MPNP Draw- Latest Manotoba PNP Draw 2022

MPNP Draw- Latest Manotoba PNP Draw 2022

Are you lucky enough to go to Canada for work? Are you lucky to get MPNP Draw? With the Expression of Interest, many candidates have been selected for temporary or permanent stay, who are having different skill levels.

Express Entry would be given to

  • Skilled Worker Overseas Stream (SWO)
  • International Education Stream (IES)
  • Skilled Worker in Manitoba Stream (SWM)
  • Business Investor Stream (BIS)

MPNP Draws are taken to decide who have been selected based on the Expression of Interest.

Manitoba is located in Canada’s western provinces; This place is a very fertile land and agricultural rich production area. So this place needs a lot of Oversea Skilled Workers who can work for production.

What is the Manitoba Provincial Nominee Program (MPNP Draw)?

A Provincial Nominee Program (PNP), known as The Manitoba Provincial Nominee Program (MPNP) was been introduced in Manitoba Immigration, It is a mix of many immigration processes that lets immigrants become Canadian permanent residents. The Provincial Nominee Program is designed for foreign people who can come to Manitoba and work and study there.

As many people from different countries apply for this program, they get thousands of applications. So, they have to filter out the applications and send the invitation to apply to only those selected students who qualify the requirements of the Manitoba guidelines of Expression of Interest.

MPNP Draw 2020:

In the year 2019 Manitoba received 8,542 total Expression of Interest, out of which only 4534 aspirants were invited to apply for Canada PR visa under Manitoba PNP, and 432 applications were blacklisted, 2545 applications were rejected due to errors in the application and other application could not be processed.

Then immigrant has to apply for MPNP by applying in MPNP Online portal by uploading the Letter of Invitation which the immigrant has received from MPNP.

Submit an Expression of Interest ( EOI) for mpnp draw:

The Immigrant has to Submit an Expression of Interest (EOI) first to migrate to Manitoba through the MPNP.

For Manitoba PNP 60 out of 100 required is to qualify, which is the minimal score. The applicant needs to submit the Expression of Interest (EOI) As soon as the score is received. Out of 1200 total score, one would be ranked after that. Within five to six months Applicant would receive approval letter MPNP-B Nomination Application after its submission.

Manitoba’s Expression of Interest system

Register an Expression of Interest with the MPNP, both the Skilled Workers Overseas and Skilled Workers in Manitoba categories To be invited to apply for a provincial nomination from Manitoba.

An Expression of Interest is an online portal for Manitoba. It is ranked out of 1,000 points. Points are calculated based on education, work experience, proficiency in French and English, connections to Manitoba and other factors.

In the latest draw, under the Skilled Workers, the number of candidates invited in Manitoba Stream had a score of 496. The Skilled Workers Overseas Stream who had the lowest-ranked candidate invited had a score of 672.

The MPNP selects highest-scoring candidates and sends them the Letter of Advice to Apply after taking the MPNP Draw. Once the candidates are invited, they can apply for Manitoba’s provincial nomination.

The minimum score required was

  • For the Manitoba Skilled Workers: 525
  • For the Overseas Skilled Workers: 611

Manitoba Skilled Workers and Skilled Workers Overseas

MPNP selects and nominates The Skilled Workers Overseas foreign workers who can work for Manitoba.

The Skilled Workers Overseas foreign workers must have a family or friends or blood relationships in Manitoba. If they have previous education or work experience in Manitoba then it would add advantage.

To be eligible, It is not mandatory that The Skilled Workers Overseas foreign workers need to be present in Manitoba at the time of application. The 13 immigrants were been invited through the Skilled Workers Overseas Stream under a Strategic Recruitment Initiative by the Manitoba MPNP by MPNP Draw. The 191 immigrants were been invited through the Skilled Workers in Manitoba category by MPNP Draw.

It is mandatory that The Skilled Workers Overseas foreign workers must have a full-time job in Manitoba, a permanent job offer from a Manitoba employer.

International Education Stream

International Education Stream is been invited by Manitoba who has skills. IES include three sub-categories: Student Entrepreneur Pathway, Graduate Internship Pathway, and Career Employment Pathway.

Business Investor Stream

Manitoba’s Business Investor Stream has three main immigration streams namely business management stream, entrepreneurial stream, and farm investor stream business management stream is meant for individuals who are into business management and this is for those who want to manage their existing business Manitoba Points Calculator.

The entrepreneurial stream the second immigration stream. This is for those who want to start their own business in Manitoba. Farm investor stream is meant for entrepreneurs who want to invest in the farming sector.


Using MPNP one is really having a proper scope to work and stay in their dreamland, but due to lack of proper information, many of the applications get rejected. So make sure you fill it carefully. If you have any questions regarding MPNP Draws point system, processing time, eligibility requirements, etc.please feel free to contact our experts who keep themselves updated with this.




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