Yukon PNP Program Canada(YNP)

Yukon PNP Program Canada(YNP)

The Yukon PNP Program for Canada PR Visa is abbreviated as YNP is the Yukon Province’s Nominee program for foreign nationals to settle in Yukon.This program is run by the Yukon Government in assistance with the Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC) under the “Agreement of Canada-Yukon Cooperation or Immigration.”

Yukon PNP Program Canada allows the Yukon government to identify and nominate candidates to the federal government for permanent citizenship of Canada.

Immigration to Yukon under the Yukon PNP Program Canada is feasible for both job professionals and entrepreneurs. Thus, any professional who gets employment opportunity by a Yukon employer or is capable of setting up his/her businesses ventures in Yukon as per the eligibility criteria can immigrate to Yukon by following the application process.


Yukon is to the far northwest of Canada and Whitehorse is its state capital. It is home to roughly 30,000 people. Its economy thrives on the tourism and mining industry.

Yukon is a good option for permanent residency for anyone looking for a good community with some great outdoors. The Yukon PNP Program Canada is a natural process, and there is complete guidance available.

The Yukon PNP Program Canada streams and eligibility criteria are locally based and decided by the Yukon Employers based on their requirements. When the Yukon employers are unable to find suitable candidates locally to fulfill their vacant posts, they revise and mend the requirements of permanent residency to Yukon.

These employers then accept applications from foreign nationals who are skilled and internationally trained according to their needs for the vacant posts.

Eligible candidates are offered the Yukon Nomination Certificate which aids their application for Canadian PR through the Express Entry Program.

Yukon PNP Program Canada Type:

There are 4 programs under the Yukon PNP Program Canada :

  1. Yukon Express Entry.
  2. Skilled Worker.
  3. Critical Impact Worker.
  4. Business Nominee.

1. Yukon Express Entry(YEE):

Applicants who fulfill the eligibility criteria to enter the Express Entry Pool and those who are willing to live and work in the Yukon province of Canada are eligible to apply for permanent residency through the Yukon Express Entry (YEE) Program.

The Express Entry Stream was added to the Yukon’s existing immigration programs in March 2015. This program allows the Yukon province to individually nominate candidates to the federal government from the pool of Express Entry Candidates.

The Yukon province selects the Express Entry Pool candidates who have the required qualifications, skill set, and the work experience for immigration to Yukon.

To be shortlisted in the Express Entry and be a part of the Express Entry Pool, the applicant must meet the eligibility criteria of one of the following three economic immigration programs of the YEE (Yukon Express Entry) program:

i) Federal Skilled Worker Program
ii) Federal Skilled Traders Program
iii) Canadian Experience Class

Any applicant who meets all the eligibility criteria of either of the above three programs can begin by creating his/her profile online at the IRCC website for the Express Entry Program.

Once the candidate creates the online profile and submits it, his data is evaluated and based on it; the candidate is given a comprehensive ranking system (CRS) score for his profile.

The top rankers are then picked up by the system, and they are invited to apply for immigration to Canada.

If the candidate possesses a provincial nomination certificate, his/her profile is automatically updated with additional 600 points, and that is a significant boost to this profile as it enhances his chances of making it to the Express Entry Pool of shortlisted candidates.

Benefits of YEE to Employers:

The Express Entry Program has been designed in a way to let employers meet eligible foreign candidates to fulfill their critical labour shortage in case the local Yukon residents are not able to attend the job requirements or do not fit in the job role.

The employers get access to foreign candidates who are qualified with degrees from international universities and also have relevant work experience.

The employers can recruit for full-time or part-time job openings. The YEE offers more benefits to the employers than the traditional immigration programs.

This is because by hiring through YEE, the employers can search for candidate profiles online at Canada’s job bank.

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The tool matches and maps the eligible candidates to an employer’s requirements. The employers can also sort and filter candidate profiles based on their age, education, skills, knowledge and experience and select candidates as per their requirement.

The most significant advantage to employers who use YEE is that they do not need to possess the Labour Market Assessment (LMIA) or pay for the travel cost of the foreign worker.

Benefits of YEE to Individuals:

The best advantage to YEE applicants is that it gives them an online portal where employers can get in touch with them. Also, the candidates benefit from the lack of local resources and apply for job vacancies with Yukon employers.

The applications of the eligible candidates are processed in a priority and are the likely candidates receive the form in at most six months from the date of application.

Minimum Eligibility Criteria:

The following rules govern the eligibility of the candidate to the Yukon Express Entry Program. The candidate must :

  • Meet the eligibility requirements of either of the three federal economic immigration programs.
  • Fill the online application for Express Entry Program to receive a Profile Number and a Job Seeker Validation Code (if applicable).
  • Possess sufficient funds for settlement to support themselves and any other dependent family members in Canada.
  • The amount of funds required is based on the size of the family of the applicant as determined by IRCC.
  • Own a valid job offer for full-time and permanent work from an eligible Yukon employer; and
  • Possess a genuine intention to make a living and reside in the Yukon province of Canada

YEE Application And Nomination Process:

Once you have a valid employment offer from a Yukon employer, you shall be able to receive the Yukon Nomination Certificate.

This certificate shall help you get the invitation to apply for Canadian PR through the Yukon PNP Program Canada.

Process of Filing Yukon PNP Program:

Here is the detailed process of filing the application and receiving the nomination certificate for Yukon PNP :

  1. The eligible Yukon employer finds an appropriately skilled worker who is an international resident.
  2. The employer then makes a job offer to the foreign national after making him aware of the Canadian permanent residency availability for suitable candidates of that position.
  3. The applying candidate meets the requirements of one of the three federal economic immigration programs.
  4. The candidate then completes his/her online application at the IRCC’s Express Entry system and makes an entry into the Express Entry candidate pool. The worker receives an Express Entry Profile Number and, if applicable, a Job Seeker Validation Code.
  5. The candidate then proves that he/she has sufficient funds to settle in Canada.
  6. The eligible employer and applicant jointly complete and submit the Yukon Express Entry application form.
  7. The candidate receives an invitation to apply for Canadian permanent residency from IRCC.
  8. The worker shares all necessary documents with IRCC and completes his/her invite for application of permanent Canadian citizenship.
  9. IRCC and Yukon’s Immigration Unit verify the candidate’s records.

10. The applicant finally receives the permanent residency of Canada.

So this is the all about the Yukon Express Entry Program under the Yukon PNP Program for the Canada province. for the next 3 other option apart form the express entry program, you just click on the below link which will land you to the next detail post on other remaining Yukon PNP Program. Here it is:

2. Skilled Worker.

3. Critical Impact Worker.

4. Business Nominee.


In this Yukon PNP Program there is four ways. in this article we had include express entry program for the remaining option you can read the next article i.e. Yukon immigration Canada All Four Option.




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