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A person should apply for a USA visa, either an immigrant visa or a non-immigrant visa, if they wish to travel to the US for tourism from Chandigarh. The B-2 category of nonimmigrant visas includes the USA Tourist Visa, which is available to anyone who wish to travel or conduct business in the United States.

The non-immigrant visa offered by the top USA tourist visa advisors in Chandigarh enables the visa holder to obtain official immigration authorization if they intend to stay in the US for a brief period of time. Your paperwork will be prepared by the top USA tourist visa advisors in Chandigarh, saving you hundreds of dollars in fees. One can apply for a USA tourist visa through the USA immigration department in Chandigarh for travel, visits with friends and family, medical care, and participation in social activities sponsored by fraternal and service organisations.

The B-2 USA Tourist visa is also valid for amateur participation in athletic, musical, and similar events for up to six months. A US tourist visa can only be obtained after receiving clearance from Chandigarh's US immigration department. Each applicant must possess a current passport, have their application form submitted, pay the required cost, and show up for the interview for a tourist visa at the nearest embassy in their nation. Roundworld Immigration will provide full terms and conditions for filing an application form, which must be accompanied by all required documents, including evidence of identification, proof of residency, and a passport, in order to qualify for a visa. One of the top immigration and USA visa agents in Chandigarh is us.

Visitor visa are a form of tourist visa that you might be qualified for if you only plan to travel for a short period for tourism purposes.

It varies by country, but in general, if you are traveling for one of the reasons mentioned below, you will be issued a tourist visa. Jobs paid performances, academic research, working as a crew member on a ship or an aircraft, permanent residence, or working as a journalist, amateur or professional, are not included.

In Chandigarh, Sunshine Immigration provides tourist visa services. We offer the best visitor visa in Chandigarh to help you find an immigration solution that meets your requirements. Our Chandigarh Visa Agents will help you apply for a Tourist Visa simply and practically. We provide visitor visa services for different countries.

Why We Are Best Visa Consultants In Chandigarh

We have a group of skilled and knowledgeable visa officers that are conversant with the convoluted immigration procedure. You can get the thorough paperwork you need to fill out the application form from us.

To ensure continuous development toward their desired outcome, we adequately equip and water down many of our clients' wants and specifications. Since everything is done in one location, customers won't need to rush to fulfil their deadlines.

We think that filling out a visa application is difficult, time-consuming, and sometimes uncomfortable. Nevertheless, we are here to provide straightforward solutions to any issues you may have run across. The smooth transition from turbulent to steady waters is the centrepiece of our saying and thesis.

We were established to offer visitors, students, and their parents specialised assistance to assist them in choosing the best career-related educational path. The following is a list of some of our pre- and post-departure programmes:

  • a one-stop shop.
  • We help travellers with all aspects of the application process, from helping them choose the best way to submit an application to helping them apply for a visa to helping them with pre-departure services.
  • Free applicant assessment
  • Map of the destination nation's route
  • Facilities for lodging and international guidance

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