or not if permitted to immigrate to Canada.

Also, an occupation list is prepared by the government of Canada which consists of all the occupations that call for labor in Canada. People who possess skills and expertise concerning the trade listed on the exclusive list prepared by the government or those who own minimum a year’s experience of the same are given highest priorities and points in the point system program.

This list of eligible occupations is capped hence anybody who wishes to apply needs first to make sure that the record has not already been reached to its mark for the year.

Check Your RS Score and Know Your Eligibility Criteria for Canada PR Visa.

People who wish to gain permanent residency in Canada should go through the Express Entry System to apply for the same.

Express Entry System:

Express Entry System is a type of immigration application to be filled by the skilled workers willing to apply for the permanent residency in Canada. This form is less complicated as compared to the usual immigration filling format.

Here the applicant first needs to enter itself into a pool of potential applicants rather than directly sending a full-fledged complete immigration form to the visa office.

The applicant then needs to wait for the invitation to submit the immigration form. This a very systematic as well as a less complicated way to apply for immigration.

Now this entry system is divided into three categories:

  1. Federal Skilled Workers Class
  2. Federal Skilled Trades Class
  3. Canadian Experience Class

Let us understand these categories in detail.

1. Federal Skilled Workers Class:

The skilled workers to immigrate to Canada are chosen from their ability to contribute to the Canadian economy through their skills and expertise.

The Canadian government ensures that the applicants selected to migrate are well capable of filling in the shortage gaps in its market through their expertise skills, thus contributing to its economy.

The majority of immigrants in Canada comprises of skilled workers and their families. Read the Complete Details on the Federal Skilled Worker Class Here.

2. The Federal Skilled Trade Class:

Under the Federal Skilled Workers Category or FSTC you can directly apply for a permanent visa, but this comes after you meet specific criteria for eligibility.

You can only apply through Federal Skilled Workers Category if you possess at least one year of full-time work experience of your particular skill, provided you attain appropriate points during point score system program.

It also provides an applicant with a plus point, i.e., you can apply for a visa directly through the Express Entry system rather than any visa office. Read the Complete Detail about the federal Skilled Trade Class here.

3. Canadian Experience Class:

The Canadian Experience Class or CEC is a type of application for those immigrants already residing in Canada. To be eligible to apply for this class, an applicant must fulfill specific criteria.

This criterion includes at least a year of full-time experience in Canada within the last three years along with a decent ability to communicate in English or French language.

Registering under CEC through Express Entry System requires an applicant to wait for an invitation to apply for a visa. if you found userful this category for yourself you can read more about this topic i.e Canadian Experience Class.

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The Point System:

The first essential for any applicant to apply for residency in Canada under the Skilled Workers Category needs to pass a test in the Point System.

This test determines whether the candidate is capable of immigrating to Canada. 6 key factors assess the Point System Test. Here the applicant is tested individually for every element and assigned a score for the same.

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The applicant needs to score sufficient mark to clear the test and pass out as eligible to immigrate to Canada. It is a whole of 100 points test where an applicant should at least score 67 marks to pass the test.

You need to Prepare for IELTS Test for Better CRS Score.

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What Factor Affecting the Canada PNP Immigration?

The critical factors in the point system are as follows provided with the points for each:

  1. Education – The allotted points for education out of 100 are 25. A skilled worker applicant is given points ranging right from 5 to 25 depending on their level of education, which can comprise of higher secondary to Ph.D.
  2. Language Skills, i.e., French or English – The allotted points for education out of 100 are 28. An applicant needs to take an exam concerning their language proficiency in either of the language from above and provide an appropriate certificate stating the same to the immigration authorities.
  3. Work Experience – The allotted points for education out of 100 are 15. This factor is assessed by the work experience generated by the skilled worker applicant in the last six years. An applicant is required to provide the authorities with appropriate reference letters from the employers in the previous six years.
  4. Age – The allotted points for education out of 100 are 12. Under this factor, an applicant is assigned positions by their age. Full 12 points are awarded to those between the ages of 18 to 35. An applicant loses each point for every year passed on after 35
  5. Arranged Employment – The allotted points for education out of 100 are 10. An applicant attains full 10 points if he possesses work permit in Canada concerning the Labor Market.
  6. Adaptability – The allotted points for education out of 100 are 10. Under this factor an applicant is assigned points for:
  • having a spouse with sufficient language abilities (English or French),
  • minimum of 2 years of study in Canada by either of them,
  • minimum of 1 year of work experience in Canada by either of them,
  • having an arranged employment by the applicant,
  • alternatively, having a close relative possession of Canadian residency or a Canadian resident.

Other factors:

  1. Settlement Funds:

Skilled Worker applicant also needs to provide the immigrant authorities with appropriate proof of capability to fund their stay in Canada at the time of their arrival there and the rest during the time it will take to hunt down a job as well as an accommodation.

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In the Last: 

Due to various exciting offers and benefits offered by Canada, it is now one of the most attracting immigrants country around the globe. Also, the option of immigrating there without a job offer makes the country stand out among others for the aspiring skilled workers.

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