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Find NOC Code | 2023 Updated

Your National Occupation Classification (NOC) code Represent the In Demand job which is listed under in Canada’s official job classification system. You can Find NOC Code and title for a job which you are interested else you can submit your details so we can help you.

How to Find NOC Code List?

NOC refers to the National Occupations Classification. The NOC is a list of professions and occupations that are in demand in the Express Entry Immigration Program. Also called the Canada NOC list, there are approximately 500 occupations mentioned in this list.

Each occupation in the NOC list has a specific occupation code and is mentioned with its sub-titles or sub-occupations. An applicant is required to select one occupation from this list in his Express Entry profile.The candidate must select the occupation that best describes his/her previous job experience and skillset.

If a candidate has a minimum of 1-year of experience in an occupation or sub-occupation mentioned in the NOC list, it adds to the eligibility score of the candidate and massively improves his/her chances of selection for Canadian PR.The occupations mentioned in the NOC list are grouped on the basis of job duties and the work to be done by the candidate.


Main Occupation Types:

Following are the main occupation types where you can Find Your NOC Code :

Skill Type 0 :

Management Jobs – These include the Restaurant Jobs, Fishing Shore Captains, Mine Managers, etc

Skill Level A :

Professional Jobs – This job type includes occupations like Dentists, Architects, Doctors, etc. The candidate must possess university degrees for relevant skillset to apply for a job in this job type.

Skill Level B :

Technical Jobs – The candidate must possess a college diploma or apprenticeship to be eligible for jobs under this job type. Chefs, Plumbers, Electricians and similar jobs are included in the Skill Level B job type.

Skill Level C :

Intermediate Jobs – These jobs require the candidate to have a high school diploma or possess some job specific training experience and certificate. The jobs included are food and beverage servers, industrial butchers, long-haul truck drivers, etc

Skill Level D :

Labour Jobs – For this job type, there are not mentioned any minimum educational requirements for the candidate. This job category includes jobs like Fruit Pickers, Oil Field Workers, Cleaning Staff, etc. The candidates are given on job training.

You Can Read the Complete Set of NOC Code, occupations have been listed with their codes for your understanding and quick reference.

The NOC list is updated often and hence all applicants must keep checking this list and calculate their points based on the eligibility and CRS calculator for immigration to Canada.

For applicants who wish to apply for Canadian immigration via the Express Entry Program or via the PNP PROGRAM of various provinces like Ontario PNP , Alberta PNP ,  British Columbia PNP , Manitoba PNP , Quebec PNP , Saskatchewan PNP , Nova Scotia PNP , New Brunswick PNP , Yukon PNP , Prince Edward Island PNP , Newfoundland PNPNT PNP etc they must use the most recent NOC list and choose their occupation from this list

How We Help You to Know Your NOC Code?

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