How to find Top ICCRC immigration agent ?

How to find Top ICCRC immigration agent ?

ICCRC immigration agent is affiliated with the Canadian immigration department  “Canadian Immigration Consultants (RCICs)”  to provide the immigration consultation help to the Canadian immigrants.

What is ICCRC? 

ICCRC is the abbreviation of “Immigration Consultants of Canada Regulatory Council”. It is a government body of Canada that is responsible for registering new immigration consultants and monitoring their operations both in Canada and abroad.

Who are RCICs?

The ICCRC immigration agent who are registered with ICCRC is called RCIC ( Regulated Canadian Immigration Consultants ).

As per the Canadian law, it is illegal for an individual who is not registered with ICCRC to offer immigration advice in exchange for a fee or any other monetary benefit.

This law applies to all individuals offering Canadian immigration advice both inside and outside of Canada.

What was the need of ICCRC?

Moving to Canada is a little tricky, though not everyone needs help from a consultant, most people who are looking for quicker application processing times do not mind hiring a consultant for their paid services.

In recent times, since Canada has gained popularity among aspiring immigrants, there have been reported many cases where individuals faking as Canadian immigration consultants have charged a heavy sum from candidates
by making untrue promises of quick immigration to Canada.

The federal government of Canada formulated this authority named ICCRC to primarily ensure that all applicants who are willing to emigrate to Canada receive professional service from regulated consultants at a fair price deal only.

ICCRC takes all necessary steps to avoid fraudulent activities where candidates are lured of a flourishing career in Canada and cheated of their precious time and money. It takes proper measures to safeguard and protect the best
interests of the applicants in all immigration cases.

ICCRC Regulation for RCIC:

Following are the rigorous rules by which ICCRC regulates all RCICs and monitors their services from time to time:

  • Enforces the Code of Conduct and Professional Ethics for all RCICs.
  • Audits the Immigration Practitioner Programs (IPP) that are offered by post-secondary institutions all over Canada. Calculate your crs score.
  • Administers Full Skills Exam (FSE) from the entry of RCICs to their practice years.
  • Offers Practice Management Education (PME) courses to ensure that all RCICs maintain the quality of their services.
  • Compliance Audits to check that RCICs comply with ICCRC rules and regulations.
  • Credits the hours of Continuing Practice Development (CPD) which helps ICCRC ensure that the RCICs are up to date with the current updates to the immigration process and policies.

What will happen if Canada immigration agent is not an RCIC?

If your ICCRC immigration agent is not an RCIC, it means that he/she has not been approved to offer immigration consultation services by ICCRC. This may land you up in a bunch of problems as detailed below:

  • You may get false information about the Canadian immigration procedures which will eventually delay your immigration process.
  • Your application may be rejected if you are found guilty of paying a fee to an unregistered immigration consultant.
  • In the end, the Canadian government holds you responsible for hiring and availing services from an unregistered immigration adviser.
  • You may get banned for up to 2 years before you are allowed to reapply.
  • You may have to undergo severe mental trauma and feel frustrated for having received irrelevant information. Check Your Noc List Today.

Benefits of Hiring a Registered immigration consultant:

Before you hire an immigration consultant, you must check his/her license details to ensure that he/she is registered with ICCRC. Following are the advantages of asking for immigration assistance from an RCIC :

  • The consultant has been verified by ICCRC and thus can be believed to be reliable with extensive knowledge and experience.
  • You can completely trust the registered consultant for the most accurate and up to date information about immigration policies and procedures.
  • The consultant is legally bound to offer the best advice as a failure to do so may force ICCRC to cancel his/her registration.
  • You can freely discuss all your concerns and expect to receive valid answers to even your weirdest Canadian immigration queries. Job in Demand in Canada.
  • The advisor is available for communication and assistance throughout the application processing timeline.
    The advisor pre-plans for any critical situations that may arise during the course of application and prevents your application from being rejected in any such scenario.
  • Kept informed at all stages of the application process.
  • You are made to feel comfortable and reassured of success.
  • You can except quicker processing times for your immigration application with higher chances of success.

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If you are planning to emigrate to Canada and apply for a Canadian PR visa, you are not obliged to hire an immigration consultant agency like Round World Immigration, but hiring one definitely improves your chances of success by reducing the time effort and planning beforehand for any risky situations.

Once you decide to hire a Canadian immigration advisor, you must always cross-check their registration with ICCRC.

At Round World Immigration, our associate is not only ICCRC registered but also holds years of experience in assisting aspiring candidates from all different Indian states.

We do not ever make any fake promises and maintain complete transparency throughout the Canadian immigration process.

There are not any hidden fees at any stage. With friendly staff and round the clock support, Round World
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