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British Columbia PNP Points Calculator 2021

British Columbia (BC) is a beautiful Canadian province with an abundance of natural beauty. British Columbia PNP Points Calculator Allow You to Know the Probability of Getting PR Visa in this Canadian Province.
Its people are inherently warm and welcoming which makes it an ideal place for work, study, or residence. For aspiring immigrants, it is the most appealing place not only in Canada but across all other countries as well.
There are more than a handful of reasons why British Columbia has become the masses’ favorite destination for relocation. Owing to British Columbia’s diverse yet strong and exponentially growing economy, it is suitable not only for candidates looking for great job opportunities but also for entrepreneurs who are eager to establish their businesses in Canada.

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Reason for migrate British Colombia:

There are more than a handful of reasons why British Columbia has become the masses’ favorite destination for relocation.

Let us have a look at some most popular ones below:

  • High living standards
  • Better wages and multiple other benefits
  • Favorable working conditions
  • Diverse industrial range
  • Rich cultural heritage
  • Excellent healthcare facilities
  • House to renowned universities and educational institutes
  • Friendly people
  • Low crime rates leading to a safe environment
  • Absolute peace of mind

Eligibility for BC PNP

Although British Columbia is a popular Canadian province for immigration and Canadian PR, not every candidate who fills the immigration application gets through successfully. It is of utmost vital to understand the BC PNP eligibility rules and the application process before filing your application for immigration to the British Columbia province of Canada.

Candidates who wish to migrate to British Columbia must apply via its PNP (Provincial Nominee Program) program and get shortlisted in the Express Entry Pool. A candidate applying for British Columbia’s PNP program must have a full-time job offer from an employer who is based in British Columbia and is willing to support the candidate in his/her initial days in Canada. The only exception to this rule is a candidate who has completed his/her academic degree or diploma from British Columbia itself.

Once a candidate secures an employment offer from a British Columbia-based Canadian employer, he/she can fill and submit the immigration application via the online Express Entry Program. Each candidate is given a score based on his/her profile details. This score is called the Skilled Immigration Registration System (SIRS) Score and is mentioned on the candidate’s Express Entry profile.

British Columbia only invites the highest scoring candidates for its PNP program, hence it is extremely important to score high and rank higher than the other candidates in the pool.

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Calculation of SIRS Score

In January 2016, certain changes were introduced to the scoring system for BC PNP. This new system – The skilled Immigration Registration System (SIRS) is much more simplified and has three different pathways to apply for immigration to Canada. There is also a special selection criterion that is exclusive to British Columbia only.

The SIRS scoring system is fairly simple and takes into consideration several factors for calculating a candidate’s final score. This final score decides the candidate’s eligibility for immigration to British Columbia via the BC PNP program.

In the details below, we are highlighting all these factors with the respective SIRS scoring scheme.

How British Columbia PNP Points Calculator Calculate CRS Score?

Use the below information to calculate a tentative score for your profile and analyze your eligibility :

  1. The Skill level of a job offer ( Maximum 60 points )
  2. The Wage of the job offer ( Maximum 50 points )
  3. Regional district of employment ( Maximum 10 points )
  4. Work Experience ( Maximum 25 points )
  5. Education ( Maximum 25 points )
  6. Language ( Maximum 30 points )

As per the above calculation, a candidate can earn a maximum of 200 total points in the SIRS scoring system.

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