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Canada Work Visa

Most Indians are fascinated by the idea of Canada Work Visa. Canada is definitely the dream destination for those looking to earn a handsome salary and improve their lifestyle by multi-fold. Canada offers a peaceful work environment and higher pay for the same skill set than the Indian companies.

With Canada’s newly launched provisions that allow an individual to also bring along his/her family members ( spouse, parents, siblings, grandparents, etc ) to Canada, Indians are stress-free about leaving their families behind in India when planning to migrate to Canada for work. Canada is thus a favorable international destination for Indians.

Though Indians are eager and excited to move to Canada, what most Indians are unaware of is the fact that they need a valid work visa, also referred to as the Canadian work permit to be legally authorized to work with a Canadian employer in a Canadian firm.

For any type of employment in a Canadian firm, the candidate must possess a valid work permit. Working on a student visa or tourist visa is illegal and prohibited by law. In certain cases, the candidate may even be punished and deported back to his home country if found guilty of working in exchange for money without a valid Canadian work permit. The candidate’s future entry to the Canadian states may also be restricted in a few severe cases.

As the Canadian government is actively looking for skilled foreign nationals to meet its demands of trained individuals in various sectors, many people are moving to Canada on either a temporary or a permanent work visa. While you can apply for the Working Holidays Canadian Visa and enjoy a Canadian vacation while working to earn a few bucks in Canada, having in-depth knowledge of the various different types of work visa options will allow you to take a wise decision for the future course of action for your Canadian immigration to seek employment.

Temporary Workers Program​

This category is appropriate for candidates looking for short-term employment and thus requires temporary work permit instead of the permanent one.

There are a few available options, let us have a look at them below:

a. Canada LMIA Based Visa

LMIA refers to the “Labour Market Impact Assessment” The LMIA is an official document that any Canadian employer who is planning to hire a foreign national must possess before the commencing the hiring process of the international candidate for his/her enterprise.

To be able to recruit an overseas candidate, the Canadian employer is required to demonstrate that there are no Canadian citizens to fulfill the vacant position. Receiving a positive LMIA document means that the foreign national is required to meet the local market needs and that he/she is now eligible to work with the Canadian employer for a short term temporary basis as no local candidate is suitable for the particular job vacancy.

This visa is not based on any point system and there are not any precise eligibility rules for the candidate to meet. For a candidate to work in Canada under this provision, the candidate must possess an employment offer from the Canadian employer and a positive LMIA.

b. Caregiver Program

As mentioned below, there are three pathways for a candidate under the caregiver program. As per their eligibility, the applicant can apply for Canadian permanent residency by either of these three programs.

  • Live-In Caregiver Program – This program is available for candidates who are already living in Canada and working with a valid Live-In caregiver visa. Also available for candidates who have recently got their Live-In caregiver visa on basis of their employer’s positive LMIA
  • Caring for Child Pathway – This program is valid for those candidates who are offering in-home child-care services in Canada. It helps such candidates to apply and receive the Canadian permanent residency.
  • Caring for People with High Medical Needs Pathway–Candidates who have offered aid to the aged or disabled people or have cared for those suffering from chronic diseases and are being treated in a hospital or their own home are eligible to apply for PR under this program


Permanent Workers Program

These programs allow the candidates to emigrate to Canada on a permanent basis. After a few years of working in Canada, these candidates can then apply for permanent residency and enjoy all benefits as enjoyed by the Canadian citizens.

Following are the multiple visa options under the Permanent Workers’ Program:

a. Express Entry Program

Introduced in January 2015, this is the most popular program for immigration to Canada for employment purposes. A candidate who is seeking employment opportunities in Canada is examined on the basis of his/her education and experience and then ranked among st the other applicants in the pool. The candidates that are highly capable are selected and sent the invitation to apply for Canadian PR.

There are three varied schemes under the Express Entry Program:

b. Provincial Nominee Program

Most Canadian Provinces have their own immigration programs called the provincial nominee programs or PNPs. By these programs, the Canadian provinces aim to meet their local requirements of skilled candidates. The candidates who are selected by the provinces are offered a nomination in the Express Entry Program that hugely helps in their selection over the other candidates. Some common PNP programs are Alberta PNPNewfoundland and liberal PNPOntario PNP, etc.

c. Quebec Skilled Worker Program

As Quebec does not have a PNP program of its own, the Quebec Skilled Worker Program is the official program for immigration to the Quebec province of Canada. Quebec has an individual agreement with the Canadian government and the Canadian immigration authorities that aid Quebec to meet its skilled workforce requirements.

There is a two-step process to apply for Quebec :

  • Step 1 : The candidate must apply to the Quebec government and wait for their confirmation. Quebec uses its own rules to review each candidate’s application. Once confirmed, the Quebec government offers a selection certificate to the candidate.
  • Step 2 : After receiving the selection certificate, the candidate must apply to CIC ( Citizenship and Immigration Canada ) for immigration and permanent residency.

The Canadian government does not support any start-up ventures, thus any candidate who is willing to emigrate to Canada must be able to demonstrate possession of sufficient funds for their survival in Canada. This amount is mentioned by the Canadian government and keeps changing from time to time. One must verify the most updated price from the website itself.


All Indians who want to emigrate to Canada must get a police verification done along with a medical examination from a doctor on the panel of the Canadian immigration authorities. Irrespective of the candidate’s academic excellence or work experience, only candidates with medical reports pointing to good health and a positively verified police record are considered for immigration to Canada.

A lapse at any step during the immigration process can severely delay your relocation plans to Canada. It is extremely important for you to avoid any mishaps or delays, we at Round World Immigration are here to make it easier and quicker for you. Get in touch with us for customized immigration advice and round the clock guidance. We also conduct doubt clearance sessions and help massively improve your profile details. Do not delay anymore as time is already running faster than you think, fill the free profile assessment form on our website and we will get back to you soon!

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