Canada unveils a new passport design. And yes, it’s still blue

Canada unveils a new passport design. And yes, it’s still blue

The Canadian government has recently introduced a meticulously crafted passport design that incorporates cutting-edge security features. Scheduled for production this upcoming summer, the revamped passport showcases an exquisite cover-to-cover redesign, showcasing captivating artwork that beautifully captures the essence of Canada's rich tapestry of diverse people, breathtaking landscapes, and remarkable wildlife. Moreover, to enhance security measures, the passport will now include engraved personal information, providing an added layer of protection against forgery and tampering.

This momentous unveiling took place at Ottawa International Airport, where Immigration Minister Sean Fraser, accompanied by Families Minister Karina Gould and MP Marie-France Lalonde, proudly presented the nation's remarkable passport transformation. Despite the remarkable enhancements, one aspect that remains unaltered is the passport's iconic blue color, preserving its longstanding tradition.

"The implementation of these advanced security features will establish Canada as a frontrunner in safeguarding the integrity of our travel documents for the next generation," asserted Fraser, highlighting the significance of the enhanced measures.

Ensuring accessibility and convenience, Gould emphasized that the passport renewal fees will remain unaltered, allowing Canadians to seamlessly renew their passports and securely upload their photos online starting this autumn.

The redesigned passport, however, sparked a notable outcry on Wednesday when Fraser confirmed that the historical images within the document would undergo a transformation. Justifying this decision, the minister expressed that the government had received substantial feedback emphasizing the importance of celebrating Canada's natural environment and the diverse composition of its people, surpassing the mere inclusion of historical artifacts or symbols.

The revised passport design will entail the removal of several notable images, including a memorial honoring the Battle of Vimy Ridge, Terry Fox, and the symbolic depiction of the last spike driven into the Canadian Pacific Railway.

The Royal Canadian Legion expressed their disappointment regarding the exclusion of the Vimy Ridge memorial through a statement provided to The Star. In their critique, they highlighted the significance of the memorial as a representation of the sacrifices made for the very freedoms that the passport symbolizes. They further emphasized that the Vimy Memorial holds a pivotal role in Canada's history, signifying a transformative moment when the nation emerged as an independent entity with boundless potential. The Legion regarded the removal of this iconic image without a transparent explanation within the context of a design change as an unequivocally ill-advised decision.

Conservative Leader Pierre Poilievre took to Twitter to express his disapproval of the exclusion of Terry Fox's photo from the passport, urging for its restoration and emphasizing the importance of honoring Canada's history.

In an intriguing addition, the redesigned passport will incorporate a reference to the recently crowned King Charles III, positioning Canada as one of the pioneering Commonwealth nations to introduce a travel document series that acknowledges the reigning monarch. This significant inclusion further solidifies Canada's connection to the monarchy and highlights its distinguished status among Commonwealth countries.



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