Complete Guide for IELTS Mentor & IELTS Exam

Complete Guide for IELTS Mentor & IELTS Exam

All About IELTS Mentor

So, You want to go to Canada either to work or study there? For that, you are supposed to clear the English Proficiency exam. For that, you have to clear an exam known as IELTS, which means International English Language Testing System. This Article is Provide your Complete IELTS Mentor and Suitable for beginner.

How IELTS Mentor will help in PR Visa?

IELTS Mentor has been gaining popularity recently English language test. People are giving this exam for the past 20 years, and in the year 2020, more than one million people won IELTS certificates for further education, employment or immigration purposes. Most of the countries like China, India, Australia, UK, and Pakistan, has been conducting this test.

Why IELTS Mentor Program is Important?

The main motto behind the IELTS Mentor Program is to train people from non-English speaking countries who want to study, work, or migrate to an English-speaking country. Here our IELTS Mentorship Program Helps you to get a good band or Score which ultimately helps you to get a good CRS Score for PR Visa. One has to undergo the exam, and as per the marks obtained by the candidate, it would be decided if he or she can migrate the English speaking country. IELTS is mandatory for entry to university in the United Kingdom and other countries. This exam will tell if a person is capable enough to stay in an English speaking country. This is a step-by-step IELTS Mentor Approach for your IELTS exam in 2020.

IELTS Mentor Guide:

Due to the lack of proper knowledge and guidance to the students, and as they live in the era of myths and as people think English is an easy language and they don’t care about the preparation, they fail to qualify the exam. They feel the Cracking IELTS Exam is difficult.

General Level of English:

IELTS Mentor is an English language test, the higher you score in English, the better will be your rank. If your level of English is not high enough, studying IELTS skills and doing practice tests will be of no use. It takes at least six months to improve English to get a 0.5- 1 band score.

Test Skills

  • IELTS Mentor test is divided into four sections Writing, Speaking, Reading, and Listening. Each of these sections requires differing skills.
  • Each and every Section has got different kinds of questions
  • Listening and Reading tests have over ten different types of questions each.
  • Practice on these sections and get a higher score. It would take at least 3 to 4 months to learn these sections and develop the skills on this.


In the Listening section, there will be four sections, comprising of 40 questions in total. It would be best if you answered all the questions as you listen to the recording. You hear it very clearly without any distraction because this recording will not be paused at any time and will run only once. The listening section is the most challenging Section because there will be a lot of distractions. As it will be played just once and as it would be lengthy and will be run faster, sometimes it would get confusing for the user to focus back when one gets distracted. Focusing back will take time, and by the time they will get back, they will miss a lot of things. They would be out of their track too. Remember, Listening is not a gift; instead Listening is a skill.

Listening Tips:

Listening Tip # 1 – Recording and transcript.

For that, you have to keep listening as much as you can.

Then start working with a recording and a transcript: Follow these steps:

  • Step1: Record the voice
  • Step 2: Stop it after every sentence
  • Step3: Use the transcript
  • Step 4: Try to understand every word

Listening Tip # 2 – repeat rewind and repeat

The Second way of improving the listing skills are:

You can use any recording which is in English. This can be from movies or youtube or any other recording.

Follow these steps :

  • Step1: Listen to the recording with peace of mind
  • Step 2: Remember what you heard
  • Point 3: Stop the recording after each phrase.
  • Step 4: It doesn’t matter if you understood or not, but keep repeating what you have heard in your head, just like a small kid how he or she keeps reciting again and again.
  • Step 5:Then say it out loud.

If you didn’t understand the phrase for the first time, follow the below steps:

  • Step1: Repeat the sentence
  • Step 2: Break it into words and
  • Point 3: make sense out of them.
  • Step 4: rewind and hear it again.

Ways to deal with the distractions while listening:

Listening Tip # 3 – not to get distracted when being distracted

Different things that can distract you:

  1. In the Listening section, many voices would be used as a tool for distraction – voices of men and women, sounds of vehicles, voices of younger and older people, and other kinds of voices.
  2. The background noise can distract you like background voice of airport, a street, a cafe-shop, a University lecture hall, etc.
  3. Different accents can distract you – Australian, British, American, Japanese, etc.

How to overcome distractions in the listening section?

The most commonly used language that is used in the listening section in IELTS Mentor is British English. The best way to get rid of distraction is by making yourself well versed with the British accent. Watch more of news and videos based on Brtish Accent English. The more and more you will keep listening, the more and more you will get perfection.

Reading Section:

In this Reading Section, a person has to read the text that flashes on the screen in front of him.

  1. Reading Section consists of 3 to 5 passages of text and 40 questions in total.
  2. The General Training Reading test can have 4 or 5 shorter passages.
  3. The Academic Reading test has three longer passages.

All you have to do is to read the passages and either answer questions or fill in gaps, or complete sentences or label diagrams. These Passages can be taken from anywhere, either from books, newspapers, journals. These can be of different topics from a novel to a movie story. Passages progress in difficulty: easiest at the beginning and the hardest in the ending.

Writing Section

It has two sub-tasks.

  1. Write an Essay on a given subject, or provide a solution for a problem or justify an opinion. Word Limit: 250 or more
  2. Write a letter according to the situation you will receive. Word limit: 150 words or more

Our IELTS Mentorship Program will help you in Writing Section requires a bit of training, Start writing a few essays and letters and you will yourself see the change in your writing, and you will start feeling confident.

Speaking Section

  1. Interview
  2. Question card
  3. Discussion

Section 1: Interview

Here the interviewer will ask you questions about yourself, studies, your work, parents, siblings, hobbies, etc. Answer this with a smile and don’t be nervous.

Section 2: Question Card

You receive a card with 3-4 questions. you should give a short speech for one to two minutes after thinking about it for a minute or so, which answers those questions. Additional follow-up questions might be asked at the end of this Section.

Section 3: Discussion

You discuss it with the interviewer. They would ask you to talk on any of the topics.

IELTS Results:

You will get your results on the IELTS Mentor official website online 13 days after the test is done. All you need to do is visit the official website of IELTS, and enter your test date, passport or other ID numbers, your family name, date of birth. This result would be available online on the official IELTS website for a month and then would be removed. Printouts from the websites and screenshots of the results won’t be accepted in any of the colleges or professional organizations. The test reports which would be sent to the mail would be considered there. There will be two kinds of tests that would be conducted. They are General Training Test, and Academic Training Tests. 2 General Training Test and 4 Academic Training Tests are conducted every month. These exams are mainly conducted on Saturdays and Thursdays.

How Round world Immigration Help via IELTS Mentor Program?

All you have to do is you have to prepare yourself with different sections, Reading Section, Writing Section, Speaking Section, Listening Section. Every Section is essential. You have to score a minimum of 6.5 scores in the IELTS Exam and it will not possible without the IELTS Mentor. To Get into the top universities and Top MBA Colleges, one has to get the higher Brand. Most of the B Schools in the UK have set their qualification criteria to a score of 6.5. for admission.


It is essential to take the course under the guidance of the Mentor of the IELTS and give the test series before you try to attend the main exam. It is important for students to spend at least 6-8 weeks preparing for the IELTS exam, focusing on basic reading speed, grammar, writing skills, and test strategies. Learn Each and every Section as per the information mentioned above. Round world immigration helps each candidate like an IELTS Mentor to get his or her Canada PR Visa for various industries. If you have any doubts about the IELTS Mentorship Program or if you need any further information, then feel free to contact us.



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