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Canada Work Permit With low IELTS band in 2023

Many of You not aware of the fact that You can apply for Canada Work Permit Without IELTS. Working in Canada is the biggest dream of most people across the World. With luxurious living standards, an abundance of jobs, superior pay packages, high class working environments, and plenty of other facilities, Canada is undoubtedly the hottest destination for education, work, and Permanent Residency.

Official Languages In Canada:

French and English are the two official languages of Canada. All immigrants are required to be fluent in speaking, writing, reading, and listening, in either of these two languages. By imposing language proficiency, the Canadian immigration department has been able to ensure that any foreign national who immigrates to Canada is able to effectively communicate with others.

IELTS, the abbreviation for International English Language Testing System is a world-renowned English language proficiency examination. Canada relies heavily on the IELTS scorecard of a candidate to judge his/her English language capabilities before approving his/her application for study, work, or PR.

IELTS marks are accepted by all universities, provincial and federal government offices, and other organizations across Canada as proof of English language proficiency. It is also accepted by Citizenship and Immigration Canada (CIC) for permanent residency applicants.

IELTS is simply an English language examination tool, it is not a visa for Canada. English language proficiency proof is not required for travel, study or work visa for Canada.

Thus, the IELTS scorecard is not mandatory for a candidate to secure a Canadian Work Visa. To be able to travel to Canada for work, the candidate must only possess a valid Canada Work Permit Without IELTS where scorecard is not necessary.

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About Canada Work Permit Visa:

For the Canadian work permit, the candidate is required to have a job offer from a Canadian employer. Now, although the Canada Work Permit Without IELTS, the employer who has offered the job to the candidate may additionally ask him/her for the IELTS score.

In this scenario, the candidate may lose the job offer due to the lack of a valid IELTS score. Thus, as already mentioned above, IELTS is not mandatory for a Canadian work visa but having a good IELTS score definitely improves the candidate’s chances of easy approval for the Canadian work visa.

For the Permanent Residency of Canada, the candidate is supposed to fill the online application for Express Entry Program. As per this program, each candidate is allotted a Comprehensive Ranking System ( CRS ) score based on his/her online profile and credentials.

Few More points for Canada Work Permit Without IELTS

9The applicants are then ranked on the basis of their CRS score. Only candidates with the highest score are added to the Express Entry Pool of the shortlisted candidate, who is then called for the interview and final selection for the Permanent Citizenship of Canada.

Now, IELTS is not a pre-requisite for Express Entry Program but it has a major weight in the candidate’s CRS score. In the lack of an IELTS scorecard, the candidate may have a poor CRS score and may never be able to make it to the Express Entry Pool of shortlisted applicants.

There are some alternatives to IELTS and the candidate is not restricted to just one exam, but none of these exams have as much recognition and weight as IELTS.

Canada Language Benchmark (CLB) is an alternative to IELTS. It is the Canadian standard for measuring English proficiency for applicants to Canadian PR. Another alternative to IELTS is CELPIP.

However, if a candidate has cleared CELPIP, he/she would still need a sponsor before applying for the Canadian PR Visa. The sponsor for the candidate can be his/her relative who is residing in Canada for over 12 months and has a Canadian PR Visa.

Important PNP Program for Canada PR visa:

PNP PROGRAM, Saskatchewan PNP,
Ontario PNP, Nova Scotia PNP,
Alberta PNP, New Brunswick PNP,
British Columbia PNP, Yukon PNP,
Manitoba PNP, Prince Edward Island PNP,
Quebec PNP, Newfoundland PNP,

Do You need to do Now?

To conclude, we would like to specify that though IELTS is not necessary for the Canadian Work Permit, there are rare chances of a candidate getting Canada Work Permit Without IELTS.

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