Reliable Immigration Consultants in India

Reliable Immigration Consultants in India

When it comes to Best and Reliable Immigration Consultants in India we are one of them. our immigration services for various destinations like Canada immigration, Australia immigration, UK, Hongkong and many more.

The very thought of moving to a foreign country brings immense excitement for the new place and the new life. But, most of the time, this excitement is curbed down by the nervousness of the complicated application process and the associated legalities.

How to choose Reliable Immigration Consultants in India?

Needless to say that the process of filling visa-petitions and applying for immigration is challenging and often sends jitters down the spine. The candidates remain confused and anxious about where to apply, what all documents to have, how to prepare for the visa application, etc. Overall, they waste a lot of time and lead to nowhere in their journey to permanently settle in abroad.

There surely is huge information available on various immigration blogs on the web, but that too is often outdated and hence misleading for the candidates. It is vital to seek expert guidance in such matters relating to visa petitions, immigration applications, and Permanent Residency, as there may crop up some unforeseen complications that may require professional experience for resolution.

It is tough to find a genuine immigration agency as most of the popular ones around are untrustworthy and charge a massive fee with the fake promises of quick application processing! An authentic agency will not speed up the whole process but also save the candidate from any unwanted expenses. Check Your NOC Code Before Apply for Canada PR Visa.

Our immigration solutions for Canada PR visa:

Canada family immigration visa- through the family visa you could bring your family members close to you in Canada. You can also sponsor your family members but only under some conditions. We are the Best and Reliable Immigration Consultants in India due to our services.
The various categories under this are:

  1. Spousal visa
  2. Dependent child visa
  3. Conjugal partner visa
  4. Parental and grandparental visa

But you cannot work or study under these visas, and you are just a tourist or a visitor, and this visa can be extended up to 2 years.

1.  Canada federal skilled worker:

The Govt. of Canada initiated a specific entry system for immigration to Canada from Jan 1, 2015. You are supposed to create an express entry profile to immigrate to Canada there are some selection factors to attain the visa which are as follows:

  1. Education
  2. Language
  3. Work experience
  4. Age arranged employment
  5. Adaptability

There is a ‘substituted evaluation’ process which is undertaken if you don’t get selected even after having the selection factors. There are three types of federal work visa.

• Canada Quebec skilled workers:

Immigrants who want to reside in Montreal or Quebec and others who wish to reside in other regions of Canada are assessed differently. The province has its own rule for selecting people who could live there. There is a particular eligibility criterion to attain Canada Quebec skilled worker visa.

• Student work permit:

Immigrant students may work part-time during regular study sessions and full time during holidays or breaks.
Here are some conditions which are a must for the work permit for the immigrants to work off-campus and they would have to stop working the very day they don’t hold those eligibility requirements.

• Canada tourist visa:

This is a temporary immigration option to visit Canada, you can only act like a tourist under this visa, and this visa extends just up to 6 months.
There are two types of Canada tourist visas:

1. Single entry visa
2. Multiple entry visa

Both of them are for a specific period only. know more about how to get the job offer in Canada.

Eligibility criteria:

You can check your eligibility criteria free of cost for your profile. There is a specific eligibility criterion for attaining the visa –

1. Valid passport
2. Good health
3. Should be capable of paying your own expenses in Canada
4. Some relative outside Canada who assures your return back
5. Can only stay there for a limited period
6. Leave Canada at the end of the visa
7. No seeking employment in Canada
8. No criminal records
9. Do not pose a security risk
10. Should abide by the laws of Canada
11. Have to undergo a medical examination

we are the fast-growing Reliable Immigration Consultants in India based out of New Delhi, is definitely the most Proffered option for prompt, pocket-friendly and efficient relocation services to Canada, USA, UK, Hong Kong, and Australia Visa.

How we are the Best Immigration Consultants in India?

The team at Round World Immigration has complete knowledge and multi-year experience to assist candidates from varied educational and pectoral backgrounds. They help candidates to take the best route and settle in their desired foreign destination for immigration, travel, work, education, or business.

Round World Immigration has planned and developed a diverse team with exceptional communication skills in over 30 different languages. Also, most members of the team have the first-hand experience in going through the immigration process. Thus, they are able to understand the candidate’s situations more appropriately and offer valuable assistance based on their own personal experience.

An efficient management team, backed up with years of experience in the immigration industry and a friendly support team will never disappoint you with their services. Feel free to contact us for a free assessment of your profile for Permanent ResidencyFamily-Based Immigration VisaWork Permit Visa, Visitor Visa, Business Visa, Dependent Visa, Investor Visa, or Entrepreneur Visa as well.

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