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Registered Agents in India

Migration Agents Registration Authority that is abbreviated as MARA, is an Australian government entity that registers and regulates all migration agents. we are MARA Registered Agents.

This provision was introduced to enable the applicants to get professional migration assistance from recognized and trusted migration agents only.

All registered migration agents are experts and have complete knowledge about the Australian immigration policies along with the multi-fold visa application process.

They offer complete guidance and accurate advice as prescribed by the Australian government at all stages of the migration process from the start until the end.

Any agent or a consulting company, residing and operating inside or outside of Australia that charges a fee for assisting the candidates to migrate to Australia is legally bound to be registered with the office of MARA.

A consultant who isn’t registered with MARA is barred by the law to offer any kind of guidance to anyone willing to relocate to Australia for education, work or even business.





Though applicants who can fulfill all immigration formalities on their own are not necessarily required to take help from a registered migration agent, hiring one definitely has multiple advantages.

The migration agent :

  • makes the whole process simple and straightforward
  • offers honest and experienced advice
  • fills the candidate’s visa application
  • improves the candidate’s profile
  • does all correspondence with the Australian government and immigration authorities
  • massively increases the chances of candidate’s selection for immigration to Australia

The office of MARA that is based in Sydney and monitors the operations of MARA is a separate organization linked to the Department of Immigration and Border Protection (DIBP).

It became operational on July 1, 2009, and is set out in section 316 of the Migration Act 1958. Following is a list of its main objectives :

  • To ensure that only suitable people are registered as migration agents and unprofessional people are neither registered nor re-registered.
  • To ensure that all registered agents have the proper knowledge and are able to offer appropriate advice to aspirants.
  • To address any complaints received against the services offered by registered or previously registered migration agents and to de-register any agent if required.
  • To ensure that all applicants understand their rights and that the agents are aware of their obligations towards the applicants under the regulatory framework.

A MARA registered migration agent cannot help in quicker processing of your application or guarantee success as the final decision depends on multiple factors and is made by the Australian emigration authority on its own

But is a MARA agent’s duty to improve an applicant’s profile and only submit it to the emigration authority once it has a fair probability of selection. If a MARA agent fails to fulfill his/her responsibilities towards the
candidates, he/she may end up losing his/her MARA license.

All registered migration agents are required to duly follow the Code of Conduct that has been legally enforced by the Australian Office of the MARA, have an in-depth knowledge of the Australian emigration law, stay up to date with the most recent amendments to the law, and meet the high standards of work ethics and professionalism.

If you are looking for a trusted and renowned MARA registered immigration agency in India to answer your queries and turn your Australian immigration dreams to reality, team Round World Immigration and its MARA registered
for immigration service.

We at Round World Immigration, offer the following emigration and visa application services :

  • High-quality assistance with effective and prompt service.
  • Accurate professional guidance.
  • Evaluation of profile with personal interactions for doubt clearing.
  • Total privacy of your personal and professional details.
  • Explain available visa options and recommend the suitable ones.
  • Prepare all desired documents.
  • Lodge a high standard visa application that has a good chance of selection
  • Get in touch with the Australian emigration authorities to know about the progress of the application
  • Maintain honesty and keep the applicant informed at each step of the process.
  • Are reachable on phone and email for quick assistance.
  • Act as per the law for the best interests of the candidate.
  • Maintain transparency throughout the process

We understand your dreams and aspirations of a luxurious lifestyle in Australia and make honest efforts for your successful immigration.


We always aim to fast track the processing of your application and takes all necessary steps to improve your chances of success! With his experienced team at work, Australia isn’t any far for you.

Get in touch with us for your free profile assessment and we promise to never disappoint you!

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