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ICCRC Membership List

iccrc membership list are published by the iccrc and update time to time. All iccrc members are the authority to provide visa and immigration consultation for the Canada Express Entry and PNP Program.

With Canada’s ever-growing popularity as the most preferred destination for immigration by aspirants from around the world, there is also a visible increase in the number of fraudulent activities where fake immigration consultants
cheat candidates of lakhs of rupees by making false promises of helping them emigrate to Canada.

What is iccrc membership list Required?

To overcome these issues and benefit the applicants, Citizenship and Immigration Canada (CIC) formed the “Immigration Consultants of Canada Regulatory Council” that is abbreviated as ICCRC. It is the national regulatory
body that registers and monitors the services of the immigration consultants.

ICCRC, the self-governing regulatory authority follows a methodological procedure to register individuals as verified consultants and also regulates their operations in Canada and in the foreign countries.

ICCRC serves and protects the interests of the candidates applying for immigration to Canada by overseeing and governing the activities and services offered by the registered consultants. iccrc membership list is thus able to safeguard the aspirants who are keenly looking for professional advice on moving to Canada.

Who is an iccrc membership list?

A consultant who has been appointed and registered by ICCRC is referred to as Regulated Canadian Immigration Consultant or RCIC. ICCRC wisely chooses the consultants on the basis of their ability to practice the profession and
maintains a record of all registered agents for the reference of one and all.

An international student advisor registered with ICCRC is called RISIA i.e. Regulated International Student Immigration Advisor. Currently, ICCRC has over 4200 registered RCICs in Canada and abroad.

A designated RCIC is a thorough professional who is knowledgeable of all Canadian immigration programs and is available for honest and accurate guidance to candidates who are willing to permanently relocate to Canada or
to file visa applications for education, job or business operations in Canada.

An individual undergoes rigorous training and has to qualify in numerous examinations that test his knowledge of the Canadian immigration policies before he/she is declared as regulated by ICCRC.

The candidate applying to become RCIC is also examined for his ethical mannerisms and is asked to swear by ICCRC’s rules of professional conduct.

Thus, an individual who is registered as RCIC can be blindly trusted for his quality of service as his/her caliber to offer immigration advice has already been verified and approved by both the Canadian and provincial government.

ICCRC For Consumer Protection:

ICCRC takes the following necessary steps for consumer protection :

  • Maintains a detailed database of all its regulated consultants. This database can be searched to look for a particular consultant.
  • Maintains and follows a strict discipline process.
  • Takes all necessary actions to address and resolve candidates’ complaints.
  • Reports any suspected or fake consultant to the Canadian Border Services Agency (CBSA) or to the Royal Canadian Mounted Police (RCMP) for crime reporting and further investigation.
  • Conducts public awareness camps to educate the masses about the advantages of looking up to RCICs for any immigration advice. Also highlights the side-effects of seeking guidance from unregistered consultants.

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He is registered with ICCRC and has years of experience in assisting candidates who have been successfully able to relocate to Canada for education and work.

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How does ICCRC work?

ICCRC takes full responsibility of registering new individuals as advisors and also supervising the operations of regulated consultants. Following is the detailed list of activities performed by ICCRC :

  • Formulating clear guidelines from “entry to practice” for individuals willing to register as regulated consultants with ICCRC.
  • Registering new applicants as regulated advisors and properly licensing them.
  • Monitoring the professional growth and conduct of all registered advisors.
  • Addressing any consultant complaints received from emigration aspirants.
  • Formulating and following a disciplined program to de-register consultants who have failed to offer adequate services to aspirants ICCRC Consumer Protection.

ICCRC pledges to protect the best interests of its consumers i.e. the applicants willing to relocate or visit Canada by effective monitoring of the emigration  and citizenship consultants.

ICCRC also promises to take all necessary steps to spread awareness about the regulated consultants and thus ensure more and more people seek immigration advise from trusted consultants only.

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Is there a Governing Law?

ICCRC functions on the basis of the Immigration and Refugee Protection Act (IRPA) and the Citizenship Act. These laws require any individual offering immigration or citizenship advise to an aspirant in exchange for a fee or any
other consideration to hold a good standing in ICCRC.

An exception is accepted for individuals who have a good standing in a law society of Canada or the Chambre des notaires du Quebec.

Thus, as per the federal law, if an individual living in Canada or abroad is not registered with ICCRC, it is illegal for him/her to pose as an immigration consultant and charge a fee to offer immigration advisory services to an aspirant.

Only Regulate Canadian Immigration Consultants (RCICs) registered with ICCRC are legally allowed to offer guidance and support to those willing to relocate to Canada.

These Canadian laws are also applicable to emigration or visa consultants living and working outside Canada.




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