Requirement & Eligibility criteria for Hongkong Visa

Requirement & Eligibility criteria for Hongkong Visa

As India is very near to China, this makes a great place of opportunity for many Indians to prefer to go to HongKong and study/work there. Getting a Hongkong Visa for Indians is not an easy task, and you need a good immigration consultant.

Hongkong Visa for Indians:

Indian citizens must pre-register online before they can visit for and can enter into the gates of Hong Kong Special Administrative Region visa-free. This step is not required if any Indian is flying to HKSAR and are not leaving the airport premises. If you are an Indian and you have an Indian passport which is valid for six months and wants to visit HKSAR and stay there for not more than 14 days, then the online pre-registration will be free for you. If you have a valid permit for study, to work, and to stay, then you don’t have to apply pre-registration for Hongkong Visa.

Eligibility criteria for Hongkong Visa:

You have the right to visit HKSAR without Pre-Registration if you have a valid Indian official passport and those who have successfully enrolled for e-Channel service for frequent visitors to HKSAR.

Before boarding a conveyance bound for the HKSAR, an enrollee must submit the “Record of enrolment for e-Channel service for frequent visitors” and a valid Indian passport as proof of valid enrolment for e-Channel service for frequent visitors which he/she has used for the enrolment to transport.

If the validity of the enrolment for e-Channel service or the passport that is linked to the enrolment gets expires for frequent visitors, an enrolee’s eligibility for e-Channel service lapse immediately. In that case, one must asap apply for pre-arrival registration before and complete it before revisiting the HKSAR.

If you are a contract seaman or operating sea crew or member of operating aircrew may also travel to the HKSAR without pre-arrival registration.

The requirement for Hongkong Visa for Indians:

Any Indian can apply for a Hongkong Visa over here if in case he or she wants to visit and stay HKSAR for more than 14 days or want to study there or work or live there. The immigration portal gave a complete section for the Hongkong Visa for Indians.

For pre-arrival registration, one must visit the designated GovHK website. Fill all the details there as per the details mentioned in the passport. Computers will automate the registration process. and the details will be declared instantly.

Once done, print the “Notification Slip for Pre-arrival Registration for Indian Nationals,” which was auto-generated in the A$ sheet and get this slip signed.

One must re-apply based on the new passport or personal particulars, if incase the Indian passport is lost or have been misplaced or been renewed or changes his/her details after pre-arrival registration.

One must apply for an entry visa to the Immigration Department if the Indian intends to visit the HKSAR in case the pre-arrival registration fails for any reason. Such applications must be submitted directly to the Immigration Department for Hongkong Visa.

Validity and Registration for Visa:

The validity of pre-arrival registration is only for six months. Using this visa, an Indian can stay in the HKSAR for up to 14 days. To make this Visa-free, one must use a valid notification slip with a valid Indian passport linked to the successful pre-arrival registration, excluding standard immigration requirements.

Once the current registration has expired, then Indians will be allowed to make a new registration. It is necessary for Hongkong Visa for Indians.

One may check the validity of the pre-registration online or using the Hong Kong Immigration Department Mobile App.

If notification slip is lost or damaged or not printed correctly, then one has to reprint it. One has to input the exact answer to the Identification Question selected during the registration process.

With visitors, one is not allowed to establish or join in any business, to take any employment, or study there.

Important Points:

Getting a HongKong visa is very easy if you have step by step knowledge. All you have to do is apply for pre-registration with the details that are mentioned in your passport and then take a printout on A4 size paper and get it verified with the sign.

You can track your registration process online or using the mobile app and can take a printout of it anytime. This would be valid for six months, and you can stay there for 14 days. This is only meant for visiting purposes, and you are not allowed to work or study there. If you provide any false information, then you will be a prosecution under the Laws of Hong Kong. Get the Hongkong Visa and fly to fulfill your dream now.


This is all about the Hongkong Visa for Indians. This is pretty much similar to the other country as well. if you are not from India you can still connect with us and we will let you know the exact details for you Hongkong Visa step by step. I hope, you will get an understanding of the Hongkong Visa process. if you have any question you can ask in the comment box as well. Thank you.




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