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Canada Tourist Visa

The Canadian government and the immigration authorities have formulated the Canadian tourist visa for foreign nationals from around the globe to visit and explore Canada. Canada is a huge country divided into multiple provinces, each province is beautiful in itself and a great place for travelers to enjoy a vacation.

On a tourist visa, Canada allows the applicants to visit any part of Canada, visit tourist attraction points, enjoy its food, and embrace the culture and heritage of Canada. The tourist visa, however, restricts the candidate from undertaking any educational course or availing an employment offer from any Canadian firm. For such requirements, there are other Canadian visas that the candidate must apply for.

Like the other Canadian visa types, there are certain requirements and the candidate must pay the fees for this visa type as well. The candidate’s profiles and documents are verified before the immigration authorities approve his/her tourist visa and hence the Canadian tourist visa application also has some visa application processing time.

Tourist Visa Types

There are a few different types of the Canadian tourist visa. Each has its own rules and fee structure. Let us explore them below :

Multiple Entry Visa

The multiple entry Canadian tourist visa is granted for a duration of 10 years to the applicant. In this duration, the candidate can visit Canada any number of times.

The applicant who is granted the multiple entry Canadian tourist visa can stay in Canada for a maximum duration of 6 months at a stretch and can enter and exit Canada any number of times during these 10 years.

There is however a condition, if the candidate’s passport is about to expire, he/she shall have to exit from Canada one month before the expiration date.

Single Entry Visa

As indicative by the name, this visa allows the candidate to visit Canada only once. If a candidate who possesses a single entry visa makes an exit from Canada, he/she shall have to re-apply for visa and seek approval before re-entering back in Canada.

Following are a few instances where Canada grants a single entry tourist visa to the applicant:

  • If the candidate is taking part in a one-time event that is taking place in Canada
  • If the candidate for some reason is exempt from the fee and is visiting Canada for a specific reason and for a limited time period
  • If there are some approved country-specific guidelines and procedures

There is an exception to the single entry tourist visa if the candidate is moving out of Canada to travel to the United States of America or St Pierre or Monique, there is no need for him/her to re-apply for the Canadian tourist visa.

Family Visitor Visa

In this category of the Canadian tourist visa, irrespective of the age, each family member has to file their individual visa applications using their own respective tourist visa forms (IMM 5257) including any other required forms. The applications of applicants below 18 years of age are to be signed by their parents or guardians.

The visa fees for all family members can be paid together. All family member forms are to be submitted in one envelope with the payment receipt for all applications included in the envelope.While granting the family tourist visa, Canadian immigration ensures that the family is not travelling for business. It may also cross check if the family is going for a family holiday or are visiting their family members already residing in the Canadian states.

Minors travelling alone

Minor refers to candidates who are below 18 years of age. If they are applying for the Canadian tourist visa, there are certain eligibility criteria and conditions that the minor candidates must meet :

  • Travelling solo

If the minor candidate is travelling alone to Canada on a tourist visa, he/she must possess a letter of authorization in a Canadian official language i.e. English or French. This authorization letter must clearly specify the name of the person already residing in Canada who will be taking care of the minor candidate during his/her stay in Canada. The letter of authorization is necessary tobe signed by both the parents and the guardians of the minor candidate.

  • Travelling with one guardian

If the candidate is travelling with one guardian, he/she must still possess the letter of authorization in either of the Canadian official languages English or French duly signed by his/her parents and non-accompanying guardians.

Canadian Super Visa

This visa allows a candidate to visit his/her children or grandchildren for a period of up to 2 years.If the applicant’s visiting period is 6 months or less, he/she is granted the normal Canadian tourist visa other than the Canadian super visa.

There are several conditions that an applicant of the super visa must fulfill. Following is the eligibility criteria :

  • The candidate must have valid medical insurance and proof of the same
  • The applicant must be either a parent or a grandparent of a Canadian citizen of a Canadian permanent resident
  • The candidate must possess the invitation letter from his/her child or grandchild residing in Canada. This letter must include the following details:
  • The total number of people already residing in the Canadian citizen or Canadian PR holder’s home. Also a list of their names.
  • The Canadian citizen or PR holder must promise to financially support his/her parent or grandparent’s stay in Canada for the entire duration
  • A copy of the Canadian PR or Canadian citizenship of the child or grandchild of the applicant
  • Minimum coverage of $100,000
  • Valid for at least 1-year from the date of entry in
  • The applicant must possess valid medical insurance from a Canadian insurance company with

Visa Application Process

Canada’s beauty and the warmth of its people make Canada an ideal tourist destination. It is surely an immigrant-friendly nation and there are multiple ways of applying for the Canadian tourist visa, let us explore them below:

  • Electronic Travel Authorization(eTA)– it is an electronic travel authorization and is linked to the candidate’s visa. It is valid for 5 years or until the expiration of the candidate’s passport, whichever is earlier. For applying for an eTA, the applicant must have a valid passport, credit card, and an email address. eTA is issued in 24 hours of when the eTA application is submitted.
  • Visitor Visa – This is a temporary Canadian visa and can be applied for both online and offline –
  • Offline –The applicant must download the application kit and read the instruction before filling the form. The candidate must fill this application form and attach all relevant documents. For offline application processing, the candidate must pay via a DD to the Canadian High Commission.
  • Online –The can applicant must have a credit card to be able to fill the online form and pay the visa fees. He/she must also possess scanned copies of the documents that will have to be uploaded online in the visa application.

Visa Application Fees

Each visa type has a pre-defined fee that the candidate must pay for the Canadian immigration authorities to evaluate the candidate’s application for the tourist visa. Following is a mention of the Canadian tourist visa fee for different categories:

  • Visitor Visa – Single or Multiple entry (including super visa)– CAD $100
  • A visitor visa for a family of 5 or more – CAD $500
  • For extending the stay in Canada – per person – CAD $100
  • Restoration of the Canadian visitor visa (visa fee not needed) – CAD $200


Canada is a beautiful country but the Canadian tourist form is a long form with many required documents and other formalities. We understand that you are going on a vacation and do not want to stress over the tiring application process. To make the process easy and hassle-free for you, we at Round World Immigration offer seamless processing of your Canadian tourist visa application.

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