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Express Entry Draw 2023

Canada Express Entry Draw introduced by the Canadian government to offer quicker Canada Immigration Process for candidates from varied professionals background.

The Express Entry Program is the latest immigration program introduced by the Canadian government to offer quicker application processing times to candidates from varied educational and professional backgrounds.

It is a far more efficient program as compared to its predecessor – the traditional immigration process of Canada.

This program is undoubtedly by far the most popular program among immigrants from around the world. It has already helped a huge number of aspirants to emigrate to Canada on a PR-visa and enjoy all benefits as offered to the citizens of Canada.

The rules and policies for application and selection via the Express Entry Program have been clearly outlined for the convenience of all applicants. There are pre-defined steps and each candidate is guided well about the next steps on the Canadian immigration website itself.


Canada Express Entry Program in 2023:

The Express Entry Program since its launch in 2015, has continuously been updated to introduce timely improvements and enhancements. It has been acknowledged as one of the fairest and unbiased immigration system of the world.

Designed to direct the Canadian economy towards growth and assist the applicants with the best pay scale and highest living standards, this program has proven to be beneficial for the Canadian nation as well as the international applicants.

As the first step, all candidates aspiring to emigrate to Canada and permanently settle there are required to create their online Express Entry Profiles.

In this profile, they are asked to provide their complete professional and personal details for the record of the Canadian government. It is vital to enter the correct details as your application can later be cancelled in the absence of necessary documents to support your profile data.

Canada Express Entry Draw in 2023:

The applicants of the Express Entry Program are then awarded points based on their merit and profile details like – education, work experience, age, gender, skill set, language proficiency, etc.

The comprehensive ranking system (CRS) is used to calculate the score for each candidate. This score is commonly referred to as the CRS score and is of great importance in the Express Entry Program.

All applicants are ranked in descending order of their CRS scores. Only the highest scoring candidates are shortlisted and allowed to enter the Express Entry Pool of candidates eligible to immigrate to Canada.

Selected candidates from this pool are then sent the ITA i.e. the Invitation to Apply for permanent residency of Canada.

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Canada Express Entry Draw Invitation:

Each invitation round, during which the candidates from the Express Entry Pool are sent the invitation to apply (ITA) has its own set of instructions that are:

  • Posted online during the invitation round
  • Used by the Express Entry Program to shortlist candidates from the pool to whom the ITA is to be sent

These instructions necessarily include :

  • The date and time details of the invitation round
  • The number of candidates who will be sent the ITA in the invitation round
  • List of immigration programs that are included in the invitation round. For instance, in some cases the invitation rounds are open for candidates applying via a particular program only like an invitation round may only consider candidates applying from “Federal Skilled Trades” program only while others shall automatically be skipped for this invitation round

All candidates must count and tally their CRS scores to check their eligibility and possibility of selection in a given invitation round via the above-mentioned instruction set.

Canada Express Entry Draw Results from 2023:

Let us understand the details and statistics of one of the most recent draws of the invitation rounds below :

Name : Ministerial Instructions for the invitation to apply for permanent residency under Express Entry Program

Date of the Draw : January 30, 2019

Program : No program has been explicitly specified for this invitation round. All candidates from the Federal Skilled Trades ProgramFederal Skilled Worker ProgramCanadian Experience Class, and Provincial Nominee Program were eligible for this round of invitation

Count of Invitations issued : 3,350 ITA were awarded to the selected candidates. This number is hugely more than the number of ITAs issued in the previous rounds.
Date of the Round : January 30, 2019

Time of the Round : 12:09:10 UTC

CRS score of lowest-ranked candidate invited : 438 is the minimum required CRS score. This score has become much more stable since the last few rounds with an increase of not more than 5-10 points in each draw.

Tie-breaking rule : Date – April 26, 2018, Time : 05:00:46 UTC – If two or more candidates have the same lowest score, the selection is decided on the basis of the date and time of their Express Entry Profile submission

CRS Draw Score Statistics:

Following was the CRS score statistics of Express Entry candidates as on January 25, 2019


 CRS Score Range


 Number of Candidates




































The above numbers in this table showcase the total number of applicants in the pool a few days before the invitation round.


These above numbers and the score distribution is bound to change as more and more candidates submit their express entry profiles or as some Express Entry profiles expire. The numbers in the table are a breakdown of the bold numbers directly above them.

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CRS Draw Prediction for 2019

Though IRCC receives thousands of applications each week from candidates who are willing to emigrate to Canada, it also has an ever-growing demand of skilled professionals to aid in the growth and development of the national and local economy of Canada.

As a result, the Canadian immigration authorities are constantly focusing on simplifying the process to offer a seamless immigration process. The draws are held once every 15 days or even earlier to ensure more and more experienced and worthy candidates are offered the chance to move to Canada permanently.

The Express Entry Program rules have been updated to offer additional points to candidates who have a sibling or close family member already residing in Canada. A special benefit in terms of additional points is also offered to aspirants who can speak, write, read and listen to the French language.

In the most recent draw of 2019, the minimum CRS score requirement has dropped to 438 and is expected to stay the same if not drop down further more. This is because, in 2019, Canada has an even higher demand for trained and skilled people.


IRCC has recently sent the ITA to a record-breaking 3350 number of applicants from the Express Entry pool. This number is also meant to rise in the consecutive draws this year for Canada to meet its requirements of educated and experienced candidates.

We at Round World Immigration stay up to date with the recent press releases and information as distributed on the Canadian Immigration website about the various invitation rounds of the Express Entry Program.

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