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Canadian Immigration New Rules And Plans

Do you plan to relocate to some other part of the World to fulfill your aspirations of a luxurious lifestyle? If yes, I am sure Canada is at the top of your choice list for obvious reasons. Offering high-class education, abundant job opportunities and free healthcare apart from the numerous other perks, Canada surely is a lucrative offer for permanent residency dreams of any migrant!

Whether you are exploring education or work opportunities in an international destination, Canada will undoubtedly be the most favorable country to relocate to. Each year, the Canadian government receives a large number of immigration applications from around the World but only a handful of them are shortlisted for immigration while the other applicants keep trying indefinitely for success.

Few of the most common reasons for rejection include failure to follow instruction guidelines, not filling the online application accurately and lack of knowledge about the updated immigration rules and policies. The Canadian government alters the immigration guidelines once every few months and an applicant must be aware of these updates before filling his/her online immigration application form.

IRCC has made some major changes to the eligibility criteria and the application process in the last few months of 2018. These amendments are sure to affect the candidates applying for immigration in 2019. Thus, we at Round World Immigration are detailing these changes here to keep you informed and make it easier for you to prepare your profile for quick and hassle-free immigration to Canada in 2019.


Until the most recent update to the policies, the eligible age to apply for immigration to Canada was between 21-65 years. Owing to the growing popularity of Canada amongst the immigrants, IRCC has offered some relaxation and revised the age limit requirement to 18-65 years.

The applicant who is between 25 to 35 years of age gets the maximum score for the “age” factor in his CRS score for Express Entry program. This is because the Canadian government believes that 25 to 35 years is a prime age of the candidate and that he/she can continue to give his/her best contribution to the growth of the local and national economy in the upcoming years as well.

Thus, the skilled and experienced candidates who fall in the age range of 25 to 35 years are more probable to be shortlisted for immigration. But just having the right age is not enough, the candidate must possess relevant academic qualifications and work experience too.


Due to innumerable vacancies in multiple industries across all Canadian Provinces, there is an ever-growing need of candidates from varied educational backgrounds. In the recent update to the immigration policies, there has not been set a very rigid criteria for the educational qualifications of the applicant.

A candidate who fulfils the eligibility criteria and is able to meet the requirements of a prospective employer is considered for the job offer, irrespective of his/her educational background. Thus, whether you possess a high school diploma or a master’s degree, as long as you are capable of contributing to the Canadian economy, the education criteria is fairly relaxed for you.

This relaxation to the education requirements has made it easier for more and more people to apply for immigration to Canada. Also, by doing so, IRCC has been able to wisely choose a deliberate mix of immigrants from various educational backgrounds. This is a win-win situation for both the applicant and the nation.

Work Experience

Work Experience is an important parameter in the CRS score for the candidate’s express entry profile for immigration to Canada. The more the work experience, the better is the candidate’s profile score and ranking amongst the other applicants.

After the recent set of updates to the immigration rules, the minimum required work experience has been reduced to 1 year for all applicants. However, a three-year work experience is considered fair enough and increases the candidate’s probability of selection multi-fold.

Language Ability

Before moving to any country, it is vital to learn the nation’s primary language so as to be able to communicate with peers and be a part of the community. Language proficiency enables the person to be employed with local employers or conduct his own business more efficiently.

English and French are the two primary languages of Canada. While proficiency in one of these two languages is mandatory for immigration, being proficient in both languages fetches more points to the CRS score tally and thus places the candidate much above the competitors.

Though there has not been any significant change in the language proficiency requirements, Canada already has a lower language proficiency threshold as compared to the other countries. Canada requires a candidate to possess a minimum CLB score of 7. For an applicant to maximize his profile’s potential, an IELTS score of CLB 9 or more shall be required.


The biggest advantage of choosing Canada as the destination for migration is the fact that Canada allows the candidates to relocate along with their families. Thus, adaptability is never really an issue of serious concern.

The candidate settles well in Canada and becomes a part of the community and the nation as a whole. Canada also offers additional points to a candidate if he/she has one or more family members already residing in Canada. For instance, if a candidate has any siblings residing in Canada, he/she can gain up to 15 additional CRS points for his Express Entry profile.

Some Other Changes

  • In November 2018, The Canadian government announced to extended the Multiyear immigration plan till 2021. Canada will now accept up to 1 million Permanent Residents till 2021. Also, IRCC has raised its annual immigration target to 3,50,000.
  • A new PNP program for Alberta called the “Alberta Provincial Nominee Program (AINP)” was launched under the Express Entry program in August 2018. Its first candidate draw took place on August 8, 2018.
  • With effect from July 16, 2018, the “Saskatchewan Immigrant Nominee Program” (SINP) has also replaced its old selection process based on first come first serve basis with the new “Expression of Interest” based program. 
  • The “Ontario Immigrant Nominee Program (OINP)” removed its minimum CRS score requirement of 400 points. After this update, applicants who have a CRS score below 400 are also eligible to apply.
  • Another major change introduced by IRCC is related to the minimum age of dependants. Individuals under 22 years of age are now eligible to be considered as the applicant’s dependants as opposed to the earlier minimum age requirement of 19 years for dependants.

The above mentioned is a detailed summary of some of the major changes that have been made by the Canadian government and the IRCC in recent months. These are all vital changes and have led to even more relaxed eligibility criteria for immigration to Canada.

Any discrepancy in the data that you mention in your online application form can lead to immediate rejection. In a few severe cases, IRCC has restricted candidates from applying for immigration for a period of 5 years. To enjoy a seamless immigration process, you must avoid any chances of denial and seek assistance from skilled industry experts.

If your application has not been shortlisted for the Express Entry Pool even after repeated attempts and you are still struggling to migrate to Canada, we at Round World Immigration, a team of thorough professionals with years of experience in the immigration industry, are here to help you. Get in touch with us for a free profile assessment today!


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