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Migrate Overseas

When someone moves from one to another country, they manage two identities

  1. Citizenship of one country and
  2. Residency at another.

You do not have much idea how well you would settle into the new country. There are many unique systems and aspects to take care of them.

Five Things to Keep in mind when Migrate Overseas:

  1. Clean up the assets: Before leaving your country first, you should clean up the assets in your resident country for easy access and supervision. Like you can’t participate in schemes such as ppf. You need to lock your investment and move the funds into other assets.
  2. Check you’re Insurance Policies: You should check your insurance policies and medical policy so you do not end up paying a premium for facilities you may not use.
  3. Collect Employment Benefits: You have to review and collect all job benefits. Like in India, your provident fund (pf) account will not receive interest if there is no participation beyond three years. You should avoid letting these accounts become listless.
  4. Update Your Resident Status: You need to convert your mutual fund, bank accounts, demit accounts into foreign accounts, to have regular access and correct tax and revenue records. The fees of international broking accounts are higher, and it is essential to join before conversion.
  5. Make Aware with Regulation and Restrictions: In New Country Destination Rules and regulations may vary from the old country. In the USA, FATCA laws will apply. Like that, there are various rules for many other countries.

So, this is five crucial points to keep in mind when you are preparing to migrate overseas. If you have any other difficulties, you can say in the comment as well.


Most of the time, when you go with a work visa, your company would take care of legal documentation for you, including medical check-ups and vaccinations. Apart from that, if you have a visa consultant like round world immigration, it will become an easy task for you.

Over the past few years, the number of people looking forward to Migrate Overseas has been dramatically increased. Most of the people prefer migrating for number of reasons. Here, we list out some of the top reasons why most people are migrating overseas.

Employment is ranked very high in the list of reasons for migrating overseas. Whether you are looking for a new opportunity or enhance your career prospects, migrating abroad will definitely benefit you. Indians who wish to immigrate abroad for job purpose can make good amount in a short span of time. One can find number of relevant opportunities which matches their skill set at all levels.

Better education, productive jobs, and a higher standard of living are some of the factors that make many people move to a different country.

You will want to hit the ground running, but many factors that differentiate your home country from the foreign country you just moved in will slow things up a bit. The good news is, we can guide you to settle in the country and achieve your dream successfully.

After landing in the country of your choice abroad, the excitement eventually cools down and the reality that you are away from the people you know finally hits you. If you are well prepared, you will not find it hard, but when not, you may succumb to the pressure of settling in a foreign country.

Settling down quickly and moving on with life is what every immigrant wants. This will depend on how fast you realize and accept that the move has happened and that life should go on. You will be amazed at how long many people take to settle in their new countries due to different factors – some take two years! During the move, it is understandable that much concentration and energy were put into moving and this sometimes may cloud your preparations for the actual settle.

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