What you need to know about Immigration to Canada from India?

What you need to know about Immigration to Canada from India?

Complete Guide for Immigration to Canada from India

Immigration to Canada from India is easy, but you need to keep in mind some points which make getting jobs easy in Canada. Few things that have to keep in mind if in case you are Immigration to Canada from India for education or job purpose. You have to check your Canada Immigration eligibility if you want to immigrate to Canada as a skilled worker through Express Entry as per the rules laid by the Canadian Government through Citizenship for those who wish to Immigration to Canada from India.

Express Entry Process shows a way to Canada. If you want Canada Permanent Resident (PR) Visa, then Express Entry is the right path for you. Comprehensive Ranking System, i.e. CRS, made it easy to get the details of the foreigners who are willing to work and move down to Canada.

Express Entry Program for Immigration to Canada from India:

Express Entry is a federal selection model superfast model for Immigration to Canada from India that has three subcategories and has been the most popular program for immigration. The Following Programs are introduced by the Canadian government to ease the process.

  1. Federal Skilled Trades Program (FSTP)
  2. Canadian Experience Class (CEC)
  3. Federal Skilled Workers Program (FSWP)

Express Entry asks few questions like

  1. Age
  2. Country
  3. Work experience
  4. Language knowns
  5. Family details
  6. Qualification

The Canadian government uses a tool known as the Comprehensive Ranking System, i.e. CRS. Following Points are taken into consideration while ranking the candidate

  • Human Core Capital
  • Skill Transferability
  • Spouse factor
  • Bonus Points allowed for Canada work experience or Provincial Nomination or Canada Study Experience.

Six selection factors of the Express Entry:

As a skilled worker, you need to have and get a minimum of 67 points if you want to get a job in Canada.

One has to submit and verify your documents to apply for Express Entry

  • IELTS English proficiency test results
  • ECA from World Education Service

Get your Comprehensive Ranking System Score

One has to submit your genuine documents which will be verified.

Get Invitation to Apply The top rankers of Express Entry’ Comprehensive Ranking System will get an ITA.

Submit PR application- 60 days from then will be given to you to submit documents.

Type of Work Permit Visa for Immigration to Canada from India:

One needs to know different kinds of work permits. To work in Canada, one has to get a work permit which will vary according to the kind of work you would like to do. There are different kinds of work permits.

They are:

  1. LMIA-based Work Permit
  2. Intra-Company Transfers Work Permit
  3. NAFTA Work Permit
  4. Post-Graduation Work Permit
  5. Business Visitors Work Permit

Employer Specific Work Permit

Under this, you have to submit the complete details about your employment to the Canadian government

One has to provide the following information:

  1. Complete employer details under who hired you
  2. the residence and work location
  3. expected working days

Open Work Permit:

In Open Work Permit No employer has engaged you. In this case, if you want to work in Canada, then you have to submit a few details of yours, which includes things like:

  1. the student who’s unable to meet the educational expenses
  2. applied for PR in Canada
  3. an international student who graduated from a designated learning institution and are eligible for the Post-Graduation Work Permit Program
  4. have an employer-specific work permit and are being abused or at risk of being abused concerning your job in Canada
  5. spouse of an international student
  6. a dependent family member of someone who applied for PR
  7. the temporary resident permit holder

Few things that you need to know if you are Immigration to Canada from India.

What is the migration policy for immigration to Canada from India?

Canada had mentioned Complete Immigration process. Go through it deeply. Apply for Canada in the method mentioned above. You Won’t have much paperwork. The government of Canada has made it easy, and everything is accessible online. You can apply for your jobs online. So you will have proper work.

How the IELTS Score help to Get PR Visa?

If you know English, then you won’t be facing any problems. As French and English are the most spoken and official language, you can manage in Canada if you know English. To test the capability of your English, you have to undergo the IELTS Exam. You have a higher chance of getting selected if your IELTS Scores are good.

How to Search Job after Immigration to Canada from India?

Nowadays there are lots of sites where you can get jobs quickly in Canada. A few of the most commonly known sites are monster.com indeed.com. If you have a good network over there, then you will get jobs quickly.

Based upon National Occupational Classification categories–

  1. O,
  2. A and
  3. B

There are different kinds of jobs available in Canada. You can work there as per your skills, educational qualification, and your expertise. The most common jobs nowadays in Canada are on Films Industry, Software Industry, Health Care Social Services, and Management Industry l. If you are skillful enough, then you have got a high chance that you will get jobs quickly over there and can make a great career over there. The Canadian government has introduced many techniques to hire new immigrants; They hire almost 300K immigrants who are skillful enough to work there.

Canada gives ample opportunities to those who want to start their business in Canada. If you’re going to start your business in Canada and Government thinks that your business is beneficial to Canada, then consider that you are eligible for Canada pr visa.

What are the documents required for Immigration to Canada from India?

You need to produce documents to the Canadian government for the verification

  1. IELTS Score Card
  2. Proof of Identity
  3. Qualifying WES Report
  4. Valid Passport
  5. Education Transcripts
  6. Employment Experience Letters
  7. Medicals & Police Clearance Certificate

There are chances that they might ask you other documents too depending upon the conditions


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