Immigrate to Canada with simple and easy steps

Immigrate to Canada with simple and easy steps

Complete Guide for Immigrate to Canada

Are you looking to Immigrate to Canada? But you must be thinking about how to immigrate to Canada from India. But no more to worry, this blog gives you complete details on different ways to Immigrate to Canada from India. If people seeking a better standard of living in the world then you have to think for Immigration to Canada. This provides several professional development opportunities and also individual growth.

It is also the best location for all those who want a better standard of living for themselves and the families to settle down in. In comparison, the best way to Immigrate to Canada i.e., the Canadian Immigration Process, is far more transparent, versatile, and user-friendly compared to other countries such as the United States and the United Kingdom. So qualifying is easier. Canada often offers a robust system of healthcare, public education, and social welfare, including some of the world’s best at a low cost.

What do you mean by Permanent Visa for Canada?

Canadian Permanent Residency is perhaps the most desirable-after visa category for eligible Indian and international professionals. It is indeed a five years permanent residency visa which offers the opportunity for qualified foreign workers to serve and stay in Canada. You will transfer the Canadian PR status to Canadian citizenship after three years of stay and work on the PR passport.

How Permanent Residency Visa benefits you?

  • Multiple entries visa from five years
  • A “family status” where both the applicants (spouse) are allowed to work full time
  • Free child education, healthcare and social provision for the whole family
  • Possibility of inviting the post-settlement parents
  • Access into the United States

Eligibility Requirement for Canada Visa

  • You have to score 67 of 100 points.
  • Your work must be mentioned on the list of requirements in Canada.
  • In the IELTS test, you will score good bands.
  • You have to keep funds into your account.
  • You are required to have papers for your job, schooling, language skills, etc.

Fees required for Canada Visa

The cost of the Permanent Residence Visa is well above 18 years, 1040 Canadian dollars per applicant. Canada’s PR visa fee is generally sought at the later stages of the process. You will be paid an Education qualification review fee in the initial phase of the Canadian Permanent Residency process. This is 285 per claimant Canadian dollars. This is to determine if your education meets Canadian expectations, and you’re all set to go through it. Canada is certainly on your list if you’re looking to begin a new life in a vast land! As one of the best places in the world with a large number of job opportunities, Canada is a top migration option worldwide. Hence, it is quite easy to Immigrate to Canada.

Below are some of the best ways to immigrate to Canada from India:

1) You can become an international Student

Canada is a world’s top destination attracting students from around the world. It’s because of excellent schools in the countries, reasonably priced tuition, and a positive outlook towards the newcomers. But anyway! Canada often makes it much easier for international students to learn for permanent residency once they have finished studying. For this purpose, through studying in Canada, many immigrants choose whether to begin their immigrant journey and afterward apply for permanent residency.

2) The Express Entry

Express Entry is a network of immigrant programs that helps qualified workers migrate as permanent residents to Canada. The program rates applicants by age, schooling, your work experience, and language skills and afterward chooses the best students to visit Canada. Express Entry also allows workers to bring in members of their family! The Express Entry does have the quickest turnaround times for all permanent residency programs in Canada, with 80 percent of the applications processed within four months or less.

3) AIP – The Atlantic Immigration Pilot Program

In the year 2017, Atlantic Immigration Pilot Program (AIP) was initiated for helping in bringing more immigrants into the Atlantic Region of Canada. The system allows employers to hire international workers from all around Canada in the Atlantic region. If a foreign worker accepts an offer of employment by one of the contributing employers, they receive assistance in the immigration process and the relocation to Canada. If you are looking to apply for the Atlantic Immigration Pilot Program, you need to get the offer letter from the employers that have approved for your program.

4) PNP – Provincial Nominee Program

Each of the 13 provinces and the territories in Canada (except for the Quebec) does have its immigration program, known as the Provincial Nominee or PNP. PNPs let the areas respond to their individual economic needs via appointing some permanent resident candidates. PNPs often search for the foreign workers with the experience in the in-demand occupations throughout the province.  Canada has almost 80 separate PNPs, all with its very own set of eligibility criteria. If only one of them is worthy, this could be your path to Canada it means your way to Immigrate to Canada.




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