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Canada PR Visa or Canada Permanent Residency visa is the Great Option who want Canada Immigration and to settle in Canada.

The Indians have frequently settled in Canada for job and business purposes. For this the very first step need of the Canada PR Visa.

The current Indian population in Canada is 3.8% of the total Canadian population. Indians have settled heavily in cities like Toronto, Montreal, Calgary & Greater Vancouver. Canada has the Top most livable city in the world.

The current Indian populations in Canada in numbers in these four cities are 902350. 1.4% of Canadian total population is Sikh, which shows that maximum numbers from India who settled in Canada are from Punjab.

Canada Immigration is the step by step process. You can fill the form and we will evaluate your profile. We will advice you to fill the correct information so we can do best profile assessment.

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Express Entry News:

The immigration program managed by Express Entry eligibility will be judged on the basis of the Express Entry profile. If the criterion is fulfilled then the candidates are included into the pool of candidates. Know Here How many IELTS Band Required for Canada Visa.

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The Indians have frequently settled in Canada for job and business purposes. Despite That there…


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What is Canadian Permanent Residency Visa?

It is a permanent Canadian visa which allows you to live and work in Canada on a permanent basis. Though Canadian PR provide you many rights similar to a Canadian citizen, however, it is still not same as citizenship in Canada.

Why Choose Canada?

The Canadian economy is robust and always in the upswing, and the country possesses potentially great job opportunities, and thus it’s also one of the best places to live in and its immigration approval rates are also very liberal. In Canada, one can live a luxurious and comfortable lifestyle with high standards of living. Education facilities in Canada are fantastic.

Canada has excellent health care facilities and the security in Canada is very apt with crime rates being meager. The environment is very safe and clean. Children can have free education up to the secondary level.

The best universities and institutions are there in Canada. There is excellent political stability in Canada with diversity in its economy and citizen’s rights are also taken into consideration by the Canadian Government properly. Dual citizenship is allowed in Canada, and also, old age insurance facility is also there in Canada.


The Canadian job market at present has enormous job opportunities across the whole country. Every Year Lakhs of People Apply for Canada PR Visa. Canada is a country having one of the best paymaster employers with a very bright future for its local as well as foreign employees.

The reason due to which millions of immigrants over the years immigrate and settle in Canada for their bright future.

Many come to stay in Canada permanently as the permanent residents through Canada’s immigration programs for skilled workers and these programs are operated by the federal governments or many of Provincial Nominee Program by Provincial governments.

If a person has proper skills and education along with qualifications, ability to speak English and French and an offer of employment, then that person can quickly become a Permanent resident in Canada.

You can read about the Step by step process to Get the ITA for Canada Permanent residence Visa.

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Benefits of Canadian PR Visa are:

  • Privileges: With the Canadian PR, you get the status of permanent resident of Canada, through which you can live, work or study anywhere in Canada and enjoy many other benefits similar to citizens of Canada.
  • Sponsor family members: As a Canadian permanent resident, you can sponsor eligible family members to come to Canada and get permanent residency here.
  • Eligible to Apply for Canadian Citizenship: A permanent resident can apply for Canadian Citizenship after spending the certain period in Canada.
  • Freedom to work anywhere in Canada: A Canadian permanent resident has a freedom to work anywhere in Canada under any employer. Apart from for a few high-security government jobs meant for permanent citizens of Canada only.
  • No Tax on income outside Canada: No taxes will be levied on the income earned outside Canada. These are applicable only for Canadian permanent resident or citizen you pay taxes on the basis of physical residency only and hence, there is no tax on the income earned outside Canada.
  • Sponsored education by the Government: As a Canadian permanent resident, you have the access to subsidized post-secondary education being provided by the federal as well as provincial governments in Canada. The permanent residents can also enrol in free English and French-speaking courses being offered by the federal government.
  • Social Security Welfares: Several social security services are given to the Canadian permanent residents, which includes free or subsidized healthcare, education, unemployment insurance, etc.

Requirements for Canada Permanent Resident Visa?

Applying for Canada PR, a candidate must require to meet the requirement criteria set by the Citizenship and Immigration Canada that are:
• Qualify with the age range of a program
• Language proficiency either English or French
• Education Qualification as per Canadian education system equivalency
• Minimum required funds to settle down in Canada
• Education Credential Assessment (ECA) report
• Health and Police clearance

Processes to get Canada PR Visa :

Suppose a person wants to go and settle in Canada and wants to apply for a Canada PR Visa. Suppose that person also wants to get a dependent visa for his or her spouse. You Can also Apply for Canada PR Visa without Job Offer.

Then firstly he has to fill up the Visa application form and will require documents namely:

1. copies of all his educational certificates,
2. professional licenses,
3. work experience certificates,
4. identity proof copy, passport copy, present evidence address copy,
5. Birth certificate copy,
6. IELTS pass certificate in original,
7. marriage registration certificate copy(for Married only),
8. Net worth certificate copy,
9. property certificate copy,
10. Bank statements print,
11. authentication of the degree certificates by the World Education Services(WES).

similarly, the details and all the photographs of the dependent is also required. Check Your Eligibility for Canada PR. 

Passing the English Language Test:

As Canada is a place having predominantly English speaking majority living there, the communication, whether official or personal is primarily done in English.

For this purpose, the immigrant needs to possess sound English language skills. But how that can be judged? For this purpose, an English language test started getting conducted in several centers throughout the world.

The examination was named the International English Language Testing System (IELTS). This examination lately has been found to be held in 3 million centers across the globe. The IELTS examination comprises of exams judging four aptitudes.

The review is for English Reading, English Writing, English Speaking and English Listening. The grade is given for the exam in between 0-9. The maximum marks for the grade are 9. know how many ielts band required for Canada immigration.

While the form for IELTS Exam is filled the exam occurs after 15 to 30 days gap. In that gap period, the British Council sends several study materials which the examines practice before they sit for the exams.

If a person scores a high grade in this IELTS exam, then his chances of Visa clearance rises as he gets high points for the IELTS clearance.

Authorization of the highest degrees of the persons by the World Education Services
The highest degrees are authorized by an education council, World Education Services (WES) which assesses and scrutinises the fact that whether the degree is a proper one or fake. For this purpose, the World Education Services takes charge.
Have you given the ielts test then you can calculate your ielts band score here.

Important Links for IELTS Preparation:

What are the benefits possessed by the PR Visa holder and what benefits they can’t have?

A Canada PR Visa holder can work, study and settle anywhere in Canada ; A Canada Permanent Residency Visa holder can apply for Canadian citizenship.

Any Canada PR Visa holder can avail the facilities of all social benefit schemes which a Canadian citizen receives;

A Canada PR Visa holder is protected under the Canadian Law and the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedom.

If you Hold the Canada PR Visa then you are not allowed to get a job that requires high-security clearance, and also a Canada PR Visa holder cannot vote or run a political office.

What are the different Canada PR Visa Categories:

How to get crucial support in the course of applying for Canada PR Visa from India?

If the immigrants are not much aware of the rules and guidelines of Canadian immigration process, then they can take services from a reliable and genuine consultant in India.

We at Round World Immigration, there are certified and registered teams of experts who deal with the Canadian immigration processes and previously they had already helped several of their clients to get the permanent resident Visa for Canada various provinces.

Applying Via immigration Consultants:

An immigrant wanting to immigrate to Canada can employ a consultant who will look after all the formalities of the person concerned and help him in his processing of his Canada PR Visa.

One can go for a Canada PR Visa having an offer of employment in Canada, or a person can also go in for a Canada PR Visa without having an already existing job offer in Canada. He might search for the job after landing in Canada.

The free assessment form is needed to be filled up by the applicants. our immigration Experts will assess the profile of the applicant, and we will at a proper time contact the applicant for further procedure.

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