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Is it Really Difficult to Get a Jobs in Canada

Many young aspirants who dream of settling in Canada are often scared by the difficulties that they might have to face to get Jobs in Canada. Finding a new job in Canada is only as hard as in any other developed country.

If you have a good academic background and some work experience, you are already in a much better position than most other applicants. But if you are a new immigrant a fresh graduate, getting a job can be a little struggle but it is not impossible.

How to Get Job in Canada:

There are a few critical factors that can turn the tables in your favor:

1. Competence :

Before applying for new jobs in Canada, you must focus on your own skillset. Learn some skills that are in demand, practice, and pick up unique techniques, and gain some work experience before dreaming of a flourishing career in Canada.

If you bring nothing new to the table, you are most unlikely to be hired.

2. Effort :

There is no point sitting on the couch and hoping to Get Jobs in Canada. You always have to actively keep looking for a job in your desired industry. Never hesitate to start small in the beginning and gain some experience.

Once in a job, you can always switch to better job offers or might even get promoted to a senior position in the same job.

3. Job Search Strategy :

Sending your resume by email or post to numerous companies at once will not solve the issue for you. If you come across a vacancy, you must first research the company and develop a plan to apply for the available positions.

Create a professional cover letter or send a handwritten note. These will increase your chances of being noticed and hence be awarded the job offer.

4. Language Proficiency :

If you are proficient in English and are having a tough time finding the right job, a good option for you to gain an edge over the other candidates would be to learn French and appear for the TEF French proficiency examination.

This will make your profile stronger and make you eligible for a large no. of positions than before.

5. Networking :

Once you are in Canada, the best option is to connect with people and grow your own personal network. In most cases, the New jobs in Canada are filled by referral network and are never announced to the public.

Having a professional network will benefit you and make your job search easier.

6. Work legally in Canada :

Never assume that you can visit Canada on a travel visa and get a job. Always take the legal route and apply for a work permit before looking for new jobs in Canada. The ethical route may take more time but keeps you in a secure position.

Recruiters are themselves punishable for hiring candidates who do not possess the Canadian work permit, hence it may be useless for you to look for a job while you still possess a visitor visa for Canada.

7. Reskilling :

If even after all your efforts, you have failed to secure a high paying job, it is time you think about upgrading your skillset. Find out about the current market trends and the demands of Canadian employers, invest your time and energy in picking up new skills before applying for new jobs in Canada. Check your NOC Code Related to your Profile in Demand.

The above points will set you right in your job search journey. Besides these, you must also try to understand the Canadian work culture and adjust yourself accordingly. Never be in a hurry, be patient and never give up!

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