CLB Calculator- Abroad Immigration Consultant Services

CLB Calculator- Abroad Immigration Consultant Services

All About CLB Calculator

The Canadian Language Benchmarks (CLB) are the Canada’s national standards used in defining, assessing and identifying the English-speaking skills of the adult immigrants and the potential immigrants to live as well as work in Canada. The calculator below demonstrates how the ratings of IELTS Score General Training assessments fit the requirements of the CLB calculator.

How to check your eligibility for the Canadian PR?

Most immigration services in Canada allow the applicants to participate as a standardized language test. And also obtain a minimum language proficiency score to apply for Canada PR. Such federal employment initiatives include the Federal Skilled Worker Program, the Federal Skilled Trades Program, and the Canadian Experience Group. Canada does have its way of presenting the language proficiency definitions according to Canadian standards. According to the Canadian Language Benchmarks, the nation places English language literacy, also known as the CLB calculator.

12 CLBs identify fluency levels beginning from the most basic skills called CLB 1 to the highest fluency in English called CLB 12. While the level of French skills is classified as NCLC. The three tests an applicant can take to demonstrate their language ability under four criteria those are Listening, Speaking, Writing and Reading for any federal economic immigration program are:

  • TEF

A lot of online platforms are available to measure the ranking for the Comprehensive Ranking System (CRS). The easiest way to calculate CRS is the official Canadian website. You can measure your CRS scores in this application that will give you the same result similar to the official website. It even allows you in sharing your score with the others in ahead of time with each scoring module so that you can directly compare the results and locate a mistake.

Various Features of CLB Calculator

  • Calculation of off-line CRS Score
  • Sharing your scores with the others
  • Analyze the individual score in each module
  • Find the NOC

How to convert IELTS to CLB?

IELTS into CLB calculator 2018 Express Entry Conversion’ is indeed an essential element as the bands that you earned in the IELTS exam would suit the CLB bands. The choice for Canadian Immigration is CLB ranking, after all. Each Canada qualified migration category visa program has different eligibility for CLB. In line with that, the points which you have scored in IELTS would be having a band score for CLB for every category of speaking, listening, writing and reading.

For example: Being a skilled worker qualifying for the Express Entry services and explicitly for the Program of Federal Skilled Workers, the qualifying language evaluation test marks are CLB 7, which is obtained in each speaking, listening, writing and reading section by IELTS 6 bands. Whereas the minimum qualifying language scores for other programs for provincial nomination, such as the nominee program for Manitoba Immigrant or nominee program for Saskatchewan Immigrant, is CLB score 5.

What CLB Scores correspond to the IELTS Exam?

Learn how to convert the IELTS CLB calculator using the IELTS to the CLB Calculator. You may want to test your CLB score calculator if you expect for applying the professional visa programs for Canada and also take the IELTS exams. If you find any questions regarding the criteria for Canada PR scores, please contact our professional Round World Immigration visa and the immigration experts.

Calling for advice is safer than facing regrets! Round World Immigration experts are willing to answer all your questions about language requirements. To schedule a callback from our experts, fill out the Canada Immigration Evaluation form!

FAQ About CLB Calulator

What Is  CLB Calculator ?

For converting your CBLs score to its equivalent IELTS score, you can use the CLB calculator. When applying for immigration programs or certain visas in Canada, IRCC recognizes the IELTS and TEF as official proof of language proficiency. A score can be calculated online.

What is a CLB score?

IELTS (International English Language Testing System) has a band score of 0-9 whereas CLB (Canadian Language Benchmark) has a range from 1-12 for determining your linguistic accuracy.

What is the CLB score required for Canada PR?

A minimum CLB 7 score or a minimum of 6.0 on the IELTS test is needed for permanent residency through Express Entry.

What is a good CLB score?

Can I get PR to Canada with a good IELTS score? Any immigration program to Canada requires you to score at least 6 in your IELTS. The equivalent of that would be CLB (Canadian Language Benchmark) Band 7.






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