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67 Points Immigration Canada

Canada had setup of 67 Points Immigration Canada Eligibility Criteria for all the immigrants who want to immigrate in Canada through pr visa. Here i would like to clear you that Canada PR Visa  is Different and Its Not Provide the Citizenship of Canada.

Numerous Indians, both young and old fantasize about relocating to Canada in hopes of a luxurious lifestyle. Though Canada, in comparison to India is definitely a better place to live and work in, most Indians are unaware that IRCC and the Canadian government have formulated strict immigration rules to ensure that only the best of all applicants are able to receive the immigration and permanent residency status of Canada.

In 2015, the Canadian government framed and introduced the Express Entry Program to facilitate hassle-free immigration of skilled people who could meet its ever-growing demand of trained and qualified professionals.

Needless to say, the Canada Express Entry program is World’s fastest and easiest way to move to an international destination from India.

If an Indian candidate is educated and has relevant work experience, there are three schemes under the Express Entry Program that can be of great benefit for his/her immigration purposes.

  1. Federal Skilled Workers Program
  2. Federal Skilled Experience Program  and
  3. Federal Skilled Trades Program.

What is the 67 point system for immigration to Canada?

For the Federal Skilled Workers Scheme of the Express Entry Program, IRCC makes use of “six pre-defined selection factors” to analyse the eligibility of each applicant applying for emigration to Canada.

All applying candidates are allotted points for each of the six selection parameters and the cumulative score is calculated out of 100.

Only those candidates who are able to score minimum 67 points out of the total 100 for the six selection factors become eligible to apply for immigration to Canada via the Federal Skilled Workers Scheme of the Express Entry Program.

This clearly means that a candidate is considered capable for relocation to Canada if and only if his profile statistics for selection parameters fetch him points more than or equal to the minimum qualification benchmark of 67 points.

Thus, for immigration via the skilled workers program, a candidate must be able to score at least 67 points to be eligible to even apply for emigration to Canada.

This minimum threshold value is commonly referred to as the “67 point system” for immigration and permanent residency of Canada.

Any candidate who dreams of immigrating to Canada must analyse his/her personal and professional details to ensure he/she is able to score the minimum required 67 points to hold a chance to receive the ITA (Invitation to Apply)  for Canadian PR.

How are the points calculated?

Are you wondering if you meet the minimum requirements and shall be able to qualify for the Federal Skilled Workers Scheme? We are here to discuss the six selection factors and explain the point-based system for each of these.

Understanding the marking scheme shall help your improve you profile and make you eligible for immigration and thus permanent residency of Canada.

Six Pre-Defined Selection Factors: Following are the “Six Selection Factors” as stated by IRCC

1. Language Proficiency ( Maximum 28 points )

It is utmost necessary for a candidate to possess language capabilities in either of Canada’s national languages – English or French. An applicant must be able to achieve a CLB score of at least 7 points in each of the 4 test segments of their first official language i.e reading, writing, listening, and speaking.

Candidates can gain a maximum of 24 points by showcasing proficiency in their first official language and a maximum of 4 points for the exceptional skill set in their second official language, these scores can total up to a maximum of 28 points for language skills.

You can Read more about the ielts preparation and tips in the deatils guide

2. Education and Skillset ( Maximum 25 points )

All candidates must possess relevant documents and academic degrees to prove their education and skill set in their given line of work. Education is almost in priority for to meet 67 points for immigration to canada.

Canada considers all educational certificates ranging from the high school degrees to Ph.D. degrees as valid but a candidate must at least own a master’s degree to be able to secure a high paying job in Canada.

In case a candidate has completed his/her education from outside Canada, he/she must have an “Educational Credential Assessment Report” from an approved agency like WES to prove this his/her foreign education is relevant to a completed course, diploma, certificate, or degree in Canada.

The candidate can earn a maximum of 25 points for his education and skillset.

3. Relevant Work Experience ( Maximum 15 points )

A candidate’s full-time or equivalent part-time paid job experience can fetch him/her up to 15 points for his score tally. Working for at least 30 hours a week is considered full-time.

Any work experience in or outside Canada, gained during education or while being self-employed is also considered valid.

To be eligible, the applicant must have a minimum of 1 year full-time continuous work experience in the last 10 years in skills from category O, A or B from the NOC (National Occupational Classification) list.

4. Age Factor ( Maximum 12 points )

Any applicant who is anywhere between 18 to 65 years of age is eligible but the candidates who are between 18 to 35 years old gain the maximum i.e. 12 points for the age selection factor.

Applicants over 47 years of age get no points for age. Also, if a candidate is below 18 years of age, he/she can only apply for immigration as a Dependent of an immigrant or permanent resident of Canada.

5. Employment Offer in Canada ( Maximum 10 points )

If a candidate is able to secure a job offer for a continuous (not seasonal) full-time paid job with minimum 30 hours of work per week for skill type in category O, A or B of NOC from a Canadian employer, he/she is awarded additional 10 points.

Not just the job offer, the immigration authorities must also be convinced that the applicant is a genuine candidate for the offered job and shall be able to perform his job duties nicely.

If a candidate does not have a valid job offer before applying for the Express Entry Program, he/she must be able to showcase possession of sufficient funds to support self and any dependent in Canada for a minimum of three months.

This can be done by showing any documents from banks of financial institutions.

6. Adaptability ( Maximum 10 points )​

The candidate and his/her spouse or common-law partner can fetch an additional 10 points to their score total for adaptability. Adaptability refers to the ease by which the candidate will be able to live, work, and settle in Canada.

This includes factors like any siblings or relatives of the candidate who are already residing in Canada, any past work experience in Canada, any past education background from Canada, etc.

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In Short:

The maximum points for the above six factors total up to 100. A candidate who plans to apply for immigration to Canada via the Federal Skilled Workers Scheme of the Express Entry Program must score no less than 67 points as the sum of points scored in each of the above six selection factors.

If a candidate scores less than 67 points, he/she is considered ineligible and shall not be able to apply for relocation to Canada.

However, such candidates can significantly improve their profiles and scores by working on language proficiency skills, undergoing any course or higher education, or getting a valid job offer from a Canadian employer.

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