TCF Canada Immigration Consultants

TCF Canada Immigration Consultants

Do you being an immigrant want to become Canadian citizenship? We have a solution for you. All you have to do is give an exam known as TCF Canada. This exam has been approved by the Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC) and There are no exemptions for this exam. Anyone can attend this exam regardless of their nationality or language.

TCF Canada is taken from the term The “test de Connaissance du français” is a French-language proficiency test. This exam is taken to meet the standards of Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada. According to the results obtained in this exam one’s fate would be decided if one would be obtaining Canadian citizenship or not.

Modules involved in TCF Canada

Just like the IELTS English proficiency exam, TCF Canada also has four mandatory parts. Reading, Writing, Speaking and Listening. This exam would be taken entirely in French.

Listening Module:

In this module, there will be 39 multiple-choice questions. One has to listen to the comprehension, which will be recited in French. One has to listen and understand and answer the questions.

Reading Module:

Just like the listening module, There would be three multiple-choice questions. One has to read those questions and answer the answers. There are chances that there might be only one possible answer.

Speaking Module:

In this module, there would be three reading tasks, and these would be given according to the progressively increasing level of difficulty. One has to speak clearly and correctly without any errors and make sure to focus on the accent. One has to talk in the French language itself.

Writing Module:

In this module, you will get three writing tasks. Just like the speaking module, this would also be according to the difficulty. This should also be written in French. The level of difficulty of the exam would be taken care of by Canadian Language Benchmarks (CLB) and European Framework for Language Learning, Teaching and Evaluation.

Canadian Language Benchmark

After the exam, according to one’s performance, the results would be given, and a certificate would be issued. This result would show how much proficient one is and what is the level according to the Canadian scale (Canadian Language Benchmark, CLB). Different Sessions for TCF Canada has been conducted throughout the year. It is the responsibility of the Individual to contact the authority and find the nearest exam center and give the exam as soon as possible.

An accredited TCF Canada Canter can provide information on the following:

  • the location of the test session
  • the fee of the exam
  • the registration procedure
  • test session dates

TCF Canada Process:

TCF Canada can be given as many times as possible, but one has to wait for 30 days in order to try this exam again. Results would be declared and will be sent to the testing center within 15 days day after giving the exam. One has to go to the test center to know the results and to collect the certificates for TCF Canada. Only one certificate would be given, so it is upon the person to keep it safe and to keep extra certificate copy

Under the Canadian Immigration and Refugee Protection Act and the Canadian Citizenship Act, The Center International d’Etudes Pédagogiques gather specific data to allow you to take the TCF Canada.

Information like: Full name, date of birth, nationality, native language, signature (obtained on the day of the test), photo (which must be taken the day of the test at the testing site), Identification Proof details and numbers like passport will be asked. This information will be sent to the Canadian authorities, and they would have this information for ten years from the day of the test.

If one has to attend the TCF Canada then, He or she is authorizing the CIEP to keep their information with the Canadian government for ten years. This information would be stored safely by the Canadian government under Canadian law. The Canadian authorities will not be processing immigration or citizenship application, If one is not willing to submit their information to the Canadian government

This certificate will be valid for two years.

Cheating in TCF Canada Exam:

Cheating while giving this exam is an offense. Few things that a person who is attending this exam should keep in their mind is:

  • One has to write their own exam; replacing yourself with others is not allowed.
  • No Smartphone or electronic devices in the examination center is allowed
  • Photography is prohibited. Taking pictures of question paper is not permitted.
  • Need to maintain complete silence, no communication with other candidates is allowed.
  • No books or papers brought from outside is allowed.
  • One is not allowed to copy from another candidate.

If someone is caught cheating or attempting to cheat then

  • their exam would be canceled,
  • won’t be allowed to write the exam again
  • would be considered as a criminal case


If you want to go to Canada, then you must write the TCF Canada and must qualify it. If you need more information about the exam, then please feel free to contact our experts.



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