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What Is Average Salary in Canada

What Is Average Salary In Canada ?

A full-time employee in Canada makes an average annual salary of $54,630, or $1050.59 per week. As compared to the prior year, salaries have grown by 4% as at this point. Most Canadians now make more money than they did in past years.

People immigrate to Canada from all over the world in search of a good standard of living, high salaries, and improved prospects for professional advancement. No matter what skill sets they possess or the profession in which they have experience, Canada offers enticing pay scales to lead a steady existence there.

Although the average pay in Canada has gone up Roundworld Immigrationn, not all provinces and territories pay their workers the same amount. The traditionally robust provinces of Alberta, British Columbia, Ontario, and Quebec continue to have high average wages.

 Province & Territory Average Salary (per year)
Nunavut $87,355
Northwest Territories $77,670
Alberta $61,865
Yukon $61,812
Ontario $55,524
Newfoundland and Labrador $55,508
Saskatchewan $54,371
British Columbia $53,516
Quebec $51,735
Manitoba $49,661
New Brunswick $49,511
Nova Scotia $48,470
Prince Edward Island $45,912

As surprising as it might seem to some, the average yearly pay in Saskatchewan and Newfoundland and Labrador has climbed at a rate that is equal to or higher than that seen in these provinces. Ontario and Newfoundland & Labrador have nearly comparable average yearly salaries.

How much salary can you earn in different Canadian Job sectors?

 Following table shows the average salaries in different Canadian job sectors:

Which industries have seen the most growth in Canada?

 Knowing which industries in Canada have experienced the greatest growth in recent years is important if you are searching for work there. Salary growth on a national level is 4%, but in some sectors it has been almost twice as high, ranging from 8% to 26%.

Highest paying jobs in Canada

 Energy and natural resources, banking and insurance, and scientific and technical services are the industries with the highest paid jobs in Canada.

  • Mining, Oil and Gas Extraction: $113,506.12
  • Utilities: $101,531.04
  • Finance and Insurance: $76.843
  • Professional, Scientific, and Technical Services: $76,077.56
  • Public Administration: $75,799.88

In Canada, employees are most likely to experience a 9% annual raise. These increases can, however, differ from person to person. It is based on an individual's performance and contribution to the organisation. These are crucial elements that affect the percentage increase.

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