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Canada Business Visa

Canada is not only a popular destination for candidates seeking employment but also the favorite destination for businessmen who want to invest in Canada. For such a candidate, the Canadian immigration department has devised the Canadian Business Visa which is also called the Canadian Investment Visa.

The Canadian Business Visa allows the Indian businessmen to either invest their funds in the existing Canadian ventures their new ventures in Canada. Like any other Canadian immigration program, there is a strict eligibility criterion for selection under this visa option as well. This criteria also highlights the minimum amount that the candidate must invest to be granted the Canadian business visa.

The candidate must confirm his/her eligibility before applying. If found eligible, there is a simple application process for the Canadian Business Visa. The candidate is required to fill the online form and pay the necessary fees. Once the application form is submitted, the applicant must wait as the Canadian immigration authorities verify the details and evaluate the candidate’s eligibility and thus take time to declare the results.

A few businessmen also opt for a short-term business opportunity in Canada to explore the available options for investment and calculate their profitability for investing in Canada. During their stay, the businessmen with Canadian Business Visa are allowed to interact with their business counterparts, meet prospective clients, receive and fulfill orders, have business dealings with the other Canadian businessmen, conduct trade conferences anywhere in Canada, and even look for more business opportunities for their expansion plans.

The Canadian Business Visa does not at all allow the candidate to seek employment in Canada. The candidates with the Canadian business visa are however allowed to travel anywhere in Canada to explore its culture, activities, places, people or indulge in entertainment activities.


Why Choose Canada for Business?

Canada has over time become the World’s leading economy in industries like shipbuilding, agriculture, automotive, aerospace, and IT. These industries are booming and there is also great scope to set up new ventures in other industries as well. Thus, Canada has recently become an attraction point for business from all around the World.

Following are some of the key reasons why businessmen especially the Indian businessmen are eyeing towards Canada to invest and multiply their money:

  • Low business costs
  • Low corporate tax rates
  • Easy availability of an educated and trained workforce
  • Strong financial institutions
  • Easy access to the Canadian markets
  • Public support for Research and Development

Canada is offering a great platform to the businessmen and all businessmen want to make the most of this opportunity.

Eligibility for Canadian Business Visa

Canada has side-lined some countries and mentioned them in its list of Visa-Exempt categories. No candidates from these countries are allowed to apply for the Canadian Business Visa. The list of these nations is revised every few months and is available for download on the website.

Everyone else from all other countries is most welcome to apply for the Canadian Business Visa and invest in Canada. All candidates must, however, possess valid passports and make sure that they have no medical or criminal issues at the time of immigrating to Canada.

At the time of application for Canadian Business Visa, the candidate must have all required documents, be able to demonstrate valid income sources, showcase profits made outside of Canada and be able to prove possession of sufficient funds for investment in Canada.

Available options for Canadian Business Visa

Following are the available schemes that a candidate willing to apply for the business visa must explore before taking an immigration decision :

Self-employed Persons Program –

Under this program, the Canadian immigration authorities welcome individuals who are capable of funding their survival in Canada while simultaneously contributing to the growth of the Canadian economy. A candidate seeking immigration under the Self-employed Persons Program’s a foreign national who has enough experience and capability to be able to self-sustain in Canada while also offering aid for the financial growth of Canada.

Following persons are considered under this program :

  • Candidates who intend to contribute to the Canadian culture and athletic life of Canada
  • Candidates with experience in cultural activities or athletics

There are certain eligibility requirements for this program and the applicants are examined on the basis of their age, adaptability skills, educational qualifications, work experience, language proficiency, medical requirements, etc.

Start-up Visa Program –

This program considers candidates who possess the skills, experience and the intention to setup and structure a new business in Canada.

These candidates must be innovative, be capable of competing at the global level and also be able to create new jobs in Canada.

The applicants for this program are evaluated on the basis of their language proficiency, possession of sufficient funds, proof that the business idea has the support by a particular organization.

IIVC Pilot Program –

IIVC is the abbreviation for Immigrant Investment Venue Capital. There are stringent eligibility requirements for this program and the candidate must fulfill all the following requirements to be considered for Canadian Business Visa under this program:

  • Have a minimum personal net worth of CDN $10 Million
  • Candidate must plan to live outside of the Quebec province of Canada
  • Candidate must be willing to make an investment of at least CDN $2 Million in the IIVC fund
  • Candidate is required to be proficient in English or French
  • Candidate must also have a minimum 1-year Canadian post-secondary degree, diploma, certificate or an equivalent foreign study certificate.

In each round, CIC accepts only 60 applications in one time and keeps the next 60 applicants in the waiting queue before closing further applications for the particular round of this program.

PNP Business Visa

Some Canadian provinces have their individual requirements and thus offer provincial business visas to eligible candidates. These provincial business visas have been devised as their the provinces’ requirements and can also help the candidate get the Canadian PR.

Following table explains the requirements and process for the business visa of the multiple Canadian provinces :


Although there are multiple options for the businessmen planning to invest in Canada, one can get confused while trying to choose the one plan out of the many to apply to for quick processing times. Also, each businessman has a different goal and mission to invest and multiply his/her funds, we at Round World Immigration, understand that not every province and not every Canadian business visa option is going to be viable a businessman.

The immigration advisers at Round World Immigration, plan regular meetings with the Indian businessmen to understand their requirements and their vision for conducting business in Canada before advising them with the appropriate immigration plan to apply to. Owing to the strict eligibility requirements and the hard selection criteria, it might get difficult at times but we have the experience to correspond with the Canadian immigration authorities in convincing ways. We help you from the first step till the last and are there with you until your satisfaction.

Get in touch with us to schedule an appointment for discussion around your expectations and requirements, we are happy to help!


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