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If an immigrant wants to work and stay in Alberta, then they must apply for The Alberta Immigrant Nominee Program (AINP) which is also known as Alberta PNP. Using this program, the Alberta Government nominates immigrants for permanent residence in Alberta.

Immigrants must make sure that they have the skills that Alberta wants. The program is run by both the federal government and the Alberta government. Once the nomination of the immigrant is done through The Alberta Immigrant Nominee Program Alberta PNP, immigrants must soon apply for permanent residence. They must also provide the details of their family. Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada looks over the permanent residence of the immigrant, and The federal government approves this application after the complete verification. To qualify The Alberta Immigrant Nominee Program Alberta PNP, one has to undergo the criminal verification test, medical test and security test and few other criteria.

Selection Criteria for The Alberta Immigrant Nominee Program (Alberta PNP)

To get selected in The Alberta Immigrant Nominee Program, Alberta PNP, one has first known the Criteria of Selection and Do’s and Donts and how to go with it. The immigrant must have valid temporary resident status and a valid work permit to work in Canada to work under The Alberta Immigrant Nominee Program. The immigrant would get a valid work visa if they have taken the Labour Market Impact Assessment, and the result is positive.

Exceptions for Alberta PNP

Exceptions for LIMA are accepted for those workers, determine by Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada who have International Experience Canada or workers transferred within a company or the workers are on international trade agreements.

The Alberta Immigrant Nominee Program Alberta PNP doesn’t allow the immigrants who don’t have a work visa or temporary residents living or working in a province or territory of Canada other than Alberta or those who have the criminal background or do not have the skills to work or who is medically not fit and fine.

To be eligible for The Alberta Immigrant Nominee Program Alberta PNP, Language plays a vital role. The immigrant must have given the IELTS English Exam, and He or She should get a Good Score. Proficiency in French is also essential.

As per the latest update, if an immigrant is applying for The Alberta Immigrant Nominee Program, then he or she should have completed a minimum of high school equivalent to Alberta standards except for the Post-Graduation Work Permit holders.

Work Experience Alberta PNP

Criteria for Work Experience as per The Alberta Immigrant Nominee Program Alberta PNP

  • within the last 18 months, one must have a minimum of 12 months full-time work experience in Alberta; or
  • within the previous 30 months a minimum of 24 months of full-time work experience in Canada or abroad.
  • Within the last 18 months, a minimum of 6 months of full-time work experience for Post-Graduation Work Permit holders in Alberta.

Qualities required

Here are the list work qualities that are required for qualifying to work for all immigrants, including Post-Graduation Work Permit holders:

  • He or She should work for a minimum of 30 hours a week.
  • He or She must be working for occupation.
  • One must be a valid temporary resident and must be authorized to work by Immigration, Refugees, and Citizenship in Canada
  • He or she shouldn’t work and study at the same time unless He or she has a Post-Graduation Work Permit.

Apply for Alberta Immigrant Nominee Program

To apply for the Alberta Immigrant Nominee Program Alberta PNP, one has to do the following things.

  1. Meet all the selection criteria that are mentioned above.
  2. Meet the language Criteria
  3. Fill all the forms that would be given by the Alberta Government that would be required for verification purpose
  4. Mail them the complete details with the forms that have been filled.

The applicant will get an AINP file number in the confirmation mail if your application is accepted and been processed further.

The applicant would receive an email within 60 days after receiving AINP stating that the candidate’s application has been received and accepted for consideration.

If the applicant accepts the nomination within 30 days of getting the AINP number then he would be able to apply for Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada Express Entry portal to receive an Invitation to Apply for permanent residence.


To Go Alberta under though Alberta Immigrant Nominee Program Alberta PNP, one should follow some guidelines laid by Alberta as the immigrant would get only one chance to apply at once.

If one wants to reapply, then one has to withdraw the previous application that has been applied and should submit the new request. To withdraw the application one has to send a letter to the Alberta Government to withdraw the application. So make sure that you would apply properly. If you are not able to understand about Alberta Immigrant Nominee Program or have doubts about filling the file, then feel free to contact our experts who would help you with the information.


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